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PAC Cannon
Pie Accelerator Cannon
Production information

IX (9)


Pie Accelerator Cannon

Technical specifications
  • Stationary
  • Two-handed
Damage Per Hit

No lasting harm

Magazine Size

1 round

Maximum Ammunition

1 pie of different sizes

Ammunition Type

Baked pastry, inside a lightweight tin container


Magnetic Pie tins

Rate of Fire

As fast as can be loaded it and push the button to fire it




approximately 950 meters



A Pie Accelerator Cannon (PAC) was a weapon that was simply made to be a training instrument for new engineers, who would soon be operating, servicing, and building MAC cannons, and the smaller Mini-MACs. Instead of making the instrument a inoperative set, it was reconfigured to fire a single pie with ever charge.


The PAC operates quite simply; an large current is put through the first solenoid (coil of conducting wire), created which creates a strong magnetic field which attracts the metal pie tin. The tin was designed to be extremely lightweight, allowing a unfortunate target to survive the pie hit unscathed. As the pie projectile passes into the solenoid, the solenoid is quickly turned off and the second solenoid, which is further up, turns on, which attracts the now high-velocity pie just like the first solenoid, and the process is carried on. It is popular with the Navy and Marine crews in the UNSC navy. It is used primary to cream the officers of the ship. By the time the projectile is fired out the end of the barrel, it has been accelerated to a speed of approximately 150 meters per second