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Production information


Technical specifications
Power plant
  • 4 variable geometry Repulsor Engine
  • 2 Repulsor Engine
  • Nanotube Plating
  • Ceramic plating
  • Kinetic absorbing plates
  • Ablative plating
Sensor Systems
  • Thermal cameras
  • Optical Cameras
  • Ionic Smoke Launchers
  • LASER warning receiver
  • RADAR warning receiver
  • RADAR jammer
  • four Weapon Pylons
  • 2 light Particle Cannons
  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot
  • 36 Infantry or
  • 12 MAUs or
  • 2 Centaurs or
  • 7 Sirens or
  • 1 Chimera or
  • 1 Basilisk

Necros War


Plainsfier Tribes


The Pegasus-class Dropship is a space and atmosphere capable dropship utilized by the Plainsfier Tribes.


The Pegasus dropship is the only dropship used by the Plainsfier tribes, in order to deliver their forces groundside and provide close fire support. It's cargo bay can carry 36 infantry men, or a number of vehicles, in a variety of combinations. The Pegasus is used to deploy all vehicles, with a cargo bay large enough to contain any vehicle in their arsenal. For close support, the Pegasus uses two light particle cannons and four weapon pylons to provide blanketing fire. It can also utilise a wide variety of electronic warfare systems to protect itself and friendly forces, being capable of jamming or spoofing radio and RADAR systems and manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum to hide friendly forces from the enemy. The Pegasus is fitted with full stealth capacity, rendering it invisible to RADAR, LIDAR and infra-red signatures and has active phased array camouflage. The Pegasus has lightened ceramic, carbon nanotube and ablative armour, giving it good defence for a vehicle of it's class.


  • Nymph Interceptor Missile: The Nymph missile is a high speed, ultra-agile air to air intercept missile for use in air and space conditions. It features advanced RADAR, optical and infra-red guidance, with a RADAR receiver for additional guidance against jamming attempts. It's warhead is a explosively boosted pseudo-EXCALIBUR rod with incendiary effects.
  • Sylph Strike Missile: The Sylph is a RADAR/infra-red/Electromagnetic guided anti-tank missile with a tandem HEAT charge, firing a EXCALIBUR molten jet.
  • Sprite Heavy Missile: Sprite missiles have variable payloads and guidance systems fitted to a rocket motor capable of long range engagement and long loiter times. It can fit anti-radiation or satellite/inertial guidance for engaging RADAR stations or long range, independent cruise missile like missions. It can fit solid high explosive, tandem HEAT or cluster submunitions (with a choice of high explosive, anti-tank or incendiary bombs).
  • Dryad Bomb: A adjustable bomb, with optional guidance packages for bunker busting or long range guidance with GPS/inertial guidance system, and optional payloads, including cluster bombs, high explosive, incendiary, thermobaric, anti-tank submunitions, cratering submunitions, plasma cluster munitions or solid compressed high yield plasma munitions.
  • Pixie Intedictor Missile: The Pixie is a relatively small missile using infra-red, optical, RADAR and anti-radiation missile guidance, to home in on its target. It carries a small anti-matter charge, sufficiently strong enough to crack open the outer armour of most heavy warships.
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