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Personal Defence System-VI
Production information


Technical specifications
  • Barrel
  • Weight
    • kilograms
  • Overall
Magazine Size

24, 12 in main magazine, 12 in secondary magazine

Fire Mode
  • semi auto
Ammunition Type

11mm magnum


Gast System

Rate of Fire







Necros War


M6L (UNSC), Nail Gun (USR)


Vorenus Imperium


The Personal Defence System-VI is a Vorenus Imperium pistol.


The PDW-VI is the Vorenus equivalent of of the UNSC M6L magnum, firing 11mm magnum ammunition, rounds slightly smaller than the UNSC 12.7mm round, but no less powerful. The gun has two barrels, with two seperate magazines, and uses a modified semi-auto only Gast System, in which the recoil from one barrel reloads and ejects spent cartridge from the other barrel, but will not automatically fire the next round, as Gast System-based weapons do. The advantage of a Gast System over a conventional semi-auto mechanism is that it reduces stress on each individual barrel, resulting in a lower maintainance weapon, however, when maintainance is needed, the weapon is more difficult to clean and field strip than an M6L.


The PDW-VI is used by Vorenus Imperium vehicle crews, officers, machine gun crews, and other personnel who need a powerul, yet portable handgun for self-defense.

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