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The "Prototype Voron-Certified Combat Exoskeleton" or "M1887" is a prototype of the future standard issue powered exoskeleton for VORON forces, designed with the user in mind - the armor was originally meant to change roles with a touch of a button. Later on, the development team for the M1887 realized that their vision had "too many moving parts" to work properly in combat, and the system was replaced by the older, more effective AEM's (Armor Enhancement Modules) and an FMK kit (Field Modification Kit), where the user could swap exoskeleton attachments and supplemental armor padding on the fly.

The M1887 was originally based off of the MJOLNIR and SPI Mk. 6 and 2 black matte inner-bodysuits, which caused problems for production costs and power management, forcing VORON to realize they could realistically use the older, cheaper and only slightly less effective MJOLNIR Mk. 4 bodysuit with the SPI reactive metal liquid crystal layers to create a strong yet cheap force amplifying inner-bodysuit.

The armor plating used was a black-matte non-reflective metal, more resistant to heat yet less resistant to projectile weaponry than the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Prototype exoskeleton, and puts less stress on the 3D Active Camouflage systems while in motion, meaning the user could use the ACTIVE CAMOUFLAGE-AEM longer than they could before. (Note: The final version of the M1887 features a more VORON-developed version of the prototype MJOLNIR/SPI components due to compatibility problems with other VORON-created Power Armor).

There is no official helmet systen for the M1887 as the early shielding systems and AEMs were already compatible with other UNSC/CMA produced combat helmets, though the original VORON "third eye" fiber optic imaging systems normally are still required for visors to prevent light reflection when the AC-AEM is overtaxed.

The gauntlet for the M1887's main function is supplemental fore-arm and wrist protection, though the final model features USB_MA87 ports for electronic attatchments like Sangheili inspired pop-out gauntlet-knives and TACPADs - the prototype featured a Sangheili built plasma blade, which overtaxed active-camouflage AEMs and melted photo-reactive panels. The final-standard issue gauntlet comes with a M19 Military Hardened TACPAD/Transponder and a S72/A Ballistic knife.

The generator used in the M1887 is a 100% Voron-built M12/A4 Fusion pack which doubled the output of the MJOLNIR Mk. 4 and tripled the output of older VORON-built Armor-Mounted Generators.