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Phoenix Team
Unit Background

Special Forces


New Quebec

Unit size

Five Spartans

Current Commander


Current Status

Active Duty


"Those guys are scary, I mean, scary. You ever seen one walk in to a barracks? Well, when you hear about them on the news, you feel alive and willing to fight, right? Not like that when you meet them. Had one walk in to my barracks one day. Forty marines in there, and they all had that look that said, "I'm fucked." D576, I think. That was her number. I only know because she was looking for the Lieutenant. Man was pasty white when he left. But if you watch them fight, and they're on your side, its the biggest rush ever."
―A marine commenting on the psychological aspects of Spartans


Spartan Team Phoenix was formed around 2560, the exact date is not known. Each member is a specialist in his/her chosen field, and they all function well together. Phoenix was the first team to undergo Lone Wolf training under Ezekiel-254, to train them better for situations in which they are separated from the rest of the team.

At the end of their training, Phoenix team was awarded the Top Honors award for commitment and prowess, as well as putting their lives on the lines for others already.

The Team

Phoenix Team has five members: SPARTAN-D339 (aka Wings), SPARTAN-D576 (aka Zero), SPARTAN-D1074 (aka Peec), SPARTAN-D102 (aka Itzia), and SPARTAN-D2552 (aka X).

Wings leads the team, and is known for his incredible leadership skills and for an amazing intuition regarding what his enemies are up to.

Zero is the marksman, and her skill is comparable to Linda, though she had as of yet to prove herself.

Peec is the computer expert, a first for a Spartan. He managed to hack protected ONI databases with the help of an AI to learn more about Sangheili culture. He is the most emotionally disturbed of the team, having personally witnessed his parents torn apart when he was small.

Itzia is the medic, and is responsible for Wings faster than Spartan average thinking. She used an experiment neural booster to increase his nerve to brain speed, as well as increase general activity in his brain.

X is the demo/munitions expert. He loves everything that has to do with weapons or fire. He is the most outgoing and sociable, similar to Kurt, but he is still emotionally silent.