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660 BCE

Date of death

635 BCE

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Truth-Seeker, Prophet of Truth








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Prorok (also called The First) is the Kahini (Prophet) leader responsible for the creation of the Covenant, ending the long cycle of war with the Sangheili. He was the first Prophet of Truth and sought immortality through both legend and transsentience. With the construction of the Luminous Key, he attempted to upload his mind and become an artificial intelligence construct. Whether or not the resulting AI was in fact Prorok and not a second being is a matter of debate amongst philosophers, with Sangheili historians classifying both entities as one in the same while Human historians are less likely to out of a disbelief in transsentience.

Creation of the Covenant

Drawn to the ancient Forerunner ruins at the edge of Kahini land, he was among the first scientists to begin to understand the alien glyphs. After reading what he believed to be a description of the Forerunners ascending into godhood, he tried to convince the Union of Knowledge to invest all their resources into discovering the path to godhood. The scientist council wouldn't hear of it, however, what with the war against the Sangheili being so popular.

Forced to research the project out of his own pocket, the Kahini sought the assistance of the trader Nabi. Nabi, a fellow Kahini, was inspired by Prorok's promise of divinity and helped the scientist acheive his goal through financial support. With Nabi's help, Prorok was able to decode a section of the Forerunner language and open a locked door.

Inside the room, he discovered a long box with the imprint of a gem on the top. Nabi recognized it as the rijeh, a treasured possession of the Sangheili Council of Arbiters. Knowing that the rijeh would be taken as a trophy when the Kahini made seige on Segweyay, the Sangheili capital city, later that year, Prorok sent a servant to persuade Arbiter Koli 'Hodmilee to give him the gem in exchange for helping him acheive immortality.

The Arbiter rejected Prorok's offer, and the Kahini had to temporarily abandon the box when the Union ordered him to devote his research into finding military improvements. Confident that the Forerunners would have left something of use, he focused his efforts on translating the blood-colored texts. He determined that the Forerunners did have enemies and fought against them, making the Union put pressure on him to find weapons.

In the dead of night, Prorok snuck outside the country in search of a Sangheili temple that was rumored to have been built over a Forerunner structure. Mascarading as a slave, he entered the temple and forced his way into the cellar. The monks tried to stop him, but they shrank back as he opened a door into the Forerunner structure.

Behind the Scenes Trivia

  • "Prorok" is the Polish word for "prophet."
  • "Kahini" is the Swahili word for "prophet."
  • "Nabi" is the Arabic word for "prophet."