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Persphone-class Light Prowler
Production information
Technical specifications

48.3 metres


41 metres


17 metres

Engine unit(s)
Slipspace Drive
  • Watershed Division XC-66B Saddle box Drive
Power plant
  • 2 Watershed Division XX-111A12 Fusion Reactor
  • Watershed Division CX Type Generator
  • Metal Matrix Composite Space Frame
  • Titanium-A3 outer layer
  • AEGIS tile insert
  • Carbon Nanotube Thermal Layer
  • Environmental Control layer
Sensor systems
  • Forward AESA RADAR array
  • 4 flat pane AESA RADAR arrays on each of the wing surfaces
  • Rearward AESA RADAR array/receiver
  • 9 Multi Direction Optical/IR/LIDAR projectors
  • PAVE CROW magnetic array
  • MASER communications disk
  • NEMESIS Decoy Launcher
  • Active thermo-optical Camouflage field
  • Maintenance free RADAR/LIDAR absorbent coating
  • Infra-red suppressors
  • Texture buffers
  • Engine Baffles
  • Heat sinks
  • Radiation sinks
  • Magnetic Suppressor
  • 1 Pilot
  • 1 Weapon Officer
  • 20
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Reconnaissance
  • Special Forces Insertion

United Nations Space Command


"The little ship flew straight over the fortress at Milaenu, and sensors still hadn't picked it up. We jumped straight out there and then, and landed right on their heads. Should've seen the look on their faces!"

The Persephone-class Light Prowler is a light and extremely fast Prowler used by the UNSC Navy and by ONI. While it lacks the range and endurance of larger Prowlers, it is fast and agile, especially in atmosphere, making it perfect for short range excursions, and brief reconnaissance missions. Capable of Slipspace travel, and landing on planets, the Persephone-class is closer to a starfighter, than a true starship.

It is used to replace older Winter-class Prowlers, and the older still Blackcat and Calypso Prowlers, functioning as a speedy recon vessel, and infiltration vehicle. It's spacious cabin allows for up to 20 passengers to be packed in, and then quickly deployed to combat areas, touching down, even under fire, and deploying combat forces.

For stealth systems, it utilises a thermo-optic cloaking system, cloaking the vehicle in a plasma field that redirects optical, thermal, and other wavelengths of energy, rendering it invisible to most forms of sensor. Its engines feature cowling that reduces their output, making them difficult to detect, and its own high-energy avionics feature baffles that reduce their output.

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