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Project: RAGEQUIT was initiated by Section THREE of the Office of Naval Intelligence; in response to the ever-increasing number of human refugees, the lack of suitable fallback locations, and the overall bleakness of the war, it was decided that, given the seeming impossibility of defeating the Covenant, some effort had to be made in order to ensure the survival of Humanity as a species.

The idea of simply leaving - escaping the current war by departing from known human space - came up immediately as a plausible method, albeit a risky one. With Covenant Space utterly unknown, the chances of blindly dropping into hostile territory were incalculable. For a time, the project was put on hold; any victory against the covenant, however meager, could reassure the military that such a risky and desperate project was not only too questionable, but also unneeded.

After several years of defeat, the project was reactivated and reevaluated. Previously unacceptable risks were no longer a determining factor. To account for the danger of an encounter with Covenant forces, the project’s elements were drastically altered - what was originally a few slipspace capable transports became a task force, and eventually a battle group, centered upon a refitted Phoenix-class colony ship - one Starlight Wanderer.

Battle Group Ragequit