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Q'uorl was a member of the Ve'nek species originating from the world of Kri'Tau. Q'uorl was most well known for being High Imperator of the Ve'nek Dominion between 2776 and 2820; following this he became a senior officer in the Ve'nek Navy until his death in 2865. Q'uorl served in both the UNSC and Allegiance Navies in his younger years, being dishonourably discharged from the former and retiring from the latter to focus on politics. Popular in his early years of leadership, Q'uorl was largely credited with militarising and rearming the still largely peaceful Ve'nek society and culture, preventing in the short term their annihilation by The Swarm. The end of his political career was spelled by a combination of public distrust of organised military forces and backlash at his government's austerity measures, both in fact factors caused by the Swarm War and largely beyond his own control. Upon losing the general election in 2820, Q'uorl retired from politics to assist the war effort by joining the Navy. Later in the war, when most of the Ve'nek population survived by roving space in massive generational ships, Q'uorl was one of the few to maintain a planetary colony permanently, along with hundreds of thousands of Ve'nek, Human and Kig-Yar war refugees. Q'uorl died on the planet, Konom, in 2865, manually detonating an antimatter bomb as Swarm forces defeated the defending troops and closed in. Among many others, his actions served as a successful diversion and allowed the civilian refugees to escape.

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