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Primonus Gaust
Primonus Gaust
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Necros War


Machina, Alliance of United Races


Primonus Gaust: "He said, "The seeds of the future lie buried in the past, Primonus Gaust""
Jetto-Jagga Jastenon: "Well, what does that mean?"
Primonus Gaust: "I think I know what we must do"
— Primonus Gaust, upon receiving orders from The Seer[1]

Primonus Gaust is a member of the Machina race.


Early Life

Primonus "Optimal" Gaust was the leader of the Dead Six. Optimal was always a leader, and during the second Machina/Necros encounter, he and his friend Immorticon led their famous Machina team, the Dead Six, into battle, but Immorticon was split up during the mission, and Optimal was forced to evac before he could go searching for him.

Immorticon was among the many MIA, assumed KIA, Machina after the encounter. Optimal was devastated, believing he could have saved his friend. Obsidian abandoned the Dead Six after the battle, losing all remnants of sanity and going off on a wild goose chase across the galaxy in an attempt to find Immorticon. When Optimal also found out that another friend, Aleta Gaust, was also missing, he nearly went insane, and handed over command of the Dead Six to Cheeter for a short time, going off to live for as a hermit until he got over his devastation; upon his return, he had come to grips with Aleta and Immorticon's seeming deaths, and had gained a new edge of surety in his actions.

Necros War


"Men reject their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and honor those whom they have slain"
Oden Benvora[2]



KINGDOM KEY Weapon System

Derived from Forerunner technology and possessed only by Primonus Gaust, the KINGDOM KEY Weapon System is a unique, customizable weapon system with multiple other uses in combat situations. Primarily, the KINGDOM KEY is a melee weapon, seen in the form of a large sword for the most part but capable of changing to become a battle axe or rifle as needed. The weapon is directly linked to Primonus' neural network, but is not an actual part of his body: should the weapon be destroyed, none of the other functions would work.

The second, and more used, function of the system allows Primonus to directly interface with and control Machina vehicles and weapon emplacements. A powerful system, it requires an enormous amount of concentration to be able to control the vehicles and still function in battle as a viable soldier. Because of this ability, Primonus has a small fleet of drone vehicles kept aboard his ship, the MF Lost Aeon, at all times.




ULTIMA Weapon System


  1. The phrase "The seeds of the future lie buried in the past" is from the Beast Machines TV series
  2. Quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky
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