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Project VULCAN was a UNSC program initiated in 2613 to improve the UNSC forces against the Necros threat. The program involved speeding up the development of current technologies and introducing reverse engineered Necros technologies to the UNSC. In 2614, the UNSC was involved in a mass rearmament using the results of VULCAN.


This is a list of technologies introduced during VULCAN, and changes initiated.

  • Introduction of KUSANAGI material to all UNSC munitions.
  • Replacement of M204 BLIM 10mm Railguns by the XM299 BLIM
  • Replacement of M257 BLIM 30mm Railguns and M1024 Automatic Cannons by the XM300 BLIM
  • Replacement of M288 BLIM 40mm Railguns and M309 40mm Automatic Cannons by the XM301 BLIM
  • Upgrade of the M68A2 Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor to the M68B ALIM, with increased velocities and rate of fire.
  • Upgrade of the M76 ALIM to the M76A ALIM, with increased velocities and rate of fire.
  • Upgrade of the M85 ALIM to the M85A ALIM, with increased velocities and rate of fire.
  • Upgrade of the M94 ALIM to the M94A ALIM, with increased velocities and rate of fire.
  • M99CA1 Stanchions upgraded to M99CA2, with higher velocities and rates of fire
  • Introduction of cyclic energy shield technology to infantry, vehicles and warships. This technology reformatted an energy shield into multiple layers, producing multiple shields that reduced recharge time and increased protection.
  • Introduction of AURA Modules to infantry and warships.
  • Mass Introduction of REAPER Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse systems, replacing explosively pumped flux compression generators.
  • Mass Introduction of AZRAEL Linear Induction Warheads
  • Introduction of more powerful particle accelerators and power cores to LASER and Ion weaponry, increasing the power yield by 21%
  • Improved Plasma Fusion reactor yields by 13%
  • Improved Fusion Reactor yields by 22%
  • Shield output boosted by 15%
  • Introduction of Sidovoritch Apparatus to improve RADAR, MASER and radio systems.
  • Improvements to AEGIS plating, using internal high energy liquid suspension of free electrons, boron particles and nitrogen particles giving the armour some degree of regenerative ability. The high energy suspension absorbs kinetic and thermal energy, strengthening the entire super structure, meaning as it takes more punishment, it not only becomes stronger, but regenerates faster.