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Pula 'Refum
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"From this moment on, I swear my life and my blade to Clan Refum and to its Kaidon, Shinsu 'Refum. His enemies are my enemies, his desires are my desires, and his command shall be to me like the voices of the gods."
―Pula 'Refum upon her adoption into the Refum bloodline.

Pula ‘Refum was a Sangheili warrior and a key operative of the Cleansing Blade reformer faction. Born a peasant in a rural village on Sanghelios, she was brought to the Kotar keep to become a handmaiden for Cena 'Kotar. A young Pula followed her mistress when Cena was drawn into the Sangheili Civil War by her brother Zura's involvement with the Sons of the Preserving Blade militia movement. Following the destruction of the Preserving Blade and the death of Cena, Pula elected to follow the Blade's surviving leader, the “Black Knight of Sanghelios,” Shinsu 'Refum. Under Shinsu’s tutelage, Pula became a highly skilled warrior and served as her master’s bodyguard and personal assassin. Although of no relation to the Refum bloodline, Pula assumed the family name after Shinsu adopted her into the clan in recognition of her loyal service to the Cleansing Blade.


Early Life

Pula was born in a small peasant village on the eastern fringes of the state of Kotar. Given a traditional commoner name "Han," she and the rest of her community, like most members of the non-aristocratic lower classes that existed outside the keep system, bore no family name and were not considered a part of any bloodline. In a society where females where expected to preside over male laborers in domestic matters, a young Han concerned her parents by preferring to spend her time listening to old tales of heroes from Sangheili history and mythology rather than harvesting crops and studying agricultural machinery. Han would often go off with the village's male children, pretending to be one hero or another during the games they played.

The Great Schism had little impact on Han's village. Her community, an isolated backwater in one of Sanghelios's poorer states, had payed lip service to the Covenant's Great Journey religion while maintaining older, pre-Covenant traditions relatively faithfully. Few of the Jiralhanae and Unggoy uprisings that sparked large-scale battles in more developed areas of the planet affected the small farming town save that a small garrison of warriors used the location as a base of operations to patrol the surrounding countryside. Han was fascinated by warriors and was punished several times for abandoning her studies to watch them drill throughout the day.


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