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SD Drive

What takes place within the Particle Warp Drive

The Particle Warp Drive (PWD, or Particle/Warp Drive) was the main propulsion component utilized by the Saulosian Directorate that was capable of allowing them to enter and leave Slipspace (Referred to as Warped Space by the Directorate) which meant that faster than light travel could be achieved. The rate of travel the Particle Warp Drive provides is significantly more advanced when compared to UNSC usage. On average, the typical Particle Warp Drive equipped SD ship can travel at speeds of around 700-800 light years per day. Military grade ships are reported to travel at speeds of 800-1000 light years per day.


Prior to the development of Particle Drive, a war was raging on within the Saulosians home system.



Mass ProductionEdit





In order to enter slipspace, a process within the Particle Warp Drive a seemingly long process will occur in a matter of seconds.