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The Orion War is an ongoing conflict between the United Orion Federation and the Katzec Empire.


Second Covenant War

Orion War





Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy






United Orion Federation Defense Force

Katzec Empire


High Ministry

Unknown Katzec Dictator

  • UOF Infantry Branch
10.7 Billion Soldiers
  • UOF Reserves Branch
2 Billion Reservists
  • UOF Naval Branch
11,000 Capital Ships
  • 2 Revelation-class Super Fortresses
George Washington
Mar 'Rkatee(Unfinished)
  • 24.2 Billion Infantry
  • 6,500 Capital Ships

First Conflict

The Orion War began with a small battle, in which a group of five Katzec Frigates and two Light Cruisers destroyed four UOF Freighters as soon as they came out of Slipspace. The squadron then proceeded to the Freighter's destination colony, Panax, where it was recently colonized and garrison was only two Corvettes and an Orbital Defense Platform. This began the Battle of Panax II, along with the Orion War. Since the force was overwhelmingly powerful, the planet was lost. The seven-vessel battlegroup proceeded to two other colonies, Panax IV and Mercado, winning the first but being finally outgunned and retreating at the latter.

Shielding Incident

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