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Personal Defence System-IX
Production information


Technical specifications
  • Barrel
  • Weight
    • kilograms
  • Overall
Magazine Size

24 (12 round mag + auxilliary 12 round mag.)

Fire Mode
  • semi automatic
  • fully automatic
Ammunition Type



Gast System

Rate of Fire







Necros War


M98 Compact (UNSC), Plasma Pistol (USR), Nail Gun (USR)


Vorenus Imperium


The Personal Defence System-IX is a Vorenus Imperium pistol


The PDW-IX looks and behaves similarly to a human-made pistol, but there is an important difference. This difference is the fact that the PDW-IX has two barrels. These two barrels have two seperate magazines, one in the rear grip and one in the foreward grip. The gun works using a mechanism referred to by humans as the Gast System, in which the recoil of firing one barrel operates the firing mechanism of the other. The pistol is capable of being fired in semi or fully automatic. When firing in full auto, the weapon is usually held with one hand on the rear grip and one on the foreward grip, while it can be fired either one or two-handed in semi auto.


The PDW-IX is along with the heavier, yet more powerful PDW-VI, the standard issue Vorenus Imperium sidearm. It is, like other Vorenus personal defense pistols and SMGs, often issued to vehicle crew, officers, and rear area personell, or anyone else who needs a portable, lightweight weapon. The PDW-IX is also a favored secondary weapon of Vorenus special forces, who appreciate the weapons lighter weight and smaller size compared to the PDW-VI.

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