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Outer Colony Liberation Front
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Marshal Thomas Lacy

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Historical overview

Before 2512


The Outer Colony Liberation Front is an insurrectionist group that dates as far back as 2512.




Rank structure

The OCLF has its own rank structure, and the names of the ranks are not necessarily relative to those of the UNSC. Initially, an enlisted soldier's role would immediately determine his/her rank.

Enlisted Rank Insignia Role
Private Reach - Private Standard infantry
Corporal Reach - Corporal Heavy weapons infantry
First Lieutenant Reach - Captain Medic
Sergeant Reach - Sergeant ATV driver
Master Sergeant Reach - Sergeant Grade 1 Tank commander
First Sergeant Reach - Sergeant Grade 2 Armored car driver
Captain Reach - Captain Grade 1 Assault aircraft/fighter pilot
Warrant Officer Reach - Warrant Officer Dropship pilot
Lieutenant Commander Reach - Major Stealth ship captain
Specialist Reach - Corporal Grade 1 Rumbledrug volunteer
Major Reach - Major Grade 3 Freighter captain
Commodore Reach - Brigadier Corvette captain
CO Rank Insignia
General Reach - General
Marshal Reach - Field Marshall

Once Russel succeeded his father, he changed the enlisted ranking system to be based solely off the number of recorded kills and captures.

Enlisted Rank Insignia Kills/Captures
Recruit Recruit 0-4
Corporal UPSC Corporal 5-9
Sergeant UPSC Sergeant 10-14
Captain UPSC Captain 15-19
Commander Commander Grade One 20+
CO Rank Insignia
Colonel Colonel Grade One
General UPSC Major General
Marshal 5-star General