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Project VERONA was a top secret energy shielding development program within the Office of Naval Intelligence and Naval Special Weapons. It's believed to have started out merely as a classified subcell of Project TEMERITY, which under largely unknown circumstances came under supervision of the high-ranking official Codename: DRACULA. Since then, it was expanded by DRACULA to supply shielding technology for special warfare projects, both his own brainchildren and programs he was only partially involved with (including JAVELIN, HEADHUNTER, OLYMPIAN and GREY). As such, it often worked together with the staff on Project ELERI, developing technology suitable for the latter's armor and exoskeleton systems.



Powered Armor/Shield Generation Module ("BARRIER")

Powered Armor/Shield Boost Module/Mark I ("OVERSHIELD")

Powered Armor/Shield Boost Module/Mark II ("ARMOR LOCK")