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Quetzalcoatl-class Ultra-Carrier
Production information

Reyes-McLees Shipyards




Ultra Carrier

Technical specifications

6500 metres


1560 metres


785 metres

Engine unit(s)

Plasma Fusion Drive

Slipspace Drive

Shaw Fukikawa model 52

Slipspace velocity

912 light years per day


Grade 10 shield

  • Laminated shell
  • Layers of titanium
  • Layers of AEGIS
  • Thermal energy absorbing layers
  • Kinetic absorbing layers
  • Aero gel layer
Sensor systems
  • AN/SPY-9 PAVE HOUND Active Electronically Scanned Array RADAR
  • AN/SPY-7 PAVE SAW Radio Telescope
  • AN/SSS-19 SAFEGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SSS-19 REARGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SVS-68 Optical Telescope
  • AN/SAS-67 Infra-red Telescope
  • AN/SSQ-23 Sensor Network
Targeting systems

Multispectrum Optical AI assisted camera network

Navigation system

AI assisted Slipspace 'MAZE' directional router

  • AI/Manual driven computer supported pilot systems

AI Assisted ADIS

  • MASER communications dish
  • Slipspace LASER communication system
  • War Net Integrated computer
  • 4400 Marines
  • 65 tanks
  • 80 light tanks
  • 150 Warthogs
  • 14 Heavy tanks
  • 100 Pelicans
  • 90 Gulls
  • 24 Petrels
  • 130 Katanas
  • 100 Knives
  • 80 Claymores
  • 80 Broadswords
  • 40 Shortswords
  • 20 Axes
  • 80 Light Attack VTOLS
  • 40 Medium Attack VTOLS
  • 20 Bokkens
  • 10 Spears

Space superiority carrier, planetary assault vessel, morale boost, inspiring fear


Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"This thing is made of nothing but hangers!"
Ross East Jr., UNSC Air Force, commenting on the UNSC Warrior


The Quetzalcoatl-class Ultra Carrier is basically a Ragnarök-class Dreadnaught with the two heavy MACs removed to make room for hangers capable of holding massive numbers of aircraft. The space craft has three distinct sections, like a Covenant Assault Carrier, A long central section holding the Super MAC, hundreds of hangers, and the primary engines, and two side sections holding the secondary engines, as well as yet more hangers.


With exception of the removal of the two heavy MACs, the Quetzalcoatl-class has most of the same weapons as the Ragnarok-class, the primary armament being the Super MAC gun, Super Heavy Ion Cannon, or THOR LASER capable of engaging even the largest enemy vessels, four smaller MACs or Ion Cannons in turrets for eliminating smaller threats such as destroyers and cruisers, as well as 280 Hailstorm Naval Support guns, 140 Hellstorm Naval Support Lasers, and 580 Archer missile pods, for wreaking havoc on unshielded targets. The Quetzalcoatl-class also has six front-mounted launchers for AVENGER nuclear missiles, APOCALYPSE antimatter-tipped missiles or other weapons of mass destruction, and 25 Marksman missile pods and 16 Sharpshooter Kinetic Weapons Pods for attacking ground targets. The Quetzalcoatl also has hundreds of point defense missiles and lasers. The deadliest weapon in the Quetzalcoaltl's arsenal is however, it's aircraft. The 210 fighters aboard a Quetzalcoatl-class can defend fleets against massive waves of Necros fighters and bombers. In an offensive role, all of the spacecraft aboard the ship capable of carrying TALON anti-ship missiles, some 165 aircraft, can launch thousands of missiles, enough to destroy or cripple even the largest vessels. Furthermore, the Broadswords, Spears, and Petrel Bombers can be armed with RETRIBUTION nukes or even CATACLYSM antimatter missiles, and are capable of annihilating massive enemy vessels, though antimatter missiles are extemely rare, only being launched from small craft twice in the whole Necros War, so far....

Tiamat-class Ultra Carrier

The Tiamat-class Ultra Carrier is a variant of the Quetzalcoatl-class Ultra Carrier. It is similar in appearance to the Quetzalcoatl, the main difference being that the Tiamat carries an THOR LASER instead of a Super MAC. The vessel has an enlarged reactor to power the LASER.

Amun Ra-class Ultra Carrier

The Amun Ra-class Ultra Carrier is a variant of the Quetzalcoatl-class Ultra Carrier. It is similar in appearance to the Quetzalcoatl, the main difference being that the Amun Ra carries an ion cannon instead of the standard super MAC.

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Block I

Block II (Tiamat-class Ultra Carrier)

Block III (Amun-Ra-class Ultra Carrier)

UNSC Amun-Ra

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