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Regret's priory
Priory of Regret/CSO-9
Unit Background

Special Operations


Revived Zeal

Unit size
  • 21 (2525-2551)
    • 7 Sangheili
    • 14 Unggoy
  • 42 (2552)
    • 7 Sangheili
    • 7 Jiralhanae
    • 14 Unggoy
    • 14 Kig-Yar
  • 9 (2553)
    • 3 Sangheili
    • 6 Unggoy
Current Status



The Priory of Regret, also known as Covenant Special Operations 9 (CSO-9) was a Covenant Special Warfare unit formed and blessed by the High Prophet of Regret himself to aid in the Human-Covenant War. They participated in most of Regret's fleet's campaigns. At one point, they were assigned to aid an arbiter, Zhura 'Vakaree, in an ambush on a group of Spartans.

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