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Marines fighting back Loyalists in the capital.


Aftermath of Human-Covenant War


August 7-September 3, 2554


Djinn IV


UNSC Victory

  • Two colonies rediscovered
  • Loyalists forces destoryed


Covenant Loyalists


UNSC Feathered Wings


  • 207 militiamen
  • 135 UNSC Army/Marine personnel

Covenant Loyalists

  • 500+ Jiralhanae/Unggoy
  • 84 dead
  • 132 wounded

All dead


Operation: GREENER GRASS was an operation conducted by Bravo Team and the frigate Feathered Wings shortly after the Human-Covenant War. With the success of Operation:QUAGMIRE and others like it, the UNSC took the respite now available to it and used it to begin a recolonization program. Bravo Team was assigned to the aforementioned frigate and was dispatched to the 81 Djinn System. Out of the five colonies in the system, three had been glassed, but two were still held by small pockets of UNSC soldiers. On Djinn IV, the colony was under attack by a force of Covenant Loyalists, mostly Brutes, who were harassing the capital city from a base in the Lowlands. The militia, severely weakened from the continual battles, were pulling further and further into the center of the city. When the Feathered Wings arrived, a battle was being fought in the capital below. ODSTs, along with Bravo Team, were dropped into the city to support the colonists.

After fighting off the assault, the militia and the reinforcing soldiers put together a hasty plan for destroying the Loyalist base. The net day, ODSTs and LRVs were dropped around the camp early in the morning, followed by a wave of Marines and militiamen on Pelicans. The ensuing battle took five hours, but in the end the remaining Loyalists were all dead.

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