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Operation: RED SUN


Second Great War


May 22nd-June 20th, 2617




  • New Covenant pyhrric victory
  • Sangheilios is partially glassed

New Covenant




High Star Chieftain Seveddus

  • 1st Combined Assault Fleet
    • 2,014 ships
    • 2,200,000 Soldiers
  • Millions of Sangheili partisans

Fleet of Peculiar Fortune
Fleet of Glorious Endeavor
Fleet of Unsung Virtues

  • 1,855 Warships
  • 3,045,000 Soldiers




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"The UNSC will not let our allies down. We have fought for thirty damned years in this war. The Elites have saved our race, and now we will save theirs. The Covenant regime is of lies and stupid aggresion, and we will show them why we created the Corps eight-hundred and forty years ago!"
Major General James Corbett

Operation: RED SUN, also known as the Third Battle of Sangheilios, was one of the final battles of the Second Great War. It was a combined Orion Defence Initiative attempt to retake Sangheilios and resulted in the deaths of billions, both civilian and military. It would put neither side on top, though the Covenant prevailed seeing as Sanghelios had been crippled.


A Spy is Caught

Sanghelios, which had been under the control of the New Covenant for months now, was desparate and starved of resources. Over one billion Sangheilli and thirty thousand Unggoy had been shipped to New Covenant mines on distant colonies. An Unggoy ODI spy was caught two weeks before the attack though he had found that the third Covenant fleet over Sanghelios would leave soon and this would quickly be confirmed as the point at which the ODI assaults Sanghelios. The second largest ever battle involving human forces would soon unfold into history.

First Strike

Soon after the spy incident, the massive invasion began with small assault of just eight Sangheili-controlled BBN-class Supercarriers, thirty SRS-class Battlecruisers, one of the UNSC's Washington-class Dreadnoughts, and four of the Unggoy's Cruisers. Instead of attacking Sanghelios itself, however, the battlegroup attacked Miira, a planet twenty-one AU's away from the primary target. Miira's occupation force, which had only three Jiralhanae capital ships, eighteen light frigates, and twenty-seven freighters in its garrison, was quickly scrambled to face the coming threat. The freighters and a handful of frigates attempted to crash themselves into the ODI force but were quickly picked off by the superior ODI force. The skirmish lasted only a half an hour yet Sanghelios garrisons didn't budge a bit from their prized posession.

After obliterating the defences in just minutes with the loss of three ships, a second group of ships arrived, totalling thirty ships. The group progressed to another planet in the system but was forced to turn back. They retured to the

The Invasion

Approximately eighteen hours later, the first hundred ships of the primary assault force arrived in-system approximately one AU from Sanghelios. A number of the ships fired on the Covenant defences with long range weaponry and carriers launched interceptors and boarders to engage the enemy.