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Operation KĒTOS (Second Human Civil War)
Beginning:November 8th, 2585
End:January 25th, 2586
Outcome:Decisive UN victory
  • Treaty of New Bath is signed
  • Local insurgency is largely eliminated

UND2 United Nations


Joint op-force CTHULHU


Operation KĒTOS (often referred to simply as KĒTOS) was a civil conflict that took place on the UNSC-controlled outer colony world Taradia during the Second Human Civil War. It would result in a cold defeat for the local United Rebel Front insurgent elements.

The majority of the conflict took place in the economical continent known as the New Bandar Coastal Trade Region while various, isolated skirmishes took place in the other areas as well.

Order of BattleEdit

United NationsEdit

UND2 Joint operational force CTHULHU
UNSCflag Various UNSC Defense Force formations
IndusCorusFleet Indus Corus Commercial Security Fleet
UNCSC Taradia Joint Armed Security Forces
GreeneMilitary Greene Valley Atmospheric Defense Initiative
MertedamMilitary Mertedam Regional Armed Security Force
NekiMilitary Neki Land Operations Command
NewTiberCrest New Tiber Armed Forces Command
NorthMilitary North Capital Land Operations Command
PeninsulaMilitary Peninsula Surface Warfare Command
ThuringerMilitary Thüringer Regional Constabulary
WestphalMilitary Westphal Land Operations Command
Shared formations