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People's Army

Socialist Nation


Planetary defense force


4 million soldiers (active and reserve)


Semper Defendemus


May 3- Founding


Standard trooper gear

Notable commanders
  • Ibn Ramatyi

The People's Army is the military arm of the Socialist Nation. Formed in 2595, the official motto is "Semper Defendemus," Latin for "We are always guarding."


The People's Army was established in 2595. Four years after the founding of the Socialist Nation, a group of Sangheili veterans came to the Socialsit Nation's Congress with an offer- give them a place to stay and pay, and in return, they would train an army. Congress agreed, and in 2596 the first class of four thousand soldiers graduated basic training and began the People's Army. At the beginning, most of the PA officers were Sangheili, but soon more humans began to join their ranks. At the time of the First Battle of Bounteous, the Supreme Commander of the People's Army was a human, Ibn Ramatyi.


Trooper Gear


People's Army troopers in standard armor.

The average People's Army soldier carried high-quality gear. The standard-issue firearms for a PA trooper were the M34 rifle and the M19C sidearm.

Body armor was advanced as well. Soldiers were equipped with energy-shielded anti-ballistic body armor, similar to the MJOLNIR armor used in the SPARTAN-II Program.

Land and Aerial Vehicles

PA fighter

A fighter craft used by the naval branch of the People's Army.

The People's Army had few large vehicles like tanks or artillery. Their military doctrine was based around surgical, quick infantry actions, and this was reflected in their vehicles. Most of the land vehicles they used were light hovercrafts based on older Covenant designs.


The People's Army could be divided into three main branches.

People's Army, Land

The largest part of the PA, this was made up of not only infantry and armored divisions, but also contained the special operations brigades and military police.

People's Army, Naval

Patrolling Socialist space around Bounteous and the few scatted outposts, the navy was the first line of defense against invaders.


The intelligence branch of the PA kept the commander-in-chief informed and updated on the military actions of other nations, as well as monitoring broadcasts from outposts.