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R-991 Cacodemon
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The R-991 Cacodemon is a USR recon craft.


The Cacodemon is the USR's only dedicated reconnaissance craft, being designed expressly to gather intelligence quietly and efficiently, then escape without being noticed. The Cacodemon is fitted with a variety of complicated sensors, allowing it to passively or actively observe targets. It can preform reconnaissance against space targets, or terrestrial targets at any altitude from low to near space. These delicate sensors can gather RADAR, LIDAR, optical, infra-red, ultraviolet, magnetic and electromagnetic sensor information on targets, and can operate for long periods without revealing itself.

The Cacodemon carries many technologies derived from the Grigori, including stealthy hull design, advance materials rendering it invisible across a number of spectrums, emissions control, heat sinks and phased array optical active camouflage, allowing it to passively gather intelligence without revealing itself. It also has advance, long communicators, allowing it to operate far frome home, and also redirect and control communications for forces near by, acting as a waypoint for communications between carriers and their fighter groups.

The Cacodemon is designed as a completely non-combat capable craft, with no weapons or defences. This was intentionally done, to stop potentially hot headed pilots from employing it like a stealth fighters. Only the most disciplined and reserved of warriors are selected from Cacodemon flight training, and while they may earn the ire of their fellow pilots, they are indispensable resources to their commanders, the Special Warfare Branch and the Justiciars, who reward those pilots who preform their missions without a fault, and without breaking their cover.

UNSC Remarks

Notable Squadrons

  • Cacodemon Squadron
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