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The Phoenix and Globe emblem.

The Phoenix and Globe is the official seal of the United Nations Space Command and the United Nations Space Command Defence Force. It is used to authenticate certain documents issued by the UNSC, and represents the rising of Humanity (the Phoenix), anew and united out of the ashes of the Interplanetary War on Earth (the Globe), and into space. The Phoenix and Globe is used as the coat of arms of the UNSC and the Department of Defence. It is officially used on documents such as UNSC military insignia, and various flags.


The Phoenix and Globe consists of a stylised phoenix with its wings spread and its beak pointing to its right. It rests atop a stylised globe, representing Earth, which is striped by a number of horizontal latitude lines, cut by a single longitude line cutting diagonally across the globe. The right of the globe is white, as if the sun is shining on it, and covering the botton half of the globe is a scroll bearing the letters UNSC, DOD, or UNSCDF.

The Phoenix and Globe is typically monochromatic; usually white on a black field, though occasionally black on a white field. In the case of computer monitors, the Phoenix and Globe is always depicted in a light colour on a darker background.



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