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Phillip Lenavitt
Phillip Lenavitt
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Necros War




"Never despair, but if you do, work on in despair"
―Phillip Lenavitt[1]

"Dream as if you'll live forever; live as if you'll die today"
―Phillip Lenavitt[2]

Phillip Lenavitt was one of the commanders in the SPARTAN-IV Program's Kilo Company.


Early Life

Necros War

Mental Report

Witty, yet often distant or philosophical, Phillip is a good friend but a hard one to win in some ways: although quite friendly, Phillip's cynical nature, forged from years of working as an ONI spook, makes him not easily trust anyone. However, despite his apprehensions, Phillip forces himself to live with them so that he can work and train with others so that their objectives can be completely efficiently.



  1. Quote by Edmund Burke
  2. Quote by James Dean

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