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Rule 1: What I say goes

Rule 2: Try not to make dozens of posts before everybody else can reply :]

Rule 3: the obvious of no godmodding.

Rule 4: If you want somebody to die, ask the owner of the character.

Rule 5: The RP occurs in the Necros Era in USR space, meaning Brutes and Jackal Pirates versus Elites with Jackal skirmisher support and a few Hunter volenteers.

Rule 6: USR forces are lying in ambush, with no way out!

Rule 7: Your destruction is the will of the gods

Rules on Adding new unitsEdit


You wanna add a new ship, take one of the classes from Fleet of Divine Destiny, first come first serve. Of course, Angel is the owner of that fleet, so any ships you want to add or if she wants a ship, then you have to go ask her about it. Theres one other fleet, bringing the secondary forces and the Imperator, want any ships in that, feel free to take 'em.

Theres going to be a secondary fleet joining shortly into the battle, (WHEN I POST IT ARRIVES >:/) first come first serve for getting that fleet. Same rules apply to adding ships to that fleet, but take it up with whoever comes to own it.

You wanna add a air unit, note which ship or ground unit it is attached to.

For infantry units, feel free to add a legion, creche or lance, though note which ship its attached too or what legion, theres some existing ones for Vespera.

For adding special forces, ask me any questions

USR ProtectoratesEdit

The Yan'me have largely withdrawn from things that trouble the world, so expect nothing of those lazy bugs.

The Kig-Yar Union has protectorship deal with the USR and deliver a 'tribute force' attached across a large number of Sangheili legions. The acts as scouts and snipers and are well equipped, better than they would be in the KYU alone.

Hunters are in a similar situation and several hunter pairs are attached to multiple legions in their old roles.

For Jackals, the Genesis Expeditionary Force is the serving force, so attach your Jackals to that, Hunters, somebody can make their own expendition force, first come first serve, whoever gets it first, you attach your Hunters to that. Of course, not which legion you jackals or hunters are attached too.

Covenant RemnantEdit

Theres one Brute fleet here, mine, feel free to add anything you want under assault carrier classification

As for Brute packs, feel free to make your own.


Pirates are here to be a nuisance, feel free to add your own ships and gangs.

Any other factionEdit

If I see anybody else, I'm going to eat your liver ^___^

Add your units to this page plz kaithnxbai


"I'll tear your mongrels head from your body!"
―Kasr 'Revak

The year is 2607. The Brutes have recently suffered a horrific blow in the skies above and on the bloodied ground of Kanna. Now the Covenant Remnant is on the ropes, reeling from the blow the UNSC dealt them. Their 'Oracle' has directed them to a new battle, a seemingly weak point on the Sangheili's potent defensive barrier between their colonised sectors and Remnant territory. The world of Vespera. The 'Marauder', a infamous Brute warrior, with a deep insight into the working of the honour bound Sangheili military mind, has been sent to take this chink in their armour. For ten years he's ravaged Sangheili forces on the border before dissapearing like a ghost, knowing what tactic they will try befroe they even intiate it.

What the Maruader doesn't know is, the Oracle has just directed him into a trap.

The Sangheili high council have dispatched a large joint task force to destroy the fleet, headed by the Grand Marshal of the fleet, Ang 'Elhi. Along with a secondary supporting fleet coming in from the colony of Thundera and a sizeable task force from the USR Special Warfare Group, lead by Kasr 'Revak. Word amongst the rank and file is, even the mighty Imperator is coming with his own fleet, to watch over the battle.

Force CompositionEdit

United Sangheili RepublicEdit

Fleet of Divine DestinyEdit

Naval Units

Ground Units

Fleet of Hidden ShadowsEdit


Ground Units

Fleet of Transcendent SorrowsEdit

Naval Forces

Ground Forces

Fleet of Imperishable RemorseEdit

Naval Forces

Ground forces

Total Naval Forces

  • 492 Ships
  • 12000 space craft

Ground Forces

  • 13,000 troops
  • 3,100 tanks
  • 2000 supporting aircraft

USR Support ForcesEdit

Kig-Yar UnionEdit

Ground forces

  • Genesis Expeditionary Force
  • 1000 in total


Ground forces

  • Onasi Expenditionary Force
  • 1000 in total

Covenant RemnantEdit

Fleet of Marauding HateEdit

naval 426 ships in total 11,000 space craft

  • 1 Super Cruiser
    • Rabid Beast - Fleet Master Longinus
  • 1 Super Carrier
  • 2 Assault Carriers
    • Golden Retribution
  • 3 Reverence-class Cruisers
  • 172 Frigates
  • 105 Destroyers
  • 69 Penance-class Cruisers
  • 48 Battlecruisers
    • Might of Truth
  • 25 Carriers
    • Glorious Wind
    • Converting Sword

Ground forces 12,000 Brutes 2400 vehicles 1900 supporting air vehicles

  • 28 Brute Packs

CR Support Forces

Pirating Fleet of Greatness


Characters and UnitsEdit

Ajax 013Edit

Kasr 'Revak
Unit/ship: USR Special Warfare Group
Rank: Special Warfare Commander
Equipment: Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Grenades
Unit/ship: Rabid Fury
Rank: High Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Spiker, Spike Grenades


ONI recon 111Edit

Ugra Typhon
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship:USR Special Warfare Group
Rank: Assault Trooper
Equipment: Carbine, Fuel Rod Gun, Plasma Grenades
Ordo Stanak
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship:USR Special Warfare Group
Rank: Commando
Equipment: Needler, Energy Sword, Plasma Grenades
USR Unbreakable
Type:Redoubtable-class Super Carrier, Fleet Of Hidden Shadows
Function:Carrier, Assault
Commander:Jyrln Rydwenam
Jyrln Rydwenam
Unit/Ship: USR Unbreakable
Rank: Shipmaster
Equipment: Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Grenades
Faction: Covenant Remnant
Rank:Brute Captain Major
Equipment: Brute Shot, Spiker


Jowh 'Araulee
Unit/Ship:USR Retribution-class battlecruiser Tearing Destiny
Rank: Zealot
Equipment: Energy Sword, Fuel Rod Gun, Plasma Grenade


Covenant Remnants
Unit/Ship: Assault Carrier Golden Retribution
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Brute Shot, Spike Grenades
Covenant Remnants
Unit/Ship: Battlecruiser Might of Truth
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Brute Mauler, Spike Grenades
Covenant Remnants
Unit/Ship: Carrier Glorious Wind
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Brute Spiker, Spike Grenades


Eaite 'Oodatee
Faction: USR
Rank: Supreme Commander
Equipment: Type-51B Modular Carbine, Energy Sword, Fuel Rod Gun, Elite combat harness 2.0, Plasma Grenades
Faction: USR
Rank: Spec Ops Officer
Equipment: 2 modified plasma rifles, Elite Personal Energy Shield, Active camo,
Icsa 'Fniasee
Faction: USR
Rank: Spec Ops Elite
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Energy Swords, Spikers, Plasma rifles, Plasma Grenades
Stye 'Ahsudee
Faction: USR
Rank: Spec Ops elite
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Active Camo, Particle Beam Rifle, plasma Rifle, Type-51B Modular Carbine, Plasma Grenades
Alch 'Aedalee
Faction: USR
Rank:Commander Security Elite
Equipment: Type-51B Modular Carbine, Energy Sword, Fuel Rod Gun, Elite combat harness 2.0, Plasma Grenades
Hice 'Vadun
Faction: USR
Rank: Captain Security Elite
Equipment: Type-51B Modular Carbine, Plasma Rifle, Elite combat harness 2.0, Plasma Grenades

Toca 'Inlenkee
Faction: USR
Rank: Captain Security Elite
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword, Fuel Rod Gun, Elite combat harness 2.0, Plasma Grenades

Spartan 112Edit

Uasu 'Sojam
Unit/ship: USR Army,Lance of Divine Retribution
Rank: Ultra
Equipment: Type-51B Modular Carbine,Plasma Grenades,Energy Sword
Idbe 'Vadum
Unit/ship: USR Army,Lance of Divine Retribution
Rank: Sub Lance Minor
Equipment:Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher ,Plasma Grenades
Eysu 'Eojus
Unit/ship: USR Army,Lance of Divine Retribution
Rank: Sub Lance Minor
Equipment: Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon,Plasma Grenades
Ckpe 'Cinot
Unit/ship: USR Army,Lance of Divine Retribution
Rank: Minor Domo
Equipment: Type-51B Modular Carbine,Plasma Grenades
Orbe 'Yatut
Unit/ship: USR Army,Lance of Divine Retribution
Rank: Minor Domo
Equipment:Type-50 Sniper Rifle System ,Plasma Grenades
Essu 'Arbod
Unit/ship: USR Navy,USR Eye of the Beholder
Rank: Shipmaster
Equipment:Dual Type-1 Energy Swords
Ushran 'Sojam
Unit/ship: USR Army,Lance of Divine Retribution
Rank: Ascetic
Equipment:Plasma Rifle,Energy Scythe,Plasma Grenades
Naoc 'Iajar
Unit/ship: USR Navy,USR Eye of the Beholder
Rank:Section Major
Equipment:Plasma Rifle

Spartan 501Edit

Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/Ship: Fleet of Marauding Hate, Dominus Pack
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Spiker sidearm, Power Armor
Tyke Orbudee
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: Venerator-class Assault Carrier Hollowed Sanctum, Special Warfar Detachment
Rank: Ultra
Equipment: Type-51B Modular Carbine, Type-203 Individual Directed Energy Combat Weapon System, Energy Sword, Sangheili Combat Harness


Amu Movtymee
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: None (operates alone)
Rank: USR Singular Operative
Equipment: Energy Sword, Needler, Plasma Rifle, Elite Personal Energy Shield
Vok Kar
Faction: Kig-Yar Union
Unit/Ship: None (operates as an assasin)
Rank: Kig-Yar Shocktrooper
Equipment: F1/4 AIB Combat Rifle, F1/3 CQS Compact Defence Weapon, Active Camoflouge, G7/2 NL Disorientation Grenade


Nvoro 'Madar
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Army, Lance of Conflicting Intent
Rank: Major Domo
Equipment: Carbine, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Grenades, Elite Personal Energy Shield

Dvao 'Haerum
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Special Warfare Group, SpecOps Team of Reconciliation
Rank: Special Warfare Minor
Equipment: Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle

Kharao 'Haerum
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Special Warfare Group, SpecOps Team of Reconciliation
Rank: Special Warfare Minor
Equipment: Plasma Rifle, Carbine

Sckcar Amroth
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Special Warfare Group, SpecOps Team of Reconciliation
Rank: Special Warfare Major
Equipment: Plasma Rifles (dual-wield), Energy Sword

Status: KIA
Houmaso Vir Fkon & Niraje Vir Ncai
Faction: Mgalekgolo/USR
Unit/Ship: Onasi Expenditionary Force, Lance of Merciless Remnant
Rank: (Mgalekgolo don't have a rank)
Equipment: Mgalekgolo Fuel Rod Cannon


Ang 'Elhi
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Navy, USR Merciless Fate
Rank: Grand Marshal of the Navy
Equipment: Elite personal Energy Shield, Energy Sword

Xkar 'Ktry
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Navy, USR Strike of Salvation
Rank: Supreme Commander
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Energy Sword

Vrhyt 'Quhtr
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Navy, USR Silenced Patience
Rank: Fleet Master
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Energy Sword

Rhik 'Ardn
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Air Force, V'rok Legion
Rank: Field Master
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Energy Sword

Ghu 'Stva
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Army, H'tyn Legion
Rank: Field Master
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Energy Sword

Kha 'Rlda
Faction: USR
Unit/Ship: USR Army, J'dar Warrior Créche
Rank: Ultra
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Energy Sword


Malach 'Regum
Faction: USR
Unit: USR Army, Id'ala Legion
Rank: Ultra
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Twin Plasma Rifles, Energy Sword
Faction: Covenant Remnant
Unit: Brute Pack Morvaunt
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Glove, Gravity Hammer, Crimson Chieftain Armor, Energy Sword
Jinz 'Oramm
Faction: USR
Unit: USR Army, V'rok Legion
Rank: Major Domo
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Twin Plasma Rifles, Plasma Pistols, two Plasma Grenades
Vhen 'Jortiim
Faction: USR
Unit: USR Army, V'rok Legion
Rank: Commander of Vehicle Detachment LVII
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, External Vision Magnifiers, Custom Wraith (Serves as Mobile Command Tank)


Faction: Covenant Remnant
Unit: Brutus Pack
Rank: Chieftan
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Pummeler, Spike Grenades
Faction: Covenant Remnant
Unit: Brutus Pack
Rank: Captian Ultra
Equipment: Brute Shot, Spike Grenades
Faction: Covenant Remnant
Unit: Brutus Pack
Rank: Captian Ultra
Equipment: Fuel Rod, Spike Grenades


Faction: Covenant Remmants
Unit/ship: Gormus' Pack
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Brute spiker, Spike grenades
Faction: Covenant Remmants
Unit/ship: Gormus' Pack
Rank: Captain Major
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Brute shot, spike grenades
Faction: Covenant Remmants
Unit/ship: Gormus' Pack
Rank: Captain Ultra
Equipment: Brute shot, spike grenades
Faction: Covenant Remmants
Unit/ship: Gormus' Pack
Rank: Stalker
Equipment: Brute Spiker, Spike grenades


Jente 'Trohim
Unit/Ship: Lone Operative, attatched to the T'sar Legion
Rank: Special Ops Commander
Weapons: Dual Energy Sword, Type-51B Modular Carbine, Plasma Grenade,
Equipment: Custom Harness, Type-1B Movement System, Type-2 Energy Shield/Sangheiling, Type-1_Sight, Active Camouflage


Isa Sccuakokee
Unit/Ship: Flet of Eternal Redemption
Equipement: Energy sword, Type-51B Modular Carbine, Plasma Grenade, Fuel Rod Gun

The parksterEdit

Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit: Brakus Pack
Rank: Minor
Equipment: Nailer, Spiker, Pinner and Spike Grenades
>>> Active
Ogonah Sanu Henak
Faction: USR (support forces)
Unit: Onasi Expenditionary Force
Rank: Low
Equipment: Assault Cannon
>>> KIA
Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit: Brakus Pack
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Piercer Rifle and Spike Grenades
>>> Active


Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit: Taurus' Pack, Converting Sword
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Spiker and Spike Grenades

117649 Annihilative RepentanceEdit

Zund 'Nerom
Faction: USR
Unit: USR Navy, Fleet of Imperishable Remorse
Rank: Fleet Master
Equipment: Elite Personal Energy Shield, Plasma IDECWS, Energy Sword, Fuel Rod Gun, Type-37 Compact Munitions Launcher

Zeno PanthakreeEdit

Felip N'Yar
Faction: Kig-Yar Pirates
Unit: Kig-Yar controlled CCS-Battlecruiser Vengeful One
Rank: Fleet Master
Equipment: Modified(and lets not forget stolen)Energy Sword,Plasma Pistol,Covenant Carbine,Jackal Point Defense Gauntlet.
Pirating Fleet of Greatness
Kig-Yar Pirates


Faction: USR
Unit: USR Stealth Corvette No Remorse of the Fleet of Hidden Shadows
Rank: Artificial Intelligence
Equipment: None


Kyt 'Jar Refos
Faction: USR
Unit: USR Fighting Vengeance
Rank: Ship Master
Equipment: Blade of Vengeance


Faction:Covenant Remnants
Unit:Cassus Pack
Rank:Brute Minor
Equipment:Spiker Rifle, Fire Hurler
Faction:Covenant Remnants
Unit:Mallunus Pack
Rank:Brute Chieftan
Equipment:Gravity Hammer, two energy swords, Spiker Rifle


USR Valiant
Type:Retribution-class Battlecruiser, Fleet Of Divine Destiny
Commander: Isla Plodee


29th of August, 19:21, Sangheilios, United Sangheili Republic Armed forces command centre ’Bloodied Angel’’

Kasr 'Revak strode down the dimly lit corridor, flanked on each side by a soldier in deep crimson coloured armour with orange glowing decoration. They almost kept their distance from him, his glimmering silver-white armour marking his position of honour. They knew better than to cross him. The strode ahead of them, both of them turning to face their backs to the bulkhead ahead of him and saluted, bringing their energy pikes close to their body. The door slowly unsealed, allowing a pillar of light into the new pitch black room. Kasr stepped in, the bulkhead sealing behind him. The only light in the room was a small holographic globe, obscured by a large figure standing over it.

“You wanted to see me mighty Imperator?”

“Yes. Commander, it seems we have a task at hand, and your special warfare group is what we need to ensure our success.” The darkened figure spoke. He tapped a number of glyphs on the globe, causing it to bloom out and explode into dozens of holograms, high in the air above them. The room was cast in the blue light of the holograms, casting both Kasr and the Imperator in its baleful glow. The Imperator’s armour was light up by the light, the blue holograms sending rays of dancing light across his bronzed armour, the glyphs catching the rays and casting shadows on his armour. He had worn the same armour since the end of the last Great War, a self punishment for his misguidance and how easily he was controlled by the Prophets. The Imperator reached out and touched another glyph, causing all the holograms to reform into a 3D rotating hologram of the galaxy. He then seemingly plucked out glowing light, bringing it closer, projecting a star system before clutching a light from that, bringing up a solar system.

“This is Penance system. And this world is... Vespera...” The imperator said, touch the image of the third planet, bringing it up.

“This world looks unassuming. It’s only a third level colonies, that means the settlements are finally entering the agricultural stage. What is important about this world?” Kasr said, crossing his arms and observing the lush green orb.

“It is where we will finally lure The Marauder to his death.” The Imperator smiled

“The Marauder? What makes you think he would attack such a world? It is not a high priority target.”

“Oh, but he thinks it is. The Archon’s spies have laid it, they have passed this on as a message from their ‘’oracle’’. They think there is a chink in our defensive line. Deliverance is eager for a victory, too eager. After Kanna, he is desperate to make deep head way into our territory to regain honour and standing with his troops.” The Imperator said, clicking his jaws.

“Kanna. Is that not a human colony... what happened there?”

“Where have you been this last month commander?” The Imperator laughed

“On training manoeuvres on the death world of Sanctimonious Redemption. Training the special warfare group.”

“Well, from what I hear from my opposite in the UNSC, Deliverance sent a sizeable fleet there and got devastated by a smaller force of UNSC navy and marines. A loss of such magnitude has seriously hampered their ability to launch raids.” The Imperator smiled

“And so we wish to do the same at Vespera?”

“Yes, though it is somewhat sudden. We had little chance to prepare a formal armada so I sent the closest admiral I could to lay in ambush. A stroke of luck really. It was the Grand Marshall of the fleet. Grand Marshall Ang 'Elhi was dispatched immediately. I’ve already dispatched two more fleets to bolster her own, but I want you to join the forth. Mine.”

“You plan to go watch this battle yourself?” Kasr question, his face puzzled

“Watch? I plan to go lead from the front if at all possible!” The Imperator laughed

“But, sir, if the Brutes defeat you?”

“Pah! Don’t say such stupid things.” He laughed

“Your hubris will be the death of you.”

“I know not to underestimate our foe, but I know to crush them. I was killing Brutes while you were still a child.”

“Uh... Imperator. I was at Sydney with you. And Tantalus, Tribute, Ballast, Ares, Doisac and many more.” Kasr said, his jaws parting into a grin

“Humph. It’s all these new academy kids who turn up these days and think they know more about combat than the grizzled veterans because they’ve read new text books on it.”

“Well perhaps today us veterans can show them exactly how to kill Brutes, eh?”

“Indeed.” He said, walking past Kasr to the bulkhead door.

“Revsar, I am giving you a simple task. Bring a detachment of your Special Warfare Group and deliver me the head of Longinius. Destroying every other Brute in your way is a mandatory task.”

“With pleasure Imperator.” Kasr said, with genuine pleasure in his voice

They departed the darkened chamber and quickly moved to the warships.

29th of August, 19:45, above Sangheilios, United Sangheili Republic Venerator-class Assault Carrier ‘’Hallowed Sanctum’’

Kasr 'Revak, Special Operations Commander of the USR, patrolled his assembled commanders. He was a maverick within the USR command structure, being put away into a largely defunct force, left gutted by the redistribution of troops following the war, kept there by politicians to keep him out of trouble. From there he used his two contacts, the Imperator and the Grand Marshall of the Army, the former Arbiter and Rtas ‘Vadum, the warrior who previously held his position, to rebuild his special forces. He rebuilt them in his image, taking with him the things he learned from the Ascetics, elite Phantom Pilots and Commandos during the war and most of all, the things he learnt from the SPARTANS he fought alongside. He reformed many of the older Special Forces divisions, and reformed many new ones, creating a balanced force. Now their glorious moment would come. He had called his commanders to assemble the bravest, most capable and powerful soldiers in their sections, a difficult thing to do in a whole entire warfare group of heroes. Nonetheless, his commanders made the decision. They ended up with 2000 Commandos, 300 Special Operations servicemen, 200 Pathfinders, 1200 Rangers, 2300 Assault Troopers, 50 dropships piloted by the Avengers and a mere 10 assassins. It would be enough.

“Commanders, have you briefed your troops?”

“YES SIR!” He assembled officers sounded off

“Be sure they continue to be drilled until we arrive in wait and continue to drill them during the wait in ambush. I only have one rule for this coming conflict though. I will personally take the head of Longinius. Any soldier who defeats him before me will be reprimanded. Do you understand?”

“YES SIR!” They said, slamming their fists to their chests in sharp salutes

“Good. Organise your units, ensure they have all they need before with jump to Slipspace. I feel like a glorious victory will be soon blessed upon us.”

29th of August, 19:49, slipspace en-route to Rho-Sigma system, Vespera, Remnant warship ‘’Rabid Beast’’

Longinius the Marauder sat in his trophy room, silently meditating on the face of Field Marshall Garga ‘Atal. It had been a most satisfying victory. In the field of battle they had disarmed each other and Longinius choked his foe to death. His skull adorned his trophy rack, alongside almost a dozen field and fleet masters, along with councillors. He would hopefully collect another today. The oracle had directed them to a chink in the USR defences and this would finally allow him to press into their interior worlds and begin some true blood baths. His devotion in the Journey would reward him well.

“Chieftain.” A captain interrupted.

Longinius growled then leapt up in a rage, running to his Captain. He smashed him against the bulkhead behind him, crushing several ribs.

“What have I told you about interrupting my meditation?!” He roared

“S...sorry Chieftain.” The Captain gargled before Longinius let him go, letting the Captain gain his footing. His broken rib cage was certainly causing severe pain. It was a miracle he could stand.

“Now, what were you going to say?”

“We... we are ten minutes from Vespera.” He said, blood frothing around his mouth

“Good, mobilise all troops, prepare all our ships, make a straight dash for the world, we want to secure footing as soon as possible to hold the world back.” He said before dismissing the officer, who went to report his orders then went to collapse in the medical bay. It was time for bloodletting with Longinius’ most hated enemy.

(Orders to All Elites attached t the Fleets of Divine Destiny, Transcendent Sorrows and Imperishable Remorse, lie in hiding, warships hide in asteroid fields, behind moons, on the other side of the planet, on the other side of other planets in the system, ground troops, hide in the lush jungles of Vespera, fortify the little colony settlements. Lie in waiting. Brutes, get read you rush straight up the middle. I will mark when Elites open fire and attack the Brutes. Until then, hang tight.) <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


Heavy footsteps bellowed through the hallways of a Remnant cruiser. With each pound the walker came nearer and nearer until the very deck seemed to vibrate. A Brute minor thanked the gods for hearing the approaching steps, it had wakened him while he slept on watch. The minor stood up striaght, stiffened its back, and put a hand near its Spike rifle, it stood proudly at attention. The footsteps became louder until finally a large bulk of matted fur and rough hide turned the corner. The minor immediately shot its hand to its chest in a fist to salute the approaching Chieftan, his gravity hammer slung from its massive shoulders.

"Chieftan Triarius." The minor said still in salute.

Triarius looked at the minor, the youngest in his pack. Triarius returned the salute and put a large paw on the minor's shoulder. "Brother, be ready. We leave soon to fight."

"Chieftan. I am ready. Who will fall to my blade this day? Humans? Sangheili?" The minor said with excitement. A cruel grin raised itself on the Brute's face revealing a row of brown jaggeded teeth.

"The traitors, return to your squad and ready your equipment." Triarius said finally taking his paw off of the minor. The minor obeyed, opened the sliding door behind him and waiting for Triarius to enter first. When Triarius entered the hangar bay he felt a warm still air that left him feeling uncomfortable. Inside the large hangar was a squadron of Phantoms being maintained by the Brutes of his pack. Small tents of various shapes and sizes filled the hangar's open space. He had prefered to have his pack here than in the vessel's barracks. He passed by numerous other Brutes who stopped what they were doing to salute. He returned every one than entered one tent. Inside were two of his captians, Metellus and Macrius.

Metellus sat on a crate labelled UNSC Combat Boots. Obviously stolen during a raid, he sat with his Bruteshot laying on his lap as he sharpened the blade. Macrius lay on his back and slept, his fuel rod gun kept close by. When Triarius entered neither reacted, simply looked at him as he lay his gravity hammer on a table. "So what news is there Triarius?" Metellus said as he continued to sharpen his blade.

"We take arms against triators this day." Triarius growled, he didn't mind the two captians not showing him the respect normally demanded. These two were close friends of his with many battles together.

Metellus grinned than brought the blade forth, he grabbed a petrified Sangheili body beside him and took a light swing across the torso. The blade cut deep through the dead flesh leaving only a small portion of skin to connect the now two pieces of Sangheili. "I am filled with excitement." Metellus said through a cruel grin.

Triarius looked at his hammer, the symbol of his power and rank. "As am I brother, as am I."



Aboard the Retribution-class Battlecruiser ‘’Eye of the Beholder’’ in orbit around the USR colony Vespera.

Essu 'Arbod sat in the command chair of his battlecruiser the Eye of the Beholder,his golden armour glowing the the light of the cruisers bridge. He had been assigned to the Fleet of Divine Destiny, one of the many glorious fleets in the navy. The fleet was stationed around Vespera, awaiting their enemy in hiding. The Eye of the Beholder hid in a nearby asteroid field. He turned to his crew.

"Prepare all stations, keep us in the field until I command, prepare pulse lasers for firing on my mark." He said, his voice deep and demanding.

His crew responded back with a resounding "Yes Shipmaster!" they began to tap various glyphs, his weapons officer yelled back to him "Pulse lasers charged and ready to fire on command!"

Essu relaxed, he had to, his first major battle was to occur, and his mind had to be sharp.

Settlement,surface of Vespera.

Uasu marched down the main street of the small settlement. His legion, the T'sar, had been dropped off to fortify for a Covenant attack on the colony. His legion had began setting up barricades and fortifying buildings. As he strolled, his Carbine at ready and his blade primed, thirsting for the blood of his enemies. He saw a hint of purple on top of one of the roofs, it was his Lance's sniper, Orbe. Orbe was a crack shot, able to pierce the skull of a Brute from a mile away.

Uasu marched into the towns largest building, he had his command post set here. He observed the fleet, awaiting the Brutes. Behind him, another Sangheili approached. He observed the young commander, then placed his hand on his shoulder.

"How are preperations going, my son." it was the legions most revered warrior, a veteran of the Great War and helped lead the Sangheili to their freedom, Ushran 'Sojam, father of Uasu. His armour shined in the light, a brilliant gold, his helmet was adorned with various glyphs, however most notably were two spikes on the side, they were tinted red, a sign that the helmet was also a weapon of war.

"We have our snipers set up on top of and inside buildings watching for enemy incursions. Our warriors with heavy weapons, anti air and tanks, are well hidden to make sure they will not be targeted first. We blocked off all but the main road to trap them in a bottleneck. All civilians are evacuated as well, we sent them to the capitol." Uasu replied.

"Good, hit em from both sides with no way to outflank us" he began to walk away "just remember, do not underestimate these barbaric cowards." He dissapeared around the corner.

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Settlement,surface of Vespera.

"Field Master." A voice said, reverently from behind. Jente 'Trohim, former Ship Master, and temporary Spartan Trainer, materialized as he deactivated the Active Camoflauge. "I must ask this question, because I doubt anyone else will. Suppose they don't try to invade, merely glass the planet. I have known Brutes to do such perilous things as assign half their forces to scorch the earth. Our command would EASILY be offended, rush in impulsively. I have seen more of our brothers cut down by their own impulsiveness than killed doing their jobs."

'Trohim paused, blinking behind the visor over his eyes, then clicked his mandibles.

"I forget myself. Where would you like me posted?"

I is win! ~chimeraman2


19:30, August 29th, 2607
Flagship of the Fleet of Imperishable Remorse, Stationed in High Orbit over the USR-controlled planet of Vespera.

"Fleet Master, my ship is at full operational capacity. Awaiting orders when ready," the young Sangheilian shipmaster's voice resounded throughout the flagship's bridge, followed by another, and another. Despite slight disturbances and problems aboard some of the ships, most of 'Nerom's fleet was set for combat. Sitting, silently and resolute at his shipmaster's chair, 'Nerom thought, pondering already over possible strategies of ambush as artificial, blue-colored light glinted off of his golden combat harness, standard for Zealots such as he. Pressing a small button on the arm of his command chair, he was scanned and projected onto every ship's holo-tank in his fleet.

"Standard formation, ensure all plasma torpedo tubes are operational, and plasma reserves at their fullest. We shall make sure that none of these beasts, not even the Marauder, shall survive this foolish endeavour!"

'Nerom took his long, slender finger and released the button, cutting off the transmission to the rest of the fleet's shipmasters. Long speeches were never his suit, and he thought that short but motivating would spur those under his command much more effectively. Signaling to the two bodyguards on either side of his chair, each adorned with the white armour and luminescent orange decorations denoting their status as Lights of Sanghelios, Fleet Master 'Nerom dismissed them. He had trust in his crew, many of which had served with him in various lances, or that he had hand-picked amongst young war college graduates. Defeating the Jiralhanae was his only concern, and he would do so without the loss of any Sangheilian blood.
Respectfully, -- AR Contact Contributions


29th of August, 19:49, slipspace en-route to Rho-Sigma system, Vespera, Remnant Battlecruiser Defiant Rampage

Novus didn’t speek or look at any of the others. Not that he couldn’t, it was just that he decided to keep friendliness on the low. He knew now, that loosing friends only added to the pain. Many were going to die, and he knew it. But he had a score to settle. The Humans were one thing but the scum that betrayed the noble hierachs. They didn’t even deserve to be named. He was going to succeed. He would be certain of it.

He walked out of his tent where he strolled over to the armoury station with a confident air. He had to show strength, especially after his last battle. He picked up a Nailer Rifle, one of the only ones left. The Remnants couldn’t afford any new weapons, especailly from the PI anyway. He loaded the gun and waited while the amusing high pitched hum of the ignition core activated. The lights turned on, which glowed a violent orange. The blade was sharp and the gun was in perfect condition. He was ready for war.

And this time… he was going to win.

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29th of August, 19:54, eastern mountain chain, Vespera, Rho-Sigma System

Nvoro looked up towards the darknening sky. Soon, he knew the Remnant would come. Sweat tickled down, following his giant scar starting above his right eye, down the right side of his throat and neck, and ending at the middle of his right leg. The scar was a symbol of bravery, a symbol that proved that he was willing to sacrifice himself to save others.

If Nvoro knew how ironic the situation would become, he would have chosen the path he had originally wanted instead of the military...

Gog sat close to the fire along with the rest of his Lance, a small cliqué of Kig-Yar on a Sangheili-controlled planet. The Sangheili in the same Lance sat several meters away at their own fire, talking about how they would destroy the Remnant once and for all.

"Now we finally have them!" one of them said.
"Indeed", the second agreed.
"But I'm going to kill the most," the third arrogantly said to the other two while pointing his finger at himself.
"Don't be ridiculous," the first told him in a slightly angered voice.

As the Sangheili continued to bicker about who would kill the most, Gog picked up his now warm share of Mrak (an animal found on the Kig-Yar Union colony world Khaz'K) meat, and ripped off one fourth of the meat with his sharp teeth.

Gog didn't care about the Remnant. He saw them as the Sanheili's business. Like most Kig-Yar of the Kig-Yar Union, he cared the most about the traitorous Kig-Yar Pirates. But the Sangheili never allowed Union Warships to leave the Union's own systems, so the Pirates had been safe from the Union's anger for some time. But now, Gog thought, we may have a chance to kill some of them.

The Pirates had allied with the Remnant, and ironically, the Genesis Expeditionary Force (the unit of 1000 Kig-Yar stationed on Vespera) where on Vespera when news came of a Remnant attack. So maybe the Union could get to kill their share of traitors this time.

Gog felt better after thinking that, and continued to eat his meat before starting on a Spike Apple.

"Find the Kig-Yar inside yourself, let it guide you to the true path; and the true path is with the Union!"


(12th Age of Reclamation, USR No Remorse, Slipspace)

The USR No Remorse, one of the most advanced and infamous stealth corvettes, remain stable in the streams of slipspace. It has one of the most complex fire-control jamming systems that could disrupt UNSC Archer missiles targeting computers. It is, however, remains weaponless.

On the bridge, the holotank boots up, giving out a faint red light off its casing. Within all the wires, memory cases, and chips, it holds the neural network for Avatar Epiphany, dubbed the Heathen by Huragoks. Several monitor screens lighted up in a random order, flickering disrupted images. The middle screen, a wide monitor at about the equivalent size of a quarter of a cinema screen, flickered and emitted a pitching screech. Red text began to fade in on the screen, displaying command lines:

<\Accessing file path: [C:\]
<\Opening resources path:
>>Execute program…

Completing its programs, the monitor switched off. The usual crew entered the bridge: Huragoks and Grunts first. Its a new start. Its just the beginning. Little_Missy - Cortana Gif 13:31, 9 October 2008 (UTC)


Onboard USR Unbreakable, high orbit of Vespera

Jyrln Rydwenam sat in the command seat of USR Unbreakable. The Unbreakable, was a Redoubtable-class super-carrier, an immense warship in the USR fleet, the Fleet of hidden Shadows. Jyrln was proud to be serving with the fleet of hidden shadows, as it was commanded by none other than the previous arbiter, or the Imperator. A voice came from behind and he turned his head slightly.

"Shipmaster, all system are running and all weapons are ready"

"Good, when they arrive, let us show them what we're made of" replied Jyrln.

He turned his head back. This will be VERY interesting.

Onboard Covenant Remnant battlecruiser

Rugus sat in the hanger on the top of a wraith. He took out a carving rool, and began to drag it along the blade of his brute shot. He continued to sharpen it, and would move onto his spiker blade afterwards. He stood up and threw the carving tool as it snapped, and then sat down again. Why must everything be so difficult?.

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The Tearing Destiny floated in orbit of the world of Vesprea, while the crew made ready to fight, the crew glanced over tatical displays, and Jowh entered the bridge, and took sevaral sights in. The Shipmaster was not present, but every over bridge officer was, and Jowh moved over to the person nearest him.

"So, What's going on?"

"We made a trap for the brutes, so..." The Bridge officer replied, before Jowh cut her off.

"Ah. I understand." Jowh moved away, before activating the com link to the ship master and spoke to him "You are needed on the bridge, sir."

"All Right. I'll be there."

Love is Noise Love is PainLove is these blues 16:39, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

Ambush at VesperaEdit

29th of August, 20:11, Rho-Sigma system, Vespera, Remnant warship Rabid Beast

The Marauder smiled, his yellowing teeth forming a shark like smile.

"The Oracle was right, thier defences are wide open!" His lieutenant laughed

"Excellent, all ships full forward!" He roared "Time to feast on the tender flesh of the Heretic's children!"

The 400 plus fleet surged forward to the green glowing orb en mass, immediately going into a orbital positon and deploying waves of Phantoms into the atmosphere. They soon began to descend onto the world, with them either rushing to set up base camps in the clearings or heading to settlements, immediately aiming to drop straight on top of them, however, Legions of Sangheili soldiers lay in waiting, with tanks waiting, Goblin, Tenma and Wraith AAA vehicles waiting for the Phantoms. The warships silently surrounding the Brute fleets waited for them to get to their most vulnerable before pouncing on the word of their fleet mistress.

29th of August, 20:14, slipspace en-route to Rho-Sigma system, Vespera, USR Sangheilios-class Dreadnaught Ancient Curse

The Imperator sat at his command chair, silently observing the holographic display with his amber coloured eyes. His crew were at ease, calmed by his own clam demeanor and strong presence.

"Bridge Master, status report." He asked in a loud and commanding voice

"Sorry Imperator, it will be another hour before we can arrive." He said, dissapointed

"That will be fine." He said, clenching his jaws

That hour would allow the battle to start then settle in pace, a pace the Fleet of Hidden Shadows would upset, throwing the Brute fleet off balance. It would allow the Special Warfare Group to go in, fighting as shock troopers. Kasr would find that most favourable for his forces.

(angel54 will start off the battle, as she controls the commander for forces at Vespera, so next posty is reserved for her, any body else posts and I'm gonna turn your liver into stir fry)

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax)


Onboard USR Merciless Fate, Rho-Sigma System, space around Vespera.

Ang was in front of the Imperator's hologram.

"Are you sure that you will come?" Ang asked.

"Of course," the Imperator laughed, "in fact, I'll be here in one hour!"

"But it could be risky, after all, we're dealing with the Marauder here."

"Ang, you should just worry about yourself for the moment, which reminds me, when are you going to engage the filths?"

"In three minutes," Ang replied and bowed, "if you so wish."

"I do" the Imperator replied. "Prepare yourself Ang, and make your name worth your title."

"It shall be done, my lord."

The hologram of the Imperator disappeared in an instant. Ang rised to her feet and sat down in her command chair, which then elevated up above the large TACMAP in front of her. She turned to her sensors officer, N'geo 'Jgaeru.

"How long until the Jiralhanae filths are in position?"

"30 seconds, counting down now and ordering all ships and groundside units to prepare for the signal, Mistress!" the officer replied.

Ang temporarily pasued. Then counted down, and on 5, she counted down loud:


Her command echoed through the COMs on all Sangheili ships and units in the Rho-Sigma System. Around 400 ships and 10.000 ground troops emerged from their hiding places and engaged their enemy. Plasma Lances, Energy Projectors and Pulse Lasers streaked their lights through space and impacted on the Jiralhanae ships, several losing their shields and some being destroyed.

(And with that, the Battle has begun :), everyone else may post)

Angel54 14:12, 13 October 2008 (UTC)


20:15, August 29th, 2607 Flagship of the Fleet of Imperishable Remorse, High Orbit over USR-Controlled Planet Vespera

Far from even a mere unit into battle, the space over Vespera was filled with combat. Mistress 'Elhi had ordered their ambush, and as it was, the Marauder was putting up a significant retaliation.

"Shipmaster, shields at 65%, and decreasing" one of the Elites in his command informed, and 'Nerom thought a moment before responding.

"Engage evasive maneuvers. Get in above the assaulting ship" he ordered, and as the Super Cruiser entered above the Jiralhanean ship, 'Nerom ordered for a direct energy projector shot.

The beam charged, before bursting forward in a lance of blinding light, breaking through the Brute ship's shields and hull like a hot knife through butter. Even so, with the enemy ship crippled, 'Nerom went on to order a volley of plasma torpedoes.

"Let no mongrel survive!" the Fleet Master ordered to his fleet, and he saw with satisfaction as Brute ships were burned, crushed, and torn apart by his ships' weaponry.

Respectfully, -- AR Contact Contributions


USR Eye of the Beholder,in orbit above Verspera. "5...4...3...2...1...ENGAGE!", Mistress Ang 'Elhi,Grand Marshal of the Sangheili Navy had ordered their ambush. Essu had his crew target one of the Brutes battleships, his crew was ready for the battle. "Shipmaster,Pulse Lasers charged and ready to fire!" one of his crewman announced, Essu observed the Brute fleet attempt to charge their weapons against the ambush. "Fire at will, let no mongrel escape our wrath!" Three of the ships six lasers fired, one following seconds after the other. They glided through the black depths of space and the first made contact, the heat of the laser washed over the shields, the second hit and the shields flared and dissipated, the last laser cut through the ships bridge. Small explosions began to rattle the Brute ship, then it vanished in a brilliant explosion. The crew let out a mighty roar. Essu observed the battle, another announcement came. "Shipmaster we have torpedoes heading our way!" Essu,alarmed by this, turned to the crewmen "Begin evasive maneuvers, be careful not to hit our own ships!"

Surface of Vespera,Sangheili colony town. Uasu ducked underneath a pile of rubble, the Sangheili had launched their ambush on the Brutes but they were well armed. A convoy of Crushers had rolled in and dropped the Brutes off, thats when his brothers with anti tank weapons emerged and decimated the transports. However, the Brutes had awaited this and a flight of Gougers dropped their plasma charges, killing many Sangheili. Uasu turned to his own anti vehicle specialist, Eysu 'Eojus. He pointed in the direction of a small Brute pack approaching their position. He held three fingers, and lowered his fist. Eysu nodded, and raised his fuel rod. He waited three seconds, and fired three rounds at the Brutes. It struck the group, and they fell with charred bodies. "This street is secure, our brothers in the northern section of the city are having a hard time. We have to get there and help as best we can!" The lance rose and ran cautiously down the narrow road,always observing. A lone Brute,a Captain Ultra, emerged from a building, scarred and wounded. He turned to see the lance approaching him and raised his Brute Shot. The lance scattered, as he taunted them.. "You cowardly Sangheili! Fight me one on on..." A beam had pierced his helmet and emerged from the back. The Brute stood there,seemingly in shock, however it crumpled and fell. Uasu looked up to see Orbe with his rifle raised. He looked down the road and saw another pack, Orbe dropped them like flies. Ckpe looked up. "Looks like we owe you again Orbe!" The sniper simply looked down, and with a keen smile he nodded as he ran on the roofs, with the rest of his lance on the street.

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A noteEdit

Something i priorly forgot to mention. USR ships are equipped with 'Plasma Lances' in lieu of 'Plasma Torpedeos'. Plasma Lances are essentially Cortana's plasma scalpel from First Strike, a beam weapon between the pulse laser and energy projector in strength. Brute ships still have old plasma torpedeos, which are largely ineffective due to Sangheili counter guidance systems on all vessels. You may continue dispensing justice and vengenace to those hairy mongrels. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax

I know,I'm Using lances, the torpedoes are Brutes heading for the EotB

Tiwaz rune
Spartan 112The Chosen, The Fated, The Enforcer, The Marine, The Officer, The Baron, The Mercenary, The Hero, The Warrior, The Champion:
Eastern Standard Time



Triarius already knew, the Phantom vibrated and shook, the loud eletrical booms of plasma AA echoed outside. "Metellus, Macrius what is the status of the other Phantoms?" He said loudly over the explosions.

"All ships intact Chieftan, ten units till drop!"

"Not so, we've just lost a Phantom, the other six are fine!" Metellus barked, the watched from a small screen as the Phantom had taken a series of direct hits than tumbled to the earth in a ball of fire.

Triarius held his gravity hammer with firm paws, "Pilot! Make haste!" Triarius felt a blast wave shake the Phantom, the twelve others dropped weapons and equipment but Triarius stood strong.

"Another Phantom is down!" Metellus roared in range, he watched as one of his pack brothers fell from the burning wreck, his fur engulfed in flames.

"Anti-Aircraft fire is thickening!" The pilot yelled, he pulled the controls forward and back, left and right to avoid the incoming fire. "Where are my escorts!"

Triarius wondered the same thing, he had ordered a squadron of Banshee's to cover their approach, they seemed to be nowhere in sight. "By the prophets! Chieftan another has been lost!"

"BRUTUS PACK! Stand Firm!" Triarius yelled, with only four Phantoms left he had lost a considerably large portion of his pack. The Phantoms came to a gliding stop and the bay doors opened, immediately the pack jumped and ran with weapons at the ready. Streams of plasma boiled past them, as they made for cover. Triarius watched as Macrius hefted the large Feul Rod gun on his shoulders and fired the entire clip. Six bright green orbs of destructions plummeted through defensive positions and burned away Sangheili flesh. "Hold this landing!" Triarius barked and fired a pummeler into the head of a Sangheili minor. He looked at the area, they had landed on a patch of green land, with a forested area in front of them, behind that silhouettes of Sangheili skyscrapers fortold the location of a city.

The Jiralhanae pushed forward, spike grenades were lobbed to deadly effect. Sangheili plasma cannons kepts the advancement to a crawling pace. Triarius watched for a moment, he roared and charged forward with his gravity hammer at hand. "BROTHERS FORWARD!" He sprinted towards the dense brush of the forested area, a Sangheili swerved his plasma cannon to face the Chieftan and fired. The stream of plasma bounced off from Triarius shield, he closed the distance between them and with a mighty swing crushed the gunner to a purple gore.

Metellus was right beside him, with a leap the Jiralhanae made it over the brush into the defensive position of the Sangheili. He fired two grenades that dismembered three Sangheili as they readied plasma swords than with a powerful lunge Metellus thrusted the blade into torse of a Major killing him instantly. Pushing the corpes from the blade Metellus howled and fired more of his explosives to the line of Sangheili as others from the pack joined the fighting.

Macrius lifted a Sangheili with both hands and tossed him like a ragdoll. The red clad Sangheili rolled and felt its arm break from the landing, slowly it tried to push itself up before having a spike grenade lodged in its throat, with another throw Macrius watched the Sangheili land near two comrades from the second toss. The grenade detonated killing all three.

Soon the battle was done, the Jiralhanae gathered round as Triarius prayed to their gods for the death of their brothers, than like beasts they tore and ravaged the bodies of the Sangheili before moving on towards the city. Triarius, Metellus, and Macrius walked side by side. "Chieftan, they were prepared." Macrius said.

"They knew of our coming, an ambush." Metellus added.

"Let us pray that we were unfortunate and that the rest of the force does not meet a similiar greeting." Triarius said and gripped the hammer even harder.



Felip N'Yar watched for his chance. Right before the ambush,he sent the Pirating Fleet of Greatness unknowingly to its doom. As soon as the Sangheili attacked,it was practically destroyed. The few pirates left used their unique and strange tactics to confuse the USR ships,even destroying 17,but they were eventually overwhelmed. The survivors fled,but Felip N'Yar had the urge to stay. He was just waiting for chance to pounce. He sat in the captains seat and peered at the holo-panel. A single USR ship was heading towards his ship. Its weapons were not charging,but Felip N'Yar wanted it to burn. He ordered his 1st mate,Hon,to charge all weapons and then Felip N'Yar took the controls and fired the Energy Projector. The other Kig-Yar watched as the ships energy shielding collapsed and the ship was left in a ghastly corpse-like state. A few turrets began to fire back,but they did little damage to the Vengeful Ones shielding. Felip N'Yar fired a volley of plasma torpedos,and the ship was no more. Another USR ship rapidly increased speed toward the Vengeful One. It fired a plasma lance,and it took out the Vengeful One's shielding. Felip N'Yar fired the plasma torpedos until they overheated,and then advanced toward the ship and prepared to board. Felip N'Yar ran through the hatch as fast as possible,slashing away with his Energy Sword. He caught 3 Minor Domos by suprise,and diced ones face off,before pulling out an Energy Cutlass and impaling another. It exploded,sending shrapnel in to the final Minor Domo,killing him.I am Truth,the voice of the Bananapeople!!! Agh ubla (death)


Jowh braced as the phantom he was in, heading for the surface to counter the brutes, took some hits from the single fighters, but the phantom carried on down to the surface, and Jowh looked at the rest of the squad. They all started to load their Carbines, all with the look of combat on their faces, and Jowh smiled slightly.

"Brothers, Down there is where we spill the brutes blood! We will show them how to truely fight! We will show them what it means by a Whitewash!"

The Elites all growled in agreement, and Jowh activated his Sword. This would be a fight to remember.

Aboard Tearing Destiny The Shipmaster growled slightly, the battle was going in their favour, but for how long?

"Fire Turret 2 and Launch Fighters!"

"Aye Sir, Plasma Lance away, Single Ships away"

"What is are postion?"

The Nav Officer spoke up. "100,000 Kilometers away from Vespera, sir."

"Bring us about so we take a postion behind the fleet."


The Shipmaster watched as the Plasma Lance tore through a Phantom, but not an actual ship, but it was enough just to see the Brutes fly around in space, and the Single fighters started to engage the phantoms, and the com cackled.

"Sir,Our Phantom has arrived at the ground, Jowh is now in charge of the squad that was sent down."

Shipmaster turned to the weapons, and said "Fire Plasma turrets 1,2 and 4."

"Aye Sir, Charging."

The Nav officer shouted "We've arrived sir! Right behind the Fleet."

"Ready to fire Sir!"

"Do it."

The Turrets fired, all focusing on one ship to destroy it, and watched as a lance tore through the midsection of a ship, while one missed and burnt the hull on another, and the 3rd lance struck it on the starboard side, causing the brute ship to spin and collide into another one.

Love is Noise Love is PainLove is these blues 06:14, 14 October 2008 (UTC)


Jente 'Trohim stepped out of the shadowy interior of one building, his olive green armor spattered with blood, both that of the Brutes, and that of brothers he had tried, and failed, to save. As he stepped out a brute pack emerged from hiding, firing at him. With a roar of hate, rage, and, yes, pain, he holstered his carbine, slinging it across his back. Crouching low, he activated an energy sword in his left hand. Leaping forward, a single spike pierced his armor and lodged in his left thigh. Activating the Hippogriff on his back and the energy sword in his right arm, he ripped into the pack, killing all but the Captain in a mere three slashes.

The Captain, overwhelmed by the waves of emotion, froze. The Captain felt an emotion he'd never felt before: fear. The Elite walking toward him was imposing on his own, but with spikes sticking out of him, and an obvious unwillingness to die, the Captain could not help but feel fear. As he struggled with this foreign emotion, he flashes back to the day he gained the suffix that denoted his maturity, when he killed his first Sangheili, and then felt nothing as he was decapitated by 'Trohim's blade.

'Trohim paused, bending his knee slightly as he tested his weight. He sighed and activated his active camouflage, fading from view as his Energy Swords were deactivated, sheathed, and his Carbine extracted from its place on his back. He did what he could to extract the spikes from his armor, and stopped the bleeding in his leg, then moved on. He had to keep fighting. This was his first action in an eternity, and the only thing that would stop him was death itself.


((12th Age of Reclamation, USR No Remorse, Slipspace-Vespera)

"What is our status?" asked the Sangheili Major Domo, Iri 'Areno. The posture of the Sangheili was admired by the Unggoys around him, a warrior and protector. The ornate dark red armour displayed many battle scars, no doubt that this warrior has endured many battles, possibly even the Human-Covenant War. "Our Grand Marshal has launched the initial attack on the Brutes," informed his associates, two Minor Domos. The Major gave out a sight. Females as our leader. Such honour should never be given to that wrench. The way of the Sangheili's has fallen to crumble... he said in his thoughts.

The Sangheilis walked towards the bridge, passing by several chambers. Grunts around them quickly stood up and bowed down, showing their respect.

Unggoys have been slaves and cannon fodders of the Old Covenant. They were given labour work, treated more as a prisoner than a believer. However, after the Great War, the Unggoys gave their thanks to the Sangheilis for giving them the freedom they have been longing for. In return, several Unggoys volunteered in assisting the great Sangheilis. Pra Yap for one has been with the Major since the downfall of the Old Covenant. The Unggoy has stood by the Sangheili's side since the day they were paired up.

The massive doors of the Bridge slowly opened, Huragoks entered and exited with their curiosity over the consoles. "Epiphany, rise!" ordered Iri as he stood near the holo projector. Static filled the chamber, lights flickering on and off. Covenant AIs. Menace yet helpful. Iri in his thoughts. Slowly, an image of a Forerunner Symbol forms from the particles of the holo-projector.

"You asked for me?" it asked. The Symbol changes its forms everytime the AI talks. It was unknown why it chose the ancient symbol as its avatar. Covenant Technology has always been more of replication than innovation. No one understood except for the Huragoks, of course.

"The Grand Marshal has asked for your expertise once again. A Forerunner Construct, somewhere near Vespera. What do you know of this?" asked Iri as he crossed his arms. The Unggoys around him watched in awe. Never before has anyone confront the AI.

Epiphany answered: "Retaliation... They've returned..."

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif 21:29, 14 October 2008 (UTC)


(12 age of Reclamation, USR ship The Transcendent Light, Vespera)

"I grow tired of this space battle" said Supreme Commander, Eaite 'Oodatee. He was lounging in his command chair. "Whats wrong Commander" said Alch 'Aedalee. "I am tired this is to easy the Brute Welps are not even providing an entirtaining fight" said Eaite. "You should consider yourself lucky Eaite, that we are winning" said Iso 'Vadun, Eaites close friend. "I could win this battle by myself you know that Iso" said Eaite. "Maybe but still i want us to crush the Remnants now so we do not have to shed anymore blood" said Iso. Eaite had got out of his command chair and walked toward his Console and turned around toward Iso and Alch and said "Iso prepare your warriors to deploy on the ground". "Yes Eaite" Said Iso in a respecptable manner. "And i will be escourting you" said Eaite. "What Eaite" said Iso. "Do not worry i will be escourted by Alch and the E'Sco Legion" said Eaite. "I beg that you reconsider commander" said Iso. "Don't Worry Iso, i'll be fine" said Eaite. "As you wish Eaite" said Iso in a slightly worried manner. Iso, Eaite, and Alch had gone to to gather up the warriors and prepare them for the battle below. Eaite'Oodat 22:43, 14 October 2008 (UTC)


Isa Sccuakokee looked at is Carbine. He entered in a insertion pod. Has a experienced specops he was able to wear 3 weapons so he choose a energy sword a modular cardine and a fuel rod cannon. On the groud, Legions of elites warrior were fighthing brutes pack It wasnt his fist battle against the brute. The pod touched the ground hundreds of corps surrounded Isa's pod. a elite dropship passed over his head dispatching some ally a head Isa saw a large battle between brutes end elites. It was time for a fight... CF001 21:18, 15 October 2008 (UTC)


The USR Avenger arrived at Vespera amid a chaotic space battle. Appearing just 200 meters from a USR frigate, the Avenger quickly began moving to attack. It sent out a radiation-pulse, a pulse of energy so powerful it blinded the sensor of all ships withing a 15 million kilometer radius for a mere 7.8 seconds. It was all the time the Avenger needed. it activated it's powerful stealth generator, and was gone.

Several seconds later, after the battle had resumed, a Brute cruiser was suddenly split in half by three plasma lances, right after it had released a squadron of fighters and it's shields were down.

A few minutes later, another Brute ship was gutted, firely tendrils of plasma erupting outwards from a fractured plasma core.

A few seconds later, the still stealthed Avenger relaesed five stealthed dropships, each loaded with 20 Sangheili warriors. A few minutes later another ship lost it's midsection after lowering it's shields to fire it's weapons.

And then the killer was gone again.

Arby7290 16:17, 18 October 2008 (UTC)


Novus braced himself securely with both weapons attatched to his armour. The Phantom swirled side to side and shockwaves rippled through the graoning frame work of the Phantom Dropship. He risked a glance out of the cargo hold but was merely rewarded with a blinding blue explosion of an ally’s banshee. He was by far the lowest ranked Brute there, with the pack chieftain, three body guards and two ultras standing firm too.

The dropship shook violently and the wind didn’t help the already satanic turbulance. Novus didn’t show his fear. He felt hopeless up here in a cargo hold with one of the most important chieftains in this campaign. The other banshee blew up and flying shrapnel pinged and scrapped across the hull of the craft, with a blazing rouge piece of metal slicing into the chest of an Ultra. The Brute siezed his upper body and tumbled like a rag doll out of the dropship.

Everyone else looked concentrated and confident like nothing happened. However it wasn’t hard to know that each one of them were burning with anger inside. The ride was getting rougher and the dropship was coming under increasingly pressurised fire from Sangheili anti-air emplacements. Then it all went bad. A bolt of plasma hit the side of the dropship, instantly killing the engine and the other ultra. One bodyguard roared as he was thrown to the side in pain and Novus curled in on himself from the heat too.

He held on for dear life and cloed his eyes from the wizzing world around him, which turned at excellerting speeds. He heard the rippling groan of the hull and the blazing rush of the on-fire dropship. He was being pulled sideways by the G-force and couldn’t hold on for any longer. He lost his grip with one hand and for a split second saw both; the remaining bodyguard and the cheiftain fly out of the dropship. He knew he was going to crash. He therefore knew that he would die.

He closed his eyes and thought. It was all going to happen again and there was going to be was pain. And suffering. And loss. He was just going to have to survive.

So he let go…

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Moravauntus watched with a pleased grin as his dropships lowered onto the planet. He had been distraught when he was first told that Vespera was lightly defended. He thirsted for the blood of the traitors that had brought the end to his hopes of deliverance, and devoted his life to avenging them. Though the Prophets still preached of the Great Journey, he knew it was all a lie. The breaking of the Covenant spelled doom, and any right-minded Jiralhanae would see it. Unfortunately, he was aware that his species was not fully sane, to say the least of the matter.

His cousin had been present at the disastrous assault on Kanna, and he was informed that his cousin had been killed in a humiliating manner by a human soldier there, whose alias was whispered among the lowest castes.

The Demons had bared offspring...

Shamed by his cousin's death and stricken with grief, the then-Fleet Master had handed in his letter of resignation. The Hierarchs handed it back, and demoted him to pack leader for his lack of faith. He was then sent to fight in the newest offensive, leading a group of raw recruits. He was dismissed with the warning that he must either come back a war hero, or in a box.

Now all he knew was hate. Hate of the Sangheili for destroying their one chance at salvation, along with the rest of the Covenant's. Hate of the Humans, for their role in his name's shaming. Hate for the Prophets, and their denying of his attempt to wallow in self-pity. He now was assured he would fight until the day he died, and he put that hate to good use: a motivational tool.

His group was fanatic in the eyes of most, though the more liberal groups were known to call them "completely and undoubtedly insane". He smirked at that remark often. Only the most radical tactics would win the day against the Sangheili. They knew every trick in the book. To counter them, one had to think beyond the boundaries of that book.

The Chieftain caught himself in deep thought, and pulled out as his ship approached the group. The soil was already scorched from the plasma fire, as legions of Sangheili and Jiralhanae fought for dominance as far as the eye could see.

"Charge, my brothers!" Moravauntus yelled over his comlink. "We shall crush them under the hammer of faith!"

As they charge out onto the field, Moravauntus shared a quiet thought with himself.

Faith in a godless world

MasterGreen999 23:41, 16 October 2008 (UTC)


23:44, August 29th, 2607
Flagship of the Fleet of Imperishable Remorse, High Orbit over USR-planet Vespera

"Brute ships, sir, all sides" the video monitor informed, and as it seemed, they were closing in rapidly. Although they were all outdated ships from the Old Covenant, they surely enough had managed to isolate Fleet Master 'Nerom's Super Carrier from the rest of the Fleet.

"Charge Energy Projectors, and fire plasma lances and pulse turrets. Once plasma reserves are low, switch primarily to pulse lasers," 'Nerom ordered, and a firm "Yes, Shipmaster" greeted him.

The energy projectors speared through two of the Brute ships with ease, cutting through shields and hull until gaping holes were left in them. Plasma arced and cascaded across the whole view of space, and pulse lasers flitted across here and there. Seraphs, Ophans, Cherubs, thousands upon thousands of starfighters were engaging eachother while their respective carriers were either destroyed or crippled.

The orbit above Vespera was as a garden, filled with flowering pillars of flame and plasma, and the bloodied, charred, or otherwise lascerated corpses of both Jiralhanae and Sangheili drifted through space as fighters zoomed by firing their weapons.

Just then, the ship shook, two, three, four times, and 'Nerom's command chair took several moments to re-stabilize its gravitational field. "What happened just now?" he inquired, and one of the Elites monitoring the ship's status replied sternly, "Multiple energy projector hits. Rear shielding at 0%, hull is heavily damaged."

"Multiple boarding craft approaching rear hull breach..." the video monitoring Sangheili stated, and Fleet Master 'Nerom quickly jumped out of his chair, before walking toward the corridor that led to the shipboard armory. "Sir?" one of the Elites asked, "Stay within the fight. Burn the mongrels" 'Nerom answered, before walking down the corridor to meet the Brutes.
Respectfully, -- AR Contact Contributions


Triarius folded his arms across his chest, his eyes furrowed in thought. "Metellus, how is the pack?"

Metellus knelt down next to him, not in respect or honor but to simply rest. He was tired of marching, he could have gone longer if he knew there were Sangheili blood to be shed nearby but the march through the dense forest had been uneventful and dull. "We are half our original number, but they are in good spirits."

"Macrius, the supplies?"

"Every one of them holds extra munitions and grenades, taken from fallen brothers." Macrius said shifting the weight of his fuel rod gun.

Triarius opened his eyes, "Our fallen brothers would have been angered if we had not taken their supplies." he said to reassure himself. "Keep moving forward I want to be at the city outskirts by nightfall." Right as Triarius finished his sentence he felt the wind get knocked out of him. He had barely seen the bright colored particle beam hit his chest, luckily his shields still held and he was uninjured. A pack brother roared and fired in the general direction with a spiker as plasma fire came towards them.

Macrius fired his fuel rod gun and forever silenced the sources of some of the incoming fire. Metellus followed suit with his brute shot. "These traitors can only face us with ambushes!" Metellus yelled as he charged forward, his matted hair, bulky armor made for a fearsome sight. He passed his minors and began to narrow the distance between him and the Sangheili. He stopped, fired the rest of his brute shot, threw a spike grenade then continued forward. By than the rest of the pack was at his side. Like savages the Jiralhanae fought against the Sangheili, few fell but they pushed forward.

Triarius came forward as well, swung at the chest of a red clad Sangheili and made contact. The shielding smashed and the armor cracked and turned into dust, the ribcage and organs were turned into paste as the limp body flew and slammed into a tree trunk. Another swing blew away two minor domos, one more heavy swing hit a minor domo in the chest and tossed the body upward. Triarius smirked cruelly as he watched the body fly high into the air over the tree tops and fall somewhere in the distance.

Within three minutes the battle was done, four more pack brothers dead, sixteen Sangheili corpses were the trade off. His pack had restrained five other Sangheilis during the battle, they were bond and tied, knelt in a line in front of Triarius. Triarius walked in front of them, his pummeler in hand, "I am sure the Gods will show mercy on your pathetic souls if you cooperate." He paced by them again, "How many ambush positions lay between here and the city, what is the number of your forces?" Triarius asked calmly. No reply of course. He waited, still nothing. Going to the left most Sangheili Triarius fired the pummeler four times, each round hit a limb and dismembered the minor domo who screamed in pain as it watched its limbs lying motionlessly on the ground. "Let the pack feast on him now." With laughter two Jiralhanae lifted the screaming torse and carried it away.

"Shall you all save your breath?" Triarius asked. Still not one spoke or looked away. "Metellus, do as you like with them." Triarius said than walked away as a grinning Metellus walked forth weilding the brute shot blade. As Triarius walked away he could hear the screams.



In orbit around the USR Colony Vespera.

"Torpedo evaded sir" A Major at the command spoke to Essu. A Brute ship had fired a Plasma Torpedo earlier, however thanks in part to a swift maneuver and their anti-torpedo guidance systems,they evaded it as it flew off into space. Essu tracked the from where the torpedo was fired from, an old CCS Battlecruiser, it charged for another firing."Our are weapons charged?" Essu spoke, he had brewed a plan. "Yes Shipmaster, all Plasma Lances charged and ready to fire." Essu nodded and grinned "Good,get a firing solution, as soon as the mongrel's ship prepares to fire, hit it with two lances."The officer began to push a series of glyphs "All ready Shipmaster" another officer spoke "Shipmaster we have two frigates off our port and gaining, they are waiting for us to fire."

Essu turned back to his weapons officer "Burn them with Lances as well." Outside the battle was intensifying, the Sangheili fleet was pushing the Brutes back, they had no where to run. The Eye of the Beholders sides glew with energy. "Shipmaster, Lances charged and ready to fire." Essu began to scroll through his data pad near his command chair. He pinged the Cruiser that was soon to be destroyed, he had sent them a message. "Fire when ready." The CCS cruiser lowered their shields and fired two torpedoes at the Beholder,itself responding with two Plasma Lances. The frigates found their chance, they prepared to fire however the other two Lances had already struck. The energy cut through the shields with ease and into the hulls. They arced up right through the ship as the two frigates split in half, and exploded in a plasma fireball.

On the surface of Vespera.

The T'sar Legion was winning the battle. However during the initial assault two small packs, around thirty Brutes, had rushed the town hall where the command center was. Ushran had the building barricaded however the brutes had slowly destroyed it. "Stand your ground my brothers." he said with calm. He reached around and pulled his prized weapon, his Energy Scythe. He placed it at his side with one hand and his other near an plasma grenade. He could hear the Brutes pushing through.

Finally, a hole appeared and the brutes began to fire inside. Spikes flaying and explosions scattered inside. While his men took cover, Ushran stood, seemingly praying as the Brutes broke in. They scattered inside,taking cover from the Sangheili defense. Ushran activated his scythe and threw his grenade. It stuck a Captain in the helmet and detonated, the barbarians body split into many limbs.

Ushran rushed forward with reckless zeal as he sliced through the Brutes, his scythe cleaving their limbs from their bodies. He kicked and slashed the head off a minor and kicked him to the floor. He saw their commander, a Chieftain order them to fall back. Ushran wasn't going to let him escape. He surged through his bodyguards as the Chieftain saw him, but he could not raise his hammer in time. Usrhan dismembered the chieftains arms, leaving him defenseless, another slash forced the young chieftain to cry in pain.

Ushran grabbed the Chieftain by the neck and ripped his helmet off, an attempt to kick resulted in his leg being smashed in. Ushran sneered beneath his Ascetic Helmet, as he tilted his head back and slammed it into the Brutes head, the spikes piercing his eyes and into his skull. He dropped the brute as he began to walk back. He finally noticed that his foot had been broken "No matter, that is something that can be healed." he looked back and saw the Chieftain, he suddenly felt a sense of pity for the creature.

On the surface of Vespera.

As the Lance of Divine Retribution surged through the city they had killed many Brutes, however the deeper north they went the more corpses of their brothers they saw. Uasu himself had lost one of his prosthetic mandibles and Eysu had lost a few fingers from a stray Spike Grenade. They persisted however, knowing that the battle was nearly over.

As they continued another lance emerged. Four minors, a Major and a Zealot appeared, their armor bloody from slain foes. "My brothers" Uasu called to them "how is your situation!" The zealot turned and deactivated his wrist mounted blade. "We are fine, however we lost three brothers in a battle, how are you?" the Zealot replied, Uasu couldn't help but notice his hands were stained purple, the color of the Sangheili blood. He then noticed that their lance had a medic, most likely they attempted to save their fellow Sangheili.

"Other than a few minor wounds we are fine." he slung his carbine to his shoulder "We are heading to the north of the city, that section has been mostly conquered. Will you join us Zealot?" He asked, as he noticed a blur, he dare not speak it though as it was his brother, whom was an intelligence agent. "Aye, we will my brother." he turned to his lance "follow him to the northern section of the city" he turned back to Uasu "Unfortunately the Ascetic requires my aid, I give you command of my file until I return." And with that he ran off.

"Ok brothers, the northern section of the city is brute controlled, however our forces are attempting to retake it." he indicated where they would be heading on their HUD maps. "We will flank around the main defenses and secure the west, then push into the center. From there we will link up with the others and drive these savages from this city." He raised his fist, the other Sangheili did as well, as they let out a loud roar.

Tiwaz rune
Spartan 112The Chosen, The Fated, The Enforcer, The Marine, The Officer, The Baron, The Mercenary, The Hero, The Warrior, The Champion:
Eastern Standard Time


Novus’s body tumbled through the sky with the whistling blow of the air rushing past his body. He didn’t know whether he was going up or down, or how high he was. He tried to gain control of his flaying body. His vision was a blur and a mix of blues and greens filled his eyes. Bright flashes joined the fray too and added to the sickness. He had no idea where he was falling. He had no idea where his packmates were. He had no idea when this would sto…

Splash. The freezing cold grip tightened around him. He fell unconcious.

Twenty minutes later…

Ogonah Sanu Henak walked pacefully along the forest floor. With his senses sharp and his shield and assault cannon ready he walked towards the edge of the forest. His brother was paired along side him, five metres away. They didn’t communicate nor did they look at each other. They were patrolling the area after reports showed that an upcomming dropship had been shot down. The Elites had told the two to go and search the coastline incase any passengers had survived. What a waste of their time, he thought. Use two perfectly strong Hunters to find a few survivors. The USR had seriously underestimated them.

The jungle became less dense and both of them walked into a small circular patch of open canopy. There were no shrubs or bushes in this circular area, just moss and weeds. They both stopped as they heard a rustle infront of them. They raised their shields and cannons, but didn’t fire. Then in the corner of Ogonah’s eye, he saw a small rock fly over his brother’s head. It pinged off a tree behind his pairmate and hit him in the back of the head. His brother turned to see what had hit him, but before Ogonah could tell him that it had come from the opposite direction, a Spike Grenade flew out of the bush, they were aiming at, and implanted into the soft back of his brother.

His pairmate gave a suprising grunt as he turned, but before he acknowledged that there was a live grenade on his back, he was engulfed in spikes and flame from inside and out. He died instantly. His colonial worms flew into the air and remnants of his inards splattered everywhere, including all over Ogonah’s armour. Ogonah’s pairmate crumpled to the floor, his armour dismantled with dying worms and oozing orange blood spreading into a puddle beneath him.

Ogonah turned to the direction of the thrower and fired his cannon. A lance of bright green plasma burned through the bush and hit the ground behind it. The surrounding area was scortched with a matte carbonated circle in the centre. Ogonah could have mistaken that patch for the ashes of the enemy, if it wasn’t for the dozen super heated spikes, which ripped up his arm and head. His armour withstood the damage but the heat caused him to anger. He tuned to the right, where the pyronic rounds had come from, and fired again but this time the same dark patch of steaming carbon was left.

He was then shot in the back but turned before any rounds hit his soft spot. He was being flanked by a whole pack of brutes. Probably stalkers but he didn’t know from his position. He had may as well have been blind. He fired again at the spot and then swivled on one foot, with his cannon still firing, in one complete circle. Burnt and scoldered bushes, shrubs and tree roots, steamed and let off a distorting heat wave around him. A big black boiling circle trapped him into his own tragedy. He tuned around again scanning the area slowly for any movement. He thought he heard a rustle and so he quickly snapped to the direction of the sound: the way he’d came.

Then he saw a bird fly out of the tree above that position. Harmless, but he had to be sure. Then before he even realised that something had rushed behind him, two cold slashes of a metalic blade swiped across the soft spot on his back. He felt the worms retreat slightly to the front of his body as some of them seeped out of the laserated wound. But before he could turn to face the threat, he was impailed in the middle of the two cuts. He felt the metal blade enter through his middle body and then a hot melting feeling entered too. He cried in pain when the heat rose to an inbarable level, within the second, as his front exploded violently with worms; flouressant orange gew; and superheated metal shards, errupting outwards.

His body splattered all over the floor and he felt hollow and numb inside. He couldn’t think. He fell to his knees in pain. Then the blade exited his back, which was the only thing supporting him. He crumpled too, under the lack of his colonial worms, and fell onto his back, torn away from his lower body. He turned cold and let out a wining groan of fear and pain. He could feel himslef oozing everywhere, becoming less and less full.

The world above him started to enclose on him. He struggled to keep the darkness entering his empty soul. Then a blue clad figure rose tall over him. He could just make out the wet fur and the teasing smile on its face. The last thing he saw was his enemy’s gun barrel. And the last thing that went through his mind was a superheated spike…

Novus stood their looking down at his kill. Unable to carry on standing after the enduring encounter, he collapsed to his knees too and then sat down. He put his gun to one side and looked at the stained floor, as he regained his breath. He couldn’t believe his luck. One Hunter maybe, with a bit of help from his allies. But two single handidly? Maybe his luck wasn’t so bad. Then again was it all luck? The anger, which was filled within him gave him new strength, despite it now fading away as something new came. Happiness. He hadn’t felt it for a long time, but before he could fully appreciate the moment, a rustle awoke him from his tiredness.

He picked up his flouressantly painted Nailer Rifle and aimed to the direction of a clearing. He was about to fire upon a faint outline, before it became more than that, and revealed itself as a Brute Stalker. Then another appeared too. They walked over silently and looked bemused at the orange and carbonated mess around them. Then Chieftain Brakus appeared from behind a dense bush with only one guard. The other must have died. He walked over as Novus quickly stood up and struggled to find the energy to look presentable. Not that that mattered with litres of orange blood all over the place.

“Emerge troops.” Just then three more stalkers appeared from behind him. He took a quick glance at them all, in shock from the fact that reinforcements had arrived. “Did you do this?” Brakus asked supprisingly.

“Yes master… only just though.” Novus said, still dripping with swet, water and Hunter remnants. The chieftain smiled and let out a low whislte.

“Well, you need cleaning up. Let’s move, we need to regroup.” He smiled and Novus let out a smile too. They walked back into the dense forest in a tight formation, still ready for another ambush or patrol. He felt good now. He felt pleased for once too.

He would remember this day forever…

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Gog felt the chills of his skin as he walked on the mountain edge together with his lance mates, Beam Rifles and Carbines raised and shields online. Gog could tell by everyone’s neck spikes that they were nervous. But Gog couldn’t blame them, he was nervous as well. They had been sent to investigate the disappearance of a blasted Mgalekgolo couple. Gog felt no pity for the creatures, but he knew they had been killed by Jiralhanae. No matter how stupid the Sangheili thought the Kig-Yar were, any Kig-yar could tell a tactical situation.

Gog turned quickly to a sound in the neighbouring trees. He zoomed to 4x on his Beam Rifle and scanned the trees. Gog sighed when finding nothing more than a bird in the treetops. He lowered his rifle, but suddenly Rakrak, the Major of the little Kig-yar unit, smelled wildly into the air, and ordered everyone to take cover behind the rocks. Gog went down to his knee, then on his stomach, and started to scan the area, not because it was necessary, the disgusting scent of unwashed fur was unmistakable, but he wanted to make his first hit a head shot on the Jiralhanae. He moved the crosshair between his targets. There were one Chieftain, five Stalkers, the Chieftain’s Bodyguard and a Minor. He signed to Rakrak:

"Take the Stalker on twelve o’clock" Rakrak signed back, "I and Kaf are going for the Chieftain, Tak, Mug, Vik and Fok, pick the other targets, ignore the minor"

The minors signed their "understood" responses, and picked their targets, while Rakrak transmitted the photos he had taken with his head gear back to the Sangheili of their Lance, so that they could send it on to the closest Sangheili officer. Gog took aim at his designated Stalker and awaited Rakrak's mark. The Jiralhanae suddenly halted, smelling in the air. Before the Lance opened fire on Rakrak's mark, the Minor Jiralhanae pushed the Chieftain out of the way. What would have been two headshots instead became one to the back and one in the arm of the Minor. The Chieftain fell behind a rock while Gog heard Rakrak curse to himself.

Gog had hit his target immediately, and so had his brother Fok. The others had only injured their targets though; the Jiralhanae had reacted too fast. Rakrak signed Mug, Tak and Vik down the mountain path to do a flanking manoeuvre while Gog, Fok, Kaf and himself remained steady, rifles ready to fire.

Suddenly a Spike Grenade flew through the air towards the Kig-yar's hiding place. Gog understood its trajectory just in time to jump away, unfortunately, his brother didn't. The grenade attached to Fok's leg when he tried to jump away. In an inch of a second, Gog looked in fear at his brother before he blew up in a sea of spikes. Fok’s energy shield didn’t stand a chance. What had once been Gog’s brother were now a pool of gore with Spikes. Gog filled with rage as he looked at the stone where the Minor Jiralhanae had taken cover. Impossible, Gog thought. It had calculated where the Lance where hidden and threw its Spike Grenade in just that direction. Jiralhanae just weren’t that clever.

Gog turned to the shrieks of Mug, Tak and Vik as they fell down, their throats slit open by Spikers. They had turned to the sound of the grenade, and were then assassinated by the Stalkers. The Jiralhanae were very clever this time.

Gog pointed his rifle towards the corpses of his three former comrades and fired. A Stalker roared in pain and fell behind a rock, holding his hand over his thigh. Gog started to find his next target, when he felt a devastating pain in his neck. He fell down to the hard mountain floor, his vision starting to blur. He screeched again as two Spiker rounds hit his back. Through his blurry vision, Gog saw as the turquoise-colored Jiralhanae and his Chieftain killed Kaf and Rakrak. Gog filled with rage, and using his last powers, he raised his Beam Rifle and fired at the Chieftain. The beam hit the Chieftain in the stomach. As blood erupted from the hole in the armor Gog’s shot had left, Gog’s vision faded, then finally blackened.

"Find the Kig-Yar inside yourself, let it guide you to the true path; and the true path is with the Union!"


Novus walked, holding his right forearm with his left hand. The pain was getting worse. He felt dizzy and sick. His vision blured and a Stalker turned around to look at him. He said something but Novus's hearing was too muffled. His back hurt too, but not as much. He had saved his Chieftain's life but no his was on the line. He was about to fall when two of the remaining three Stalkers grabbed him. The Chieftain walked over to him, with the bodyguard, once again following. "Look brother, we're close to the outpost. You'll make it." With that encouragement, Novus carried on walking.

Then from almost nowhere, a high pitched wine came along from behind them, but before they could turn; it changed to a low hum above them. It was a Phantom Dropship. A feeling of relief and happiness again, swept through Novus and the others. However it couldn't fit in the dense jungle, but luckily there was a canopy opening. The dropship maneuvered itself slightly and then a continuous glowing blue cylinder slowly fell down glacfully to the forest floor. The Stalkers and the Chieftain took a defensive perimeter around the gravity lift. The bodyguard went up first to check if it was safe and clear.

Then Novus stepped into it and he felt his internal organs squirm as it took effect on him. He slowly accelerated up the lift. When he was near to the top he could see an outline of a city in the far distance. There were blue and orange fireballs errupting all over it and many flyers constantly enforcing the fray. However Novus was safe from that. He leveled into teh cargo hold of the dropship and saw another Chieftain infront of him. The Chieftain let out his hand before Novus. Novus shook it as firmly as he could, despite the wound, to show respect.

Respect he deserved for saving his life...

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Taurus walked past piles of Sangheili corpses. It had been decently tough to capture the Outpost, especially since the Sangheili had ambushed his troops. But his pack was tough, and they had made it without too many casualties. Unfortunately, the casualties that had occurred were devastating. Especially the loss of Crahkus, one of his Captains was devastating. But Taurus could also stare at other losses; the corpses of 7 Minors, 2 Majors, 3 Ultras and 2 Phantom Dropships could be found on various places on the battlefield.

But at least the battle had been won, and the survivors of his pack now stood in ready order, preparing to set up good positions, or, those who had received wounds, where with the pack's medics, Medius, Edurus and Ferreus.

Suddenly, Taurus' signal unit shook, indicating a call. He activated it with a slight push.

"What is it, Infragulus," Taurus said with his barking voice.

"I’ve found a few survivors from what seems to have been a horrible battle," Infragulus, one of Taurus’ Phantom pilots, responded, "what should I do?"

"Pick them up and bring them here!" Taurus barked impatiently.

"Alright, Chieftain, I’ll be back in a few minutes."

Taurus shut off his signal unit. He turned to his medics and Unggoy cleaners, and barked commands. Instantly, they prepared their cleaning and medical equipment. Taurus knew that if the survivors had suffered from a battle, they would need cleaning and healing.

8 minutes later

Taurus and his pack watched with curiosity as the Phantom closed in on the surface, and opened its hatch. Out patrolled a group of other Jiralhanae, though they looked like they had continuously been part of three battles in a row. The Chieftain, who was wounded in his chest, was carried by a Minor and a Bodyguard, both of which had bruises, dirt, blood and minor injuries. Behind them followed three Stalkers, two of which had injuries, one to his shoulder, the second to his leg, and both supported themselves on the third. Taurus turned to his medics and cleaners.

"What are you doing!" he barked angrily, "you're supposed to do your job!"

The soldiers quickly snapped to attention and rushed to the wounded. They took out compressors, needles and towels and started their work. Taurus slowly approached the Chieftain, who were now being treated by Medius, the best of Taurus' medics.

"So, identify yourself," Taurus said with authority.

"Br...Brakus," the Chieftain barked, but he still spoke with authority, just like a Chieftain should. Taurus were impressed for his endurance.

"What have happened to you?" Taurus asked, his fur bristling.

"We crashed by Sangheili Anti-Air firing. Then we had a short battle with a Kig-Yar scout patrol, they managed to hurt us pretty badly."

But Taurus weren't listening. He had his eyes on the Minor. It had orange blood all over the armor, almost like…

"By the rings!" Taurus barked, causing the Jiralhanae around him to shake surprised. They all looked from Taurus to the minor, with awe emitting from their pheromones in their fur.

"What is your name, youngling?" Taurus asked with curiosity. The other Jiralhanae followed with their gazes.

"Novus," the youngling responded, somewhat startled by his question. Taurus was amazed that a Minor, a mere youngling, could have defeated an Mgalekgolo in close-combat. Taurus started to chuckle, surprising his subordinates and Novus.

"If I were your Chieftain you would have been promoted by now, hell, I would even have picked you in for my pack, even consider you as my son!" Taurus laid his paw on Novus' shoulder. "Is there anything you want? I’ll be certain to make sure you get it, Major." Novus looked more surprised than ever, and so did the rest of Taurus’ pack, and even Brakus let off a surprised cough.

"Uh…a new Nailer rifle would be appreciated," Novus finally said, "and of course a new armor."

"Of course!" Taurus barked. "I happen to have a cache of Pyroneous Industry weapons with me, my brother happen to have a friend working in the Industry, so I managed to get them cheap. I also have fine Pine Rifles, very new!"

Novus followed Taurus towards the weapon placements, while Taurus ordered one of his Captains, Crusus, to get a new Power Armor for Novus to fit his promotion.

Survivor of the Old Guard


Jente sighed, looking down upon the dozens of brutes. He counted two chieftains who had apparently begun socializing. He itched to leap into battle, but as he stared down from the roof, careful to stand in shadow, and VERY careful to keep his active camouflage from deactivating, he inspected the brute defenses. He was waiting for something important to happen so he could take out the chieftains. He wanted to avenge the deaths of those Sangheili who had died, kill every last brute on the planet. However, he stopped, and murmured a human poem, a classic piece of literacy.

"Only the gods act with impunity, for all mortals will one day be brought to repent." he murmured, not suspecting that he was to be overheard by a silent Brute, a minor. As the brute approached, it made a fatal error. It roared.

JEnte spun, bringing his carbine up and slamming the barrel into the brute's mouth. Pulling the trigger he paused a second as the brute fell, then turned and gazed back down, notiving with some regret that his active camouflage had failed in the brief scuffle with the Brute Minor. He noticed that he was standing in sunlight now, and that his green armor was gleaming in the sun.

He quickly raised his carbine and pulled the trigger, firing a quick few shots at the Brutes around the chieftains. Not at the chieftain's themselves, because only an extremely lucky blast would be of any use. And so he fired, dropping into a crouch. He then hurled a quick pair of plasma grenades and crab walked away from the edge, now aiming at the staircase.

I is win! ~chimeraman2


29th of August, 20:45, Rho-Sigma system, Vespera

As the evening skies turned to a brilliant colour, the afternoon skies being one of the trademarks of the tropical paradise world, the signs of war showed everywhere. Jungles burned form exchanges of fire and flaming wreckage, leaving pillars of smoke high in the air, covered many of the landing zones and many of the outer settlements were in ruins. Even burning warships littered the surface, with the burning hulks of more falling from orbit. The situation surface side was mixed. While the sky had lighted up with torrents of flak, needle missiles and particle lasers streaking through the sky, a sizeable number of dropships slipped through. More troops followed as cruisers broke through, deploying vehicles, swarms of troops, fighters and even walkers. The USR forces sorely underestimated the sheer tenacity of the Brutes but quickly learned from their mistakes. They quickly prepared the counter push.

29th of August, 20:45, Rho-Sigma system, Vespera, outpost ‘Penance’

Ultra Urdo ‘Irvel lay face down in the dirt, his gleaming silver armour tarnished by mud, plasma burns and blood, from his brothers, from his enemies and from himself. The smell of it offended his sensitive olfactory nerves. He stirred, his movements and responses dulled by the shell shock brought on by the plasma mortar striking his command post. He had leapt out in time, but his staff had not been so lucky. He rose up, plasma bursts hissing over his head and spikes scything the air, leaving trials of heat behind them. He stumbled over to a barricade and fell behind it, a number of glowing spikes smashing into it and shattering as he did. He disconnected the plasma rifle from his hip and held it close to his body, peeking over the Barricade for a moment. The Brutes pushed over the forward line, pushing his men back. They were going to be pushed back against the outer wall, leaving them trapped against it and easy meat for them. He made a sprint for the nearest trench, using the last reserves of his energy and bounded into it, avoiding enemy fire narrowly. His shielding finally recharged to full, giving him a feeling of safety. He clambered down the trench line, over corpses of Brutes and his Brothers, dead amongst the thick mud. The gleaming armour on his hooves was quickly dulled by mud tainted by blood, making the stench continue with him. He charged into a collection of battle weary soldiers, almost knocking over a young minor as he arrived.

“Commander? You’re alive?” The Major leading them asked, his jaws clenching and his eyes growing wide.

“Those beasts will need more accurate artillery fire if they wish to end my life.” He said, full of defiance, confidence and pride.

“What will we do? We thought they would only have infantry, we were not prepared for such armoured force!” One of the Minors cried out

“With me!” ‘Irvel shouted, leading his troops down the trench towards their fortified entrance to the compound. He immediately hammered on the heavy bulkhead that secured the entrance and roared at the top of his voice, something that sounded more like the hunting call of a feral lizard beast. With a hiss, the bulkhead doors detached from each other and pistons whined, drawing the doors out of position. ‘Irvel squeezed through, followed by the five soldiers he passed then sealed it behind him. He had insisted on being at the front, to watch their infantry get cut down, a mistake born of his hubris, one he would not repeat.

“Base commander, what is the situation?” He shouted, calling his Major second in command coming out of his makeshift command tent upon calling

“Their infantry are smashing upon the walls like waves on a rock, but their armoured support is close, we cannot rest-“ His officer called, suddenly interrupted by a intense blast that billowed at the base of the wall, shattering it and sending Sangheili corpses and half melted wreckage into the air. ‘Irvel was thrown to the floor, the incredibly heat of the blast stripping his shielding and searing his skin. He lay on his side, stunned by the blast, trying to focus his blurred vision. His second in command, now a crimson splurge of coloured came to grab him by the shoulder, firing his carbine in the off hand. A number of spikes thudded into him, his absent shielding providing no protection. One pierced his neck, another the arm holding his commander and a final one pierced his helmet and his brain. He still tugged on his commander, his sense of honour and duty living on despite his brain being dead. He finally collapsed, still and at peace. His sacrifice gave him time to get his bearings and a desire for revenge. His second in command had served with him for years. Despite rarely seeing action as a middle man between ‘Irvel and his men and seeing little combat, he took the duty with honour, an honour that even death found hard to extinguish.

He rose to his feet at long last, in a crouch. He was still disconnected from the world, and he was sorely brought back to it by a metallic super heated spike slicing into his shoulder. He grunted, the pain dulled by a flood of biochemical responses to the previous injury. He wrapped his hand around it and looked up, spying the Brutes clambering over the ruined wall section towards them, firing off bursts of Spiker fire. A Minor rushed forward, impetuous and inexperienced, declaring to claim ‘Irvel’s scalp as a worthy prize. He tore the spike free, the injury clotting quickly thanks to his physiology and then he held it as an improvised dagger. The Brute swung down his rifle as an improvised hatchet, a clumsy attack that ‘Irvel knocked aside and allowed him to grab onto his shoulder and pulled his body close to him while simultaneously thrusting the knife into the vulnerable gap in his armour. The Brute grunted in pain, prompting him to repeatedly stab him, creating a gaping and terrible wound. The Brute’s tongue lolled in its mouth, frothing with its own blood and its eyes rolled. It lived yet, a tough beast indeed. He grabbed its throat and pulled its head downwards, leaving the back of its head vulnerable. He stabbed the bloodied spike into the back of its skull, shattering its brain stem. His comrade roared, determined to avenge his death, to which ‘Irvel stabbed the spike in its eye, killing it. He grabbed his still moving corpse and spun it around, using it as a shield and took a hold of its spiker, firing on the Brutes while taking steps back. He was joined by suppressing fire from the nearest building, allowing him to get to cover at long last. While a Healer immediately rushed to him, he pushed them away.

“There are more drastic injuries than me....” He said, looking at the many wounded in the hall. The Healer moved away to treat them, allowing ‘Irvel to ascend the building unhindered. He came to what was once a roof top garden and now snipers and marksmen overlooked the area below, firing on Brutes. A lance of Jackal Snipers from the KYU squawked with joy as they cut down a chieftain, prompting ‘Irvel to click his jaws in distaste. They were uncouth and almost childish but they made excellent support troops. One of his men shouted for his attention and pointed to a Scarab that had rushed from the distance, making bounds using its powerful legs and jump jets and was now in firing distance of the outpost. It quickly charged its main gun and fired into one of the towers in the outpost, the green blast erupting in impact gutting the building in the middle and forcing the upper half to collapse inwards, crushing those who survived the blast. Its secondary gun swivelled and opened fire on ‘Irvel’s building, its super heavy plasma cannon bursts smashing into the lower floors and causing devastation.

“That’s it, I’m sounding the retreat.” He said, his voice angered but calm.

The fellow Sangheili looked to him, almost surprised.

“But... this is a stain upon our honour!” A Major growled, almost in defiance of his order

“What would you prefer? Honour or death? I’d prefer we could live to fight another day.” ‘Irvel growled. He placed a finger to his helmet and pushed down on a recess, opening his communication link to command.

“This is Ultra ‘Irvel at outpost Penance. Situation intangible, we are requesting evacuation. Command, do you respond?” He said, his confidence somewhat fading

The Major closest to him visible scowled. ‘Irvel was one of these ‘newer’ officers coming out the academy these days. Either he was a veteran of the war or taught by a veteran. Honour had become less important to them as superior tactics and a desire to survive became more overriding. However, as much as he despised it, he would have to live with it, it meant he could live for a longer time. However, that transport didn’t seem to be coming. The radio was dead, leaving them in the dark. More disturbing was the Scarab marauding through the compound now turned to face them. Its main gun charged, its Scarab gun developing a ball of flaming plasma which grew in intensity. Under the sounds of battle, ‘Irvel’s ears caught something. A distance high pitched whine that grew in intensity as it neared them. He looked up to catch sight of it. It looked like a Seraph at first but it was wider, more of an oval shape lengthways. As it swooped down it shot a volley of fuel rod bursts into the Scarab and surrounding troops, decimating its top deck and one of its legs, making it stumble and eject its fuel rod blast into the friendly troops around it. The vehicle released a spray of purple orbs behind it that drifted to earth like snowflakes, making ‘Irvel nostalgic for his home territory on Sangheilios, a cold country where it snowed the rear round. As these orbs touched the ground or the Scarab they exploded violent in bursts of purple fire, shattering tanks, gibing infantry and shredding the Scarab, decimating it. More craft followed the Nephilim, including two low flying Malakhims who released payloads of plasma charges, engulfing the land below in sun hot flames, burning troops alive and melting tanks. Phantoms began to descend from the sky, delivering swaths of plasma fire to ground troops. Hovering above the towers, they began to bring troops on. As the Jackals and his marksmen rushed for the Phantom to get seats ‘Irvel headed for the stairs.

“Commander, where are you going?” The major on the rooftop with him asked

“To get my mine out... I’ll be on the last ship out.” He said before descending the stairs, plasma rifle in hand

He descended several floors, pushing past several wounded troops heading for medical evacuation and several floors of Healers desperately trying to get those critically wounded stable for getting them upstairs. He arrived at the second floor, where a clutch of troops held against Brutes hammering on the door, ready for the siege. As soon as ‘Irvel arrived they looked relieved.

“Troops, go upstairs, help get the wounded out and upstairs for evacuation.” He ordered, his troops bemused

“But... they are breaking in, we must fight!”

“I will slow them.” He said, gripping his plasma rifle in both hands.

His troops begrudgingly admitted defeat and fled upstairs. ‘Irvel stood in front of their makeshift barricades and waited for a few moments until the Brutes eventually battered down the door, a lance charging straight through at him. He side stepped the clumsy lunge then battered him over the head with his plasma rifle, using it like a crude club. Its skull cracked satisfyingly. He swung around, clubbing a second in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. It stumbled back and he gave it a burst of plasma at near point blank, cutting through its armour and burning its fur and flesh, producing a sickening burning smell. He continued to fire bursts into the mass, making them retreat to try and get to cover but his fire was interrupted by what felt like a small motor vehicle hitting him, sending him sprawling. His shields squealed in protest to this punishment, trying desperately to hold together. He stumbled back and regained his footing only to see a Captain holding a Brute Shot nearing him, his helmet masking his grin. He took a few cautious steps towards ‘Irvel before he roared an insult, but not at him. Swathes of blue fire consumed him and his pack mates, immolating then, their matted fur catching alight and in an instant their skin, muscle and flesh char grilling, their armour melting and their screams ending abruptly. ‘Irvel looked over his shoulder to see one of his men carrying a Plasma Flamer. He parted his jaws in a grin then sent gout of plasma in a long stream of flame at the Brutes.

“Commander, the last Phantom is here, we must leave!” He said, ensuring the Brutes would stay back with another gout of flame before dumping the weapon and heading upstairs. ‘Irvel followed him upwards and clambered into the waiting Phantom. He held on tight as the doors closed and it rose up before jetting off with the rest of the Phantoms towards their command. Behind him flames rose up from the outpost, half carpet bombed, half destroyed by the Brutes. Though night had begun to descend, its black screens should have been making vision difficult, but the flames that erupted across the world and the constant fighting ensured it remained bright. He however, did not take this time to rest, like the rest of his troops and instead lowered the door to look out. Cool air brushed past his face, along with the occasional ember. He looked out as they began to circle the central city of this world and his jaws locked up. It was no longer a place of commerce or a public space. It was a military forming ground. Dozens, no hundreds of tanks formed up, thousands of troops scurried between temporary holdings and numerous Scarab sized vehicles prepared.

“What is going on down there?” He whispered, though to himself, the door gunner overheard.

“The plan is to meet the Brutes head on in Battle, at the Chosian Valley, our hope is to funnel them into our positions while simultaneous pushing them out of their defensive positions with our superior armour.” The gunner said, leaning on his cannon

“Then... it will be a glorious battle.” He said, a faint glimmer of interest in his eyes.

29th of August, 20:45, Slipspace, en route to Rho-Sigma system, Vespera

The Imperator tensed in his command chair, fingers digging into the luxurious leather of it. It wasn’t fear that caused this but anticipation, like the anticipation a hunter has before a kill. He looked to his bridge officer who turned back to overlooking the navigation officer.

“We will arrive in five... Arrival!”

The bridge was silent as the Ancient Cruse hammered out of slipspace at full speed, followed by its fleet.

“Engines to full, charge all guns, ensure shielding is ready, prepare to advance upon the enemy!” He barked, his bridge crew hurriedly making it so. The ship lurched as it accelerated and its hull danced with purple, red and blue lights, its weapons charging. They had come out right on the rear of the Brute fleet. The naval battle had settled into two fleets simply hitting each other with broadsides, neither finding an advantage. Since both were even matched in size, it was truly balanced, however, the arrival of the Imperator and his fleet now tipped that most delicate of balance. Brute ships seemed to flounder as a fleet of Hidden Shadows emerged on their vulnerable flanks, plasma lances, pulse lasers and energy projectors lacerating their ships from behind. The Hallowed Sanctum broke from the fleet and in a daring manoeuvre crossed right through the Brute armada, the huge vessel dancing delicately through their positions, spitting energy weapons into vulnerable ships before passing through both Brute and Sangheili ship lines before dropping into orbit of the world. The ship immediately began to go into an ‘orbital dive’ when ‘Revsar cancelled that.

“Maintain orbit.” He said, patching into the local battle net. He observed the situation momentarily before he spoke his orders.

“Deploy our assassins, pathfinders and special forces via stealth Phantoms. Have them sow discord, report enemy positions and prepare the battlefield for both the arrival of the army and for our arrival. In the meantime, send the ship dark. Maintain our position over the valley, have us prepare for orbital drop at a moment’s notice.” He ordered, his men following their orders to the letter

The ships shielding dropped and then its hull began to fade away, as if it dissolved. The ship had cloaked itself, the pinnacle of modern USR engineering. It could mask its optical, RADAR and thermal image, making it virtually invisible, though its weapons and shielding had to be disabled to pay for it. They would wait, like the patient hunter waiting for his prey to spring the trap. Revsar anticipated the big kill ahead, delivering the head of the Marauder to his commander. Hate, anger and vengeance is all he had left, and that would be all he needed.

(Life has prevented the creation of this post, but here it is. SITREP of what is about to go down: the Brute fleet is now surrounded on two sides and outnumbered, now on the verge of collapse. Groundside, both sides are amassing their forces either side of a vast valley/canyon, preparing to charge across the few bridges and natural crossings at a moment’s notice. I will declare that ‘moment’. Special Forces, except pathfinders, assassins and special operations and being held back, those who have been sent are too recon, raid or assassinate the enemy depending which special force they actually are. Be sure to push the Brutes back and rejoin your brothers, or vice versa for the final battle :P) <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax)

Rf mountain loding re 02

With high, sheer, rocky cliff walls, raging torrents of water, few fording points, even fewer bridges and a few places narrow enough for Scarab crossing, only the brave and the skilled will survive the ‘Valley of Blood’.


The Brutes were lulling about their camp now. They seemed like they were caught unawares, but Vhen knew all too well that they were always prepared for an attack.

Disappointed by their constant vigilance, Vhen 'Jortiim sat back into the command bubble of his tank. He nimbly flexed his fingers across the command keys, ordering his Poltergeist MBTs to call off the strike. Groans of impatience could be heard over his COMM, but Vhen ignored them. Ever since their introduction, the Poltergeists had quickly taken the role of Wraiths as combat tanks, forcing the Brutes to change their strategy on fighting USR armor. However, they took this adaptation to a full extent. Their tactics were used under the impression that no Wraiths would ever be used close up in the field with the new MBT. 'Jortiim planned to take advantage of this flaw. His Wraiths quickly moved up behind a hill as he prepared the order to fire. As soon as all cannons were ready, he ordered the shot.

Three dozen plasma mortars fired as their balls of blue fire cut across the air. They came viciously upon the Brutes, sending dozens flying away in scraps. Several were seen without legs, trying to crawl back to their lost weapons.

"The time is right, my friends. Attack!" Vhen yelled. His Poltergeists moved into the camp almost silently. Though their shots were anything but. Entire prefabs went up in a hellish flame as the LVII Armoured Column cut a swathe through the camp. However, before long the Brute resistance appeared. The few remaining soldiers began to climb onto the tanks, pounding their way through the outer shell. Their occupants called for assistance as they prepared to fight. However, 'Jortiim was prepared for such an occasion...

Jinz 'Oramm gestured his hand toward the Brutes, yelling "Forward! For the Imperator!" With a cheer from his Sangheili, he and thirty of his brothers rushed into the camp, rifles drawn. The soldiers pulled the Brutes off of the Poltergeists, and began to beat on them as they lay on the ground. A Captain, the equivalent of 'Oramm's rank of Major Domo, stood before him, prepared to fight. The Captain squeezed off a few round from his Pummeler, but Jinz rolled behind cover, avoiding the shot. He climbed onto a prefab, and jumped to another while closing the gap between himself and the Brute. The Brute fired again, overloading Jinz's shields. Knowing he had one chance, Jinz jumped onto the Brute, knocking him to the ground. His soldiers were quick to finish the golden beast off.

As Jinz saw that the last of the Brutes were dead, he radioed back to Vhen.

"They are dead, Commander. The base is ours. Or, what is left of it."

"It is no matter. This was among the last of the Brute camps on our side of the valley. The conflict is at a stalemate, but one we have just proved we can win. The Brutes will find no refuge here, or anywhere on this planet. Come," Vhen said. "we shall return to base, and we will be ready when we are called to fight again.

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The Eye of the Beholder had taken a couple hits in the battle. Their shields dropped to 30% during the battle. Essu had his ship drop back and pick off smaller craft with the lances. He gripped his command chair as he watch the battle rage on. His crewman were beginning to tire from constant battle. "Foul creatures, do they not realize they are doomed?" However without warning, his ops officer turned. "Shipmaster, we have slipspace ruptures off our port."! Essu, alarmed at this stood and turned "Are they allied or hostile?" The officer began to thumb through, "I am unsure, they will be breaking in a few seconds...3...2...1...their gone, scanning. Shipmaster! It is the Ancient Cruse! The Imperator has arrived!" All the crewmen stopped and turned, Essu could tell what they were thinking, why would the Imperator be here? However this was no concern, they rose and let out a cheer. The Brutes would surly be destroyed. Essu barked to them "Back to your stations!" however he himself could barley contain his excitement, a chance to fight with the Imperator had always appealed to him.

"I want our shields charged and lances ready! Make way for the Imperator!"

Uasu withdrew his sword from his hip. A crawling Brute was desperately trying to escape after he wounded it. It turned and fired a burst from his spiker. The ultra kept advancing, not even twitching the spikes hitting his shield. Uasu stomped his foot on the Brutes jaw, crushing it. He then stabbed the beast in the chest, ending its pathetic life. he turned to look at the colony, smoke and fire rose from the town. The Brutes had mostly been destroyed, however many T'sar warriors fell, the beasts brought more than they expected. He kept hearing gunfire in the distance, indicating that the last of them were being cleaned up. He deactivated his sword and holstered it. His lance following him. He walked back to HQ when a lone Brute, armor shattered and wounded, emerged from the corner with a rifle aimed. However a slash of energy sliced him cleanly in half. Ushran emerged from the corner, his helmet spikes dripping with blood and his armor stained.

"Father" he said, assured that he survived the attack on the command post. "glad to see you are well." Ushran deactivated his scythe,spun it around his head and sheathed it on his back. Two more Sangheili emerged, the same zealot whom he met earlier and a Minor. He minor was missing his left arm, but it was bandaged and sealed. The zealot had a spike missing from his helmet. "So, how goes the fight my son?" Ushran spoke, in a calming demeanor. Uasu looked at the Brute "Main resistance was crushed, we have warriors scanning the rest of the colony for survivors." Ushran looked at the Brute and picked up his rifle, then tossed it to the Zealot. "We have new orders, the Brutes are amassing at Chosian Valley, as our own are. We have Phantoms coming to transport us." Uasu looked to his own lance and the one the Zealot had placed command of. All of them had been wounded but were still eager to fight. "We just need some rest and our warriors healed. Other than that, we are ready." Uasu said with a hint of triumph. He unholstered his plasma rifle.

Tiwaz rune
Spartan 112The Chosen, The Fated, The Enforcer, The Marine, The Officer, The Baron, The Mercenary, The Hero, The Warrior, The Champion:
Eastern Standard Time


Brute Chieftain Mallunas surveyed the hundred-odd Jirahalnae that made up his pack. Each one knelt before him, completely naked and exposed. The Chieftain himself stood on an elevated mound, the focus of his pack's attention. He too was uncovered, and this brought his scarred body into brilliant perspective.

Mallunas's chest was covered in an intricate web of scars, many of which ran along the entirety of his torso. His muzzle, while not as mutilated, still bore several slashes across its length. The only signs of any form of technology's influence on him were a pair of sinewy wires that blended with his arms, their silver sheen contrasting against his dark fur. At his feet lay three freshly dead Sanghelli, their bodies smeared with their own purple blood.

Mallunas's pack was performing their religious service amidst the Remnant base camp situated just above Chosian Valley. Around them, their fellow Jiralhanae readied their weapons and vehicles for the coming battle. Choppers and Wraiths were parked in orderly rows amongst the gathering warriors, and Mallunas could even see a few Scarab walkers in the distance. Gazing across the rocky gorge to where he knew the Sanghelli traitors would be amassing as well. He quickly turned away, clearing his head of such distractions. For now, all he needed to think of was his pack and the ritual before him.

"We have suffered a terrible injustice, my brothers," Mallunas began. "Up until this point, we have been unable to join battle on this heretic world." At this, several of pack released snarls and growls of displeasure, causing their Chieftain to pause and smile. They have the rage already, he thought. Now all that I must do is set it aflame.

"Many of you have served with me in past battles," he continued. "And never before have we faltered or slowed before the enemy. Instead, we have destroyed every obstacle set in our paths. We have rent apart any foolish vermin who stood in our way, and we have never, never, retreated from the foe. Any of you who have fought by my side can attest to our worthiness. So why, I ask you, have we had no chance to show our prowess now of all times?"

There was no response from the pack, its members remaining bowed and motionless. They knew not to respond or interrupt during one of Mallunas's sermons.

Mallunas drew himself up to his full, glorious height, displaying even more scarring and well-developed muscles and sinews. "I will give you this answer to this riddle, my friends. I will tell you why we have been held back." He cast his gaze across the gathered pack, and then took a breath. "It is because the gods have seen fit to do so!" he bellowed, and was pleased to see that not one of his subordinates flinched. "The gods have done us a favor by denying us combat until now. For now, when we are able to finally destroy the enemy, our brothers will be seeing us for the first time, and they will be amazed!" With this, he reached down and lifted the first Sanghelli corps into the air, his scars glistening in the sunlight. With barely an effort he tore the body's arms from their sockets. Blood drenched his pelt, and the pack was on its feet in an instant. Mallunas kicked the still falling body into his assembled ranks and it was immediately set upon by the ravenous Jiralhanae, all eager for a bite of flesh.

Tossing the arms into the melee, Mallunas grinned to himself. So they call us Brutes, do they? he mused. Perhaps they are right, but our nature only makes us stronger. Turning back to the pack, he barked for silence. All it took was one try. The pack was kneeling once more in an instant. Nodding to himself, Mallunas lifted a large knife from the ground behind him. With a swift, unhesitating stroke he rent a gash in his shoulder, savoring the pain as blood fell down his body to mingle with that of the Sanghelli. The pain made him stronger, less likely to be afflicted by the effects of wounds on his body. With a snarl, he dropped the knife and seized the second body, this time tearing off the legs before tossing the carcass to the waiting pack. Once more brief chaos reigned. And then Mallunas barked again, and the pack was back on their knees. "We will rend the Heretics to pieces!" the Chieftain howled. and the pack rose, howling and gargling war-cries as one. Now it was the final body's turn. Mallunas tore the head off and hurled both pieces away. As the pack feasted, he gave himself another slash with the knife.

A young Mallunas had seen first hand the way pain crippled even the strongest of warriors. Determined to overcome this ailment, he had embraced pain in all of its forms. And when he had become a Chieftain, he had made his pack do the same. Now he led one of the largest packs in the Remnant, a pack comprised of some of the hardest and most vicious warriors ever to lift a weapon. Mallunas's pack was soon feared throughout Remnant space, to the extent that the scarred Chieftain took on almost mythical proportions in the minds of the Remnant's enemies. The Chieftain had worked to perfect his body through pain and labor, and now it was a shining example of the potential each Jirahalnae possessed. But even this earned strength paled in comparison to the power the cybernetic implants in his arms granted him.

The pack had performed this ritual several times in the past, but never before had such a battle been before him. Every warrior present knew that the coming battle would decide the ultimate conqueror of Vespera, and not one among them had any desire to be left out. Now, some of the pack had broken away from the mass of bodies and begun to slash themselves, howling with a mixture of pain and satisfaction as the blood began to flow.

"Who will lead you to victory?" cried the Chieftain.

"Mallunas! Mallunas!" came the reply, each pack member straining to be the loudest.

"I will always be ahead of you! Others will try to pass me, but they will fail. Together, we will kill many Heretics!" Mallunas stiffened. "And to you weaklings who will allow yourselves to embark on the Journey prematurely," he sneered. "Do try to take some of the enemy with you."

Actene 02:38, 29 October 2008 (UTC)


Triarius sniffed the air, they were getting closer to the city's outskirts. they had ran into two more ambushes but suffered only two casualties. Soon his pack would reach the urban areas and cause true devastation. He refirmed his grip on the gravity hammer and felt its cold metal against his paws. "Metellus" he said in a low growl, "When we reach the city be sure the pack is well equipped with grenades, we shall hit them like wildfire and let their buildings burn."

"Yes, Chieftan." Metellus said in reply. He itched to come into combat once again.

"Chieftan!" Macrius said approach him in a run. "Radio burst, transmission came not but two units ago."

Triarius took hold of a small grey device that was presented to him by Macrius. "By the prophets! We march here only to turn around!"

"Brother?" Metellus asked quizzically.

Triarius looked at the device than handed it to Metellus "We head for some valley."



29th of August, 20:59, Rho-Sigma System, Vespera

Ang had her mandibles form a smile when yet another Jiralhanae ship erupted into flames. The Jiralhanae fleet would soon collapse, thanks to the arrival of the Imperator. Not that it had been necessary for the Imperator to get here, Ang thought quietly to herself. She knew that she could have defeated the Jiralhanae mongrels on her own. But, she also knew that if the Imperator wanted to get a good kill, she couldn't stop him. And maybe it was for the best that the Imperator arrived, if it resulted in fewer casualties.

Ang woke up from her thoughts and looked at the TACMAP. She could tell that the space battle was practically won; it was just to clean up the remaining mess. However, on ground there seemed to be difficulties; the Jiralhanae had mustered themselves and prepared for a bloody battle in and around the large canyons, especially for the giant bridges. Ang instantly realized that the Sangheili ground forces would need reinforcements, and especially resources for the upcoming battles.

"Get me Supreme Commander Xkar 'Ktry and Fleet Master Vrhyt 'Quhtr on my private channel," she told her communications officer, who quickly replied and pushed several buttons. Soon, the holograms of Ang's Supreme Commander and Fleet Master appeared before her.

"You wanted to see us, Mistress?" they said in unison.

"Yes," she responded, clicking her mandibles, while considering her orders one more time, "I have a task for each one of you." She made a small pause, and then started again: "Supreme Commander, I want you to take half of our destroyers, one of our Assault Carriers and your own ship to move straight in for the mongrel formation, cutting their formation in half to make it easier to search and destroy them; Fleet Master, I want you to take four of our Dominator-class Carriers and the Silenced Patience towards Vespera’s surface, and then deploy your ground forces to reinforce our brothers on the ground, then return to the space battle: Have both of you understood your orders?"

"Yes Mistress!" they once again responded in unison, and their holograms instantly disappeared.

29th of August, 21:12, Rho-Sigma System, Vespera Reconciliation Bridge

Field Master Ghu 'Stva stepped out of the dropship. He watched smiling as the rest of his honored H'tyn Legion landed behind him in Phantoms or Orbital Insertion Pods, mounting vehicles or picking up their weapons. In the air, fellow Field Master Rhik 'Ardn, had deployed most of his Seraph or Banshee fighters and Phantom Dropships, ready to provide air support for the H'tyn Legion's assault. The Legion would also soon be reinforced by troops from the J'dar Warrior Créche under Ultra Kha 'Rlda, as well as various troops remaining from the earlier ground battles.

However, it seemed the like Jiralhanae on the opposite side of the Reconciliation Bridge were also preparing for battle. According to Ghu's scouts, nearly eight Jiralhanae packs had gathered on that side of the bridge, along with Unggoy, Yanme'e and Kig-Yar conscripts, plus many Wraiths, Choppers and Ghosts. This meant that Ghu's troops were slightly outnumbered, but he nonetheless had faith in his victory. He knew that his troops would defeat the mongrels, no matter how many they were.

Short to say, a massive battle, or more correctly, several massive battles would take place soon. And their outcome could influence the outcome of the entire battle.

Angel54 15:06, 31 October 2008 (UTC)


29th of August, 20:30, Rho-Sigma System, Vespera, Small Sangheili Settlement

Novus walked causually but with an air of decorum, along the steep, overlooking cliff edge. He holstered his Thorn Rifle in both hands but held down. It was mid afternoon and the sun had already started to cast an amber haze across the battle torn landscape. Columns of swiftly moving smoke rose into the air where it disipated above the fights and into the war-bleeched sky. There was no way of telling who had the upper hand but he had a good idea that maybe, just maybe, he and his brothers could win this. Gain a secure grip into their enemy’s defences and imflict their reckless wrath even further.

He saw the city in the far distance. The fighting had stopped but the really battel was nigh. The canion was out of sight, hollowed into the alien crust, but still in mind. Novus felt a sense of anger and guilt errupt every time he thought about it. Both the Taurus and Brakus packs had taken a small town by supprise and had totally erradicated any USR forces. It was supposed to be a retreatment post but either way the battle ended, he doubted However, in case of another battle, they had sent Novus and five other Brutes up onto the cliff edge to give support and battle suggestions to the lower-ground troops. Novus was day-dreaming about his previous encounter with the Hunters when an anxious bark burst over the com:

“Scout Team Sentius please respond.” They were calling for Novus’s team. An unusual formation, lead by an Ultra called Sentius, they were the eyes and the major advantage for this settlements control. The Ultra replied as requested.

“Yes Captain, what seems to be the problem?”

“We’ve encountered some small resistance at the far end of the settlement but we need confirmation if anymore enemy troops are inbound.” However before Sentius could turn to ask the scouts to check the area; Novus was already concentrating down the scope of his Thorn Rifle. Then, unordered, he patched into the com and relayed his findings to the Captain.

“I see a few lances of Elites, varying weapons, trying to make flanking positions. There are also a heavy team, three hunter pairs and a KYU scout lance. It looks like they’re splitting up evenly to attack the north-west, north and north-east entrances. However there is no armour and some look wounded. I suggest we concentrate our forces on the entrances while our support takes out their scouts and injured.”

“Wait… who the hell is this?” The Captain asked with a displeased tone.

“Sorry Cpatain I was a bit too far ahead of myself. I’m Novus, I apolagise for the interuption.” Novus could feel the eyes of the rest of his team looking at him with mixed thoughts. He felt a pit of guilt in his stomach and waited, for what seemed like a minute pause, until the Captain replied.

“Umm… since you’ve been doing well today and you’re our eyes, I’ll take you suggestion into consideration.” The com went dead. Novus was relieved but had no time to break as he saw his pack-mates advance to the entrances. They were only small roads, which connected the the small village’s ring road, but they were easy points to be assaulted from. Novus was awaiting orders when Sentius spoke at him.

“Just because you were lucky earlier and you got a promotion from the Chieftain, it doesn’t mean you can undermind my authority. Who the fuck do you think you are?” Novus tunred and stood, with his rifle held down. The Ultra tried to give him intimidating looks in his eyes but Novus equally matched the aggressive stare.

“If you’ve got a problem with me then we can sort it out later. But now we’ve got a battle to win.” Novus stood tall and firm, but at an equal height to his supperior.

“You’ve got guts for an unexperienced stinking fluke-shooter.” Sentius showed no emotion in his face, but Novus edged closer to him and let out an aggressive low growl out of the side of his mouth. However before Novus ended this heated conflict, the com burst open again.

“Ok we’re in position. Snipers: take out their scouts and then any heavy support that they’ve got. However, our support needs to fire upon those Hunter pairs. Everyone else keep guard, you never know what might be coming. Is that clear?” There was no response as Novus and Sentius kept on staring square into each others eyes, fighting mentally to keep the higher status.

“Is that clear?” The Captain spoke again, this time more annoyed. But they stood still enraged with each other.

“IS THAT CLEAR SCOUT TEAM SENTIUS” The rest of them were getting uneasy but before another Major replied, Novus spoke lowly but confidently, still keeping lock onto the Ultra.

“Yes Captain. We understand.”

“Good.” And the com went dead.

Brakus readied his Gravity Gloves and his heavy duty Piercer Rifle in anticipation. He waited in a crouch, aiming over some purplish metal barrier, for the Elites. He was getting excited. Fresh blood and he was getting hungry. He ordered everyone to duck down and to get into cover. He heard the distant rippling eruption of plasma and pyronic rounds, whizzing through the air, but kept his concentration on his objective. He could just see over the barrier and, as expected, five elites followed by two Hunters and then another five elites, came rushing around the corner. Their Major had not seen the Remnants in hiding but grew weary of the silence and absence of opposition. The Hunters sunk down slightly and raised their assault cannons and shield plates.

However, before any of the other USR forces could get into cover, a low thump resonated through the air and a high pitched howl whined in on the enemy’s position. But before anyone could acknowledge the sound or even act to it, a split second flash across the spacious field of vision hit the Hunters and blossomed violently into an aggressive engulfing fireball. Elites were thrown like rag dolls, to the side, as the climax of the super sonic whine and explosion blasted into everyone’s ears. The decibels rose like the satanic fireball in the middle of the USR’s crippled forces but this hardly bothered Brakus, who shouted loudly over the com: “FIRE!”

All the brutes swivelled out of their cover and rose from behind it too. The dazzled Elites opened fire too and as the area faded with glowing fire, it filled with luminous plasma and super heated radioactive spikes. Brakus pulled down the trigger of the immense heavy duty assault rifle and controlled the recoil well as the shaking rounds of his weapon blasted through the air and into the Elite’s weak shields and wrecked armour. He couldn’t see the blood of the Elites but the fluorescent orange bubbling slime of the Hunters soaked the outside of the charred impact crater. The Hunters, along with a few close by Elites, were torn apart or burnt by the super sonic warhead, which was fired from the south cliff.

Brakus was glad and was itching to get closer. He jumped over his cover and ran to the front line trench, which they had crudely dug out. A few Brutes were injured but that hardly fazed the Chieftain and his rose his killing machine and opened a hell fire continuous burst of Piercer rounds. They ripped through the remaining Elites and sent them hurtling backwards to their own cold ground. There were only a few left but they could not hold up against the hammering wrath of Brakus’s pack. Not even the newly arrived USR lance stood any chance as Brakus jumped over his cover and went berserk, along with his other high ranking pack combatants. The lower ranked Brutes ran out but shot carefully and accurately, overall causing the traditional aggro assault tactic.

Plasma sliced through the air and hit Brakus’s shields but he carried on running. None of the other Brutes were challenged by the oncoming plasma and carbine rounds, which pelted their armour and even body. The Chieftain primed his Gravity Gloves and charged towards a drastically confused Major in front of him. The red clad Elite swivelled and aimed at Brakus but before he pulled the trigger, of his Plasma IDECWS, he felt his internal organs; bone; armour; and breath all crumple into one and a bright white shockwave embellishing his view. The last thing the Major saw was his blood shot vision and he was violently thrown back into another Elite, with remnants of his insides flailed through the air. He a made a dull thud on top of the other Elite was instantly massacred by a Captain’s Brute Shot blade.

They smiled at each other and carried on killing another incoming lance. Brakus punched forcefully into young Sangheili Minors, which made crippling cracking sounds of bone and armour snapping and fusing under the Chieftain’s knuckle-duster-like glove, which radiated a bright light blue shine off of his fists. The pack kept on pushing the USR forces out and eventually they stopped coming. The miraculous survivors were tied and lined up in a row, at the end of the road. Brakus spoke to the now quiet Brutes. Some were injured others were not: but all had endured a pleasant fight.

“Let’s not waste ammo. We can feast on our catch later. For now though we must help our wounded brothers. Hold this road. The fight isn’t over yet.”

Novus watched as his chieftain raised his fist in victory and so did the rest of his pack. That’s where he wanted to be right now. However he had a job to do. He zoomed out and looked down the north road. They weren’t as lucky had had suffered a few casualties. This was the combined mix of half Brakus’s and half Taurus’s packs. That was probably why they weren’t doing so well: unfamiliar tactics and weak leadership. Novus had finished the KYU scouts. They were a piss take to him. He saw that the two Hunters, however, were still mobile and the remaining USR forces were congregating en mass at the north entrance. The other two sub-packs couldn’t fall back to support, as this would weaken the new defences. It was up to Novus. There were two other snipers, both with the anti-armour Thorn Rifle, and Novus tagged the Hunter and spoke over the com.

“Scouts, we need to aim at the Hunters. All three of us aim at its head.” Novus took sight at the beasts head and two other green lights winked in the corner of the scope’s view. “On my mark. 3… 2… 1… FIRE!” The reverberating clang of all three snipers shooting simultaneously sent an odd sound through the air. The anti-armour heated pyronic rounds hit in unison into the Hunter’s head, which instantly obliterated. All three rounds carried on and hit a Minor, who was taking refuge behind the supposedly good cover. The Minor pelted back against the floor with his chest ripped open crudely by the three rounds. Blood flowed out and the impact smashed his skull too. “Fire on the other!” Novus barked but one of them shot too late. Two rounds hit the dazzled Hunter, who was just before wondering what the hell had happened to his pair-mate, and ripped open his head armour; colonial worms spewing everywhere.

Then the third hit the helmet clean off and ended the Hunter’s life with a pleasing thwack. Novus smiled, reloaded and congratulated his team. Well his brothers. However the fight was long from over. Novus kept on firing at the advancing Elites and started to become more relived as each one dropped dead. Then from behind him, he heard Nailer and Spiker fire. He instantly turned around and saw a lance of Sangheili burning the two guarding Brutes with their plasma and carbine rounds. Novus ran and skidded behind a nearby rock for cover. They were on the cliff edge and were being cut down quickly.

Novus threw the sniper to the floor and readied his Nailer. He wasn’t going to loose. Not after all that he’d achieved…

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(12th Age of Reclamation, USR No Remorse, Space Sector B2, Vespera)

The USR No Remorse exited its Slipspace route, expanding its fins to allow more maneuverability. Several probes were jettisoned from its hull, flying towards the planet. The probes transmitted its data collected as they ventured into the planet. Tens of ships, Covenant Remnants and USR, fired its projectors at each other, weakening the shields. Flickers of light, shining around the planet; the battle had begun.

"Stabilisers online, functioning at 100%. Cloak generator running at the potential of 40%..." informed the Sangheili Minor Domo as it reads out the system analysis of the ship's condition. The battle has just begun and there were rumours that a Remnant ship is holding a valuable artefact. Rumours.... Iri 'Areno had enough with rumours clouding his thoughts. At the age of 56 Syad (Sangheili's equivalent to 140 years), Iri was supposed to retire from service or join the Council as a minor, but politics and civilian life were too much for him. Brainwashed to only serve and fight, Iri never truly grasped the concept of peace and harmony. Maybe this war may end that....

The Major Domo reaffirms his structure, overseeing the completion of the analysis. Below his command bridge, the Unggoys were managing the ship's module, ensuring that all systems functioning well. Several Huragoks entered the bridge through the air shafts, bringing in and out items for repairs. "Maintain trajectory to Vespera. The Grand Marshall is expecting us at the far side of the planet for an operation." ordered Iri has he stood up from his command post, walking around the bridge's screen. He gave a low grunt, impressed by the strategy utilised by the Brutes. Over the pass years, the Brutes have grown a worthy adversary, gaining more knowledge in winning battles and wars.

In the centre of the bridge, the holotank began initialising its projectors. Epiphany spawned, glowing red. "I have detected several Remnant ships intercepting our course." The AI changed its form to the old Mark of Shame. The Unggoys around it tried to avoid eye contact yet again; the AI tend to give nightmares in their sleep. "Prepare the boarding crafts. Set engines to minimal to achieve stealth." the Major Domo stressed as he grasped his hands. "I want full analysis on those ships; hull specifications, layout, everything..." This is where my battle will end... said Iri in his thoughts.

Epiphany logged out from the ship's holotank, transferring its core to the BattleNet. There, it changed its form to a robed silhouette. In front of it were six other AIs, forming a perfect circle. All six spoke, "We have detected a fallen entity. One with information to the Forerunners... and perhaps the return of Retaliation. Never leave your core unguarded. We believe a superior mind is at work....

KAC- 19:11, 3 November 2008 (UTC)


Mauravauntus pointed his hammer at the Elite patrol, still unaware of them, and unleashed a bloodcurdling howl to intimidate them. At his bidding, almost two dozen Minors rose from the bushes and charged headlong into their reptilian foes. However, this tried-and-true tactic to frighten humans had a less dramatic effect on Elites. The Sangheilian warriors were startled at the sudden raid, but prepared all the same. They drew their weapons, and gladly dove into the melee laid before them. The Jiralhanae had the advantage of numbers, superior to the Elites by at least 4 to 1. However, these were veteran foes, each with more than a few kills in their career. The advantage of experience triumphed over strength and numbers as the Elite's rifles boiled away the skin of seven Minors.

Realizing the flaw of his plan, Mauravauntus sent out the second signal, and a quartet of snipers arose from the thickets above. Thorn rifles found their targets, and the first volley downed two of them. Surprised once more, the remaining four Elites hesitated, and the Recruits dove upon them with renewed vigor. Yet another of the skilled warriors was downed. Not to be outdone, the chieftain rushed in to gain a kill for himself. But at this moment, one of the Minors threw a grenade with careless aim. The spiked explosive attached itself to the chieftain's left arm. Shocked by its appearance, Mauravauntus desperately groped at it, attempting to wrench it off of himself before the detonation. After a second, it was able to yank it away, but his entire arm was pulled out of place. Realizing he couldn't make the throw, he spun, releasing it as he went. The grenade found an Elite this time, and killed it and yet another with its detonation. The chieftain was outraged at the Recruit's carelessness, but he would deal with him later. At the moment, the patrol leader's sword battery finally gave in. Realizing the battle was hopeless, the soldier attempted to flee.

As he stumbled over the bodies all around him, a lucky Thorn round caught itself in his lower spine. The crippled warrior's legs tangled, and he collapsed to the ground, immobile. Mauravauntus carefully picked his way through the gory battlefield, working his way towards the Elite, now trying to crawl away with his arms. Before he could reach safety, the Brute picked him up by the skin of the neck, and lifted him to speak eye-to-eye.

"Well," the chieftain said in a guttural voice. "what do we have here? An Elite, running away?" He paused to give a roaring chuckle. His soldiers joined in, but were cut off. "Your species' honor is greatly exaggerated.

The reptilian soldier struggled, writhing every inch of his body not crippled, but he found no freedom he sought for.

The Elite snarled in a manner unbefitting of his species. "Kill me or leave me, ape! But do not taunt me!"

The chieftain chuckled once more. "Very well, reptile. You seek respite, and you shall have it!" He said, putting emphasis on the latter two words as he snapped the Elite's neck. He dropped the body to the ground, speaking to himself, "Find peace in your false gods" and turned to speak with the unlucky recruit that nearly killed him. Spotting the soldier standing with his pack, Mauravauntus spat on him.

That he may still consider himself with honor, after the hatred he has wrought upon me! he thought. I shall destroy him for his insolence.

With three easy strides, the Chieftain brought himself to meet the recruit. He was a head shorter than his superior, but stout, and his body showed that he was physically more capable than most Jiralhanae could claim.

"Well, Minor, what do you have to say for yourself?" He was met with silence. Angered, he purposely misquoted this silence as admittance, and spoke aloud his crime in front of the entire pack.

"You are responsible for the near-death of a chieftain. What have you to say for yourself?!" But once again, the soldier did not speak. "Your insolence is beginning to irritate me!" Mauravauntus shouted. A Minor tried to speak, but was silenced without saying a word.

"I will show you what the price is for insubordination!" The enraged chieftain exclaimed. "Take him to the brig, and I will show him the true meaning of punishment later!"

Forced to comply, the Brutes carried their packmate off to torture by a member of their own unit. It was cruel, that much Mauravauntus knew. But these recruits needed to be taught discipline as well as combat skill if they were to ever survive in the kind of war they fought. He would surely beat the short soldier later, but he had second thoughts, wondering if he really deserved the agony that had been described; he caught himself in his moment of weakness, and began the march with his unit back to the rest of the recruits waiting at base.

MasterGreen999 02:40, 8 November 2008 (UTC)


29th of August, 20:36, Rho-Sigma System, Vespera, Small Sangheili Settlement

Nvoro sprinted quietly, crouched down, with his lance of four fellow Sangheili following him in a straight line. Nvoro had deemed that they needed to cover ground quickly, but at the same time stealthily, in order to take out what appeared to be Jiralhanae snipers that had cost the lives of several of his fellow Sangheili.

The Lance advanced up along a rocky path, entering a cave leading constantly upwards. A few minutes later, light from the cave’s exit hit their shiny armors. Upon exiting the cave, they were blinded for a few seconds to the strong evening sun light, but adjusted quickly. Then Nvoro smelled a horrible stench, and quickly identified it as Jiralhanae. He signed back to his soldiers, and they slowed down and crouched even more, sneaking forwards at the same time. After looking up from behind a rock, Nvoro saw them. Six Jiralhanae, two standing in a Sniping pose, while two of the others were arguing over something, the remaining two polishing their weapons.

Nvoro signed quietly to his lance mates, and after just two seconds, K’gha and F’rigk were behind the opposite rock to Nvoro and the other members of the lance. K’gha drew his Beam Rifle and pointed it on his target. Everyone else drew their Carbines, checking their ammo count and reserve magazines, as quietly as they could. But Nvoro feared that the Jiralhanae had already grown suspicious, so they needed to act fast. After everyone appeared ready, Nvoro gave the sign.

K’gha fired his Beam Rifle almost instantly, killing the Jiralhanae Ultra with a quick headshot. F’rigk threw a Plasma Grenade, attaching to a confused Minor, which after a few seconds became merely a pile of blood and flesh mixed with burned fur. Nvoro and the rest of his Lance jumped out of their covers, shouting their battle-cry as loud as their throats could manage, while firing Carbine projectiles against the surprised Jiralhanae. Two more Jiralhanae soon fell and Nvoro came close enough to bash a Minor in the face with the back of his Carbine. Shield cracking and with a broken nose, the Jiralhanae roared in pain. Nvoro sidestepped and put two quick headshots on the unarmed Jiralhanae, effectively killing it. Nvoro continued to run over the blood and brain tissue from the recently killed Minor and rapidly moved towards the two remaining Jiralhanae that were hiding behind the rock...Two? Nvoro asked himself. He was certain that there had been three, unless...

“Take them out; I’ll check K’gha and F’rigk!” Nvoro shouted over the noise of Carbine and Spiker fire. His lance mates didn’t respond; either they were too caught up in the combat or they didn’t hear because of the firefight. Nonetheless, Nvoro quickly sprinted towards K’gha’s and F’rigk’s rock, but it was already too late.

The Jiralhanae Major stood above the two corpses of Nvoro’s comrades, of which K’gha had his head lying on the ground, and Nvoro could tell that the Jiralhanae had chopped his head off with the Nailer blade that was now covered in purple blood.

Nvoro filled with rage, threw his Carbine aside and drew his Energy Sword; a weapon that had belonged to his father. Then Nvoro charged, Sword drawn high and ran at highest possible speed towards the Jiralhanae scum. The Jiralhanae sidestepped, avoiding the blade of white energy that would otherwise have pierced his vital organs. Then he launched a massive punch against Nvoro, but Nvoro ducked and rolled away. He quickly got up and attempted to cut again, but the Jiralhanae kicked him in the stomach, throwing him towards the edge. Nvoro landed slightly before the edge, but had to immediately roll away again as the Jiralhanae attempted to pierce him with the Nailer’s sharp blade. But the blade hit Nvoro’s sword, destroying it. Unarmed, Nvoro attempted to rise, but were kicked back by the Jiralhanae. Exhausted and beaten, Nvoro could do little more than watch with his blurred vision as the Jiralhanae moved so it stood right above him. Through grinning teeth, he growled:

“Seems like it is your end as well, pathetic Sangheili! Your whole race is pathetic! I guess that’s why the Prophets traded you for us; you are too weak to fight on your own, you always need a buddy to aid you! You even sunk so low as to ally the humans, just because you couldn't survive alone; we, the Jiralhanae, on the other hand, are strong, powerful and are able to stand on our own and fight and fight without pathetic allies, and I'll show that now, by killing you!” The Jiralhanae then raised his Nailer, preparing to slice Nvoro in half.

Almost instantly, without knowing it, Nvoro pushed himself up with his hands, rolled away, grabbed K’gha’s Beam Rifle, sidestepped, and bashed the rifle as hard as he could manage in the Jiralhanae’s face. The punch didn’t penetrate the creature’s armor, but it was enough send it off the cliff’s edge. As it roared Covenant cursing towards Nvoro, it fell nearly two hundred meters down into the lush forests.

Nvoro sighed and fell down on his knees, then further down on his stomach. His vision got even more blurred, but he could see the shadowy images of the rest of his lance moving towards him. Then he passed out by a mix of pain and exhaustion.

Sangheili Major MajorElite Nvoro 'Madar (Battlenet) (Memory Block)


29th of August, 21:13, Rho-Sigma System, Vespera, Small Sangheili Settlement

Taurus barked commands from left to right, but it didn’t seem to matter. He couldn’t deny that the Sangheili had outsmarted him this time.

The Sangheili had pretended to retreat, and Taurus’ pack members had gotten overeager, and despite that Taurus told them to approach calmly, the soldiers had been ambushed by Stealth Sangheili and Wraith tanks. Taurus had immediately issued commands to counter the Sangheili’s new offensive, but he had reacted too late, and Taurus’ Pack was now close to collapse. He had managed to gather all survivors and had them build defensive perimeters to protect against the assault. They had used dead bodies, crates, weapons, rocks and destroyed vehicles to build the lines, but while it was a draw for now, Taurus knew that his pack would soon run out of ammunition, and then they would be an easy match.

Taurus crawled behind the line of crates his bodyguard had assembled, and crawled towards the next perimeter that had been built by his Captain, Curus. Just when he reached the line, a Wraith mortar struck, killing two of Curus’ minors. Taurus then rose up and faced Curus.

“How is it going?” Taurus yelled to make sure Curus overheard it over the gunfire.

“I am losing soldiers too quickly; I fear that if those Wraiths aren’t destroyed, my lines will break!”

Taurus thought for a moment, while ducking from another Wraith mortar that went on to hit the rock behind him. Then he barked into his signal unit a few commands to his other troops, and in a few seconds, his remaining Jumppack Jiralhanae jumped out of their covers with their Jumppacks, landing behind the Sangheili’s lines, and started to kill the Sangheili’s frontal lines. At the same time, Taurus’ other soldiers rose out of their cover and fired their weapons. The Sangheili frontal lines fell, but also the Jumppack Jiralhanae that Taurus willingly had sent to their deaths. A risky maneuver, but necessary Taurus thought to himself.

Then he rose out of cover as well, and fired his Fuel Rod Cannon. Three bolts hit the nearest Wraith tank, destroying it and its Sangheili occupants. With a nod from Taurus, Curus’ troops jumped out from their covers and engaged the Sangheili in front of their second Wraith, with Taurus and Curus along with an Ultra named Usus provided cover fire. The battlefield in front of them became a mix of bleeding or dying Sangheili and Jiralhanae. After a short time of fighting, Curus barked the troops back behind the barricade. The Jiralhanae that had returned were significantly fewer than those that had been sent out, but Taurus had achieved his goal.

Suddenly, the Sangheili gunner on the second Wraith were thrown out of the seat with a cracked skull, and instead a now visible Stalker Jiralhanae jumped in, starting to fire on the Sangheili infantry in front of the tank. Meanwhile, the hatch to the driver seat were cracked and the Sangheili inside killed and thrown out, and another Stalker took its place, quickly taking control of the vehicle, using its turbo to run over nearly a lance of Sangheili, and then firing a Plasma Mortar straight into the Sangheili formation. The Sangheili rushed and took cover behind the massive rocks present.

Taurus grinned menacingly. Now it was his troops that controlled the heavy artillery and could pin the Sangheili down. But suddenly, the Wraith blew into pieces, killing the occupants and spreading the wraith parts over the small battlefield. It took Taurus a few seconds to realize that the Sangheili had placed a mine. The second the tank blew, the Sangheili warriors emerged from their hidings and attacked more fiercely than ever, throwing Grenades, firing Carbines and Plasma Rifles, and drawing Energy Swords once reaching the Jiralhanae barricades.

Taurus threw his empty Fuel Rod Gun and grabbed his Gravity Hammer. Then he jumped over the barricade and swinged the hammer straight into the Sangheili Lance in front of him. Two Sangheili died instantly, three others losing their shields. Taurus sidestepped and launched another hit with the hammer, making short work of the three wounded Sangheili. Then, Taurus suddenly saw Brakus heading for his position, Gravity gloves still glowing and punching down Sangheili.

“We had to fall back,” the Chieftain growled, exhausted, “The Sangheili surprised us, and when we lost contact with Novus and your pack members...we couldn’t keep up.”

“Wait, did you lose contact with Novus?” Taurus growled. The last thing he needed was to hear that one of the most impressive Jiralhanae he had ever seen had been killed.

“Yes, we believe that he and your troops were attacked and killed,” Brakus said.

Suddenly, Taurus heard the familiar sound of a Phantom sweeping over him. When looking up, he confirmed it; four Phantoms were flying over them, raining Plasma fire on the attacking Sangheili, quickly killing nearly a dozen. The Phantoms landed shortly afterwards, and more Jiralhanae swarmed out of them, accompanied by Kig-yar and Unggoy servants, quickly pushing back the Sangheili.

The fight only continued a few minutes. The Sangheili fought to the last troop, doing heavy casualties on the reinforcements, but nonetheless were destroyed. Taurus walked over the carnage, and surprisingly saw his Captain, Invirinus in one of the Phantoms.

“Invirinus? You were supposed to remain on the Converting Sword while I were groundside!” Taurus said, now slightly angered. Insubordination was a horrible crime in a Jiralhanae pack, after all.

“The Converting Sword was destroyed Chieftain,” the Captain calmly responded, “I and these four Phantoms barely made it off in time, and since we had lost contact with you, we decided to go reinforce you, Chieftain. May I say that it seemed you needed it as well?”

“You may, thanks.”

“Nonetheless, Chieftain, you have lost two thirds of your pack. So what should we do now?” the Captain asked, with a scent of curiosity emitting from his fur.

“The settlement’s ours, so we should gather our dead, regroup and await further orders,” Taurus said without pause. It was crystal clear what they had to do. What Taurus had a hard time to handle was that so many of his pack members had been deceased in this horrible battle. And for what? he asked himself. Because the Prophet of Deliverance wanted a victory to increase his own prestige.

Survivor of the Old Guard


29th of August, 21:27, Rho-Sigma system, Vespera, south of the 'Valley of Blood', Brute held territory

"Get your hides MOVING!" Chieftain Mrakus shouted, heading to the lead Wraith of the convoy. He was desperate to get to the fight and would not be held up by cowards or fools. Despite his shouts, the lead Wraith, which had been driving several dozen meters ahead of the convoy as a scout, was now still, its engine still droning. He dismounted his Prowler and walked up to the Wraith. He leapt up onto its front right wing and shouted at the gunner, who stared straight ahead. He paid no heed to Mrakus, which made him scowl. He pushed the Minor violently by the head but with that move, his head rolled straight off his shoulders. Mrakus roared and leapt from the Wraith turning back to his convoy to warn them. Bodies were slumped against their vehicles, still in their positions. His jaw fell slack as his eyes scanned for any motion of survivors. There was a sudden searing pain in his neck, like an intense heat, making him instinctively reach to his neck. However, from his point of view he seemingly toppled over by seemed to fall short. He looked back up to see his headless body bleed from the neck. He had caught his own dismembered head in his hands. He blinked several times before he died.

Pathfinder Ultra Branis 'Loltri placed his Energy Garrotte back on his hip then turned back to his comrades. At least a dozen Pathfinders laid in the bushes, their armour decorated in local flora. Due to them being a large unit, their budget didn't allow for large scale issuing of Active Camo generators, so they made due with adaptive armour patterning and decoration it what humans called a 'Ghilli Suit'.

"Sir, 'Koral's Lance think they may have discovered a good landing zone, what shall I tell them?" His communications officer asked, walking to him over the corpse of the Brute Chieftain.

"I trust their judgement, deploy their beacon, stay with the beacon to deactivate it in an emergency. Everybody else, with me! Continue observation!" He shouted

With that a dozen troops disappeared into the foliage. Branis shifted uncomfortably in his modified Assault Harness and followed them. The Commander requested landing zones, and he would provide.

"Quickly now!" Captain Nalrisus shouted as the Brutes dragged their wounded under a hail of plasma fire. The Sangheili had swarmed their defences en masse, vehicles smashing their barricades. Now they had retreated to the town hall, rushing to get in while the Sangheili sprinted for the doors. The last minor limped in and the doors were sealed, the heavy bulkheads sealing as an Ultra on the other side shouted vulgarities at them. Captain Hacinenus chuckled before something suddenly pushed against the door, smashing it against its locks.

"They must be ramming it with a tank, brace it!" He shouted, rushing to the door, helping his minors hold it. However, the blows came fast and furious, the heavy metals of the door buckling and bending and the pins that held it in place eventually snapped, giving way. He sprinted back fast than minor minors who were crushed under the doors as a pair of blue clad behemoths charged through the door, their combined weight crushing those trapped under the bulkheads with a sickening crack. He felt a low rumble that reverberated in his bones and made him shiver with fear. One of the beasts wing out an arm holding a thick metal plate at the nearest Minor, crushing his skull and forcing the insides out as a pulp. The charged into the Brutes, followed by the Sangheili, smashing into them. They were unprepared for Mgelekgolo, especially such fervent and violent ones. As one smashed into a clutch of minors, one slipped behind its rear and prepared a spike grenade but was impaled by a sudden reflex of its spines. He was lifted into the air, screaming while the Hunter crushed the ribcage of another Brute with its shield. The Spines twitched again, flattening then reflexed again, scissoring his body apart into chunks of wet meat. The Hunter smashed a Brute over the head with its shielding, knocking him to the floor but not killing him. The hunter kicked him over onto his back ten stomped on his head, ensuring his death. It levelled its Assault Cannon at the nearest Brute and fired, blasting him in half and then dragging the beam, torching the others as they tried to flee. The second Hunter lead a phalanx of Sangheili up a stair case, with them using it as a mobile shield with Brutes senselessly pummelled its shield with spikes, the tungsten spikes shattering on the shield. Hacinenus ran back to his brother captain then panicked as the torso of a screaming Brute was flung over him.

"I will get the Chieftain!" He shouted, leaving his brother dumb struck at his cowardess. He turned to join him when there was a spray of bright green light interrupted him. He turned back for a moment to look at Nalrisus who turned to meet his gaze. His entire right side was missing, replaced by a smouldering burnt area with an unhealthy green glow. He ran like he had never ran in his life and broke into the room where his Chieftain prepared, his bodyguards applying his armour.

"Chieftain, they have Hunters!"

"Then I will destroy them!" He laughed in defiance

"Is that a fact?" A Sangheili voice mocked

The glass window at the back of the room shattered as a Sangheili assassin smashed through it and lunged plasma sword first, cutting apart one of his bodyguards immediately and in a dance of deadly grace, cut his entire entourage to pieces. The Chieftain turned to face him, bringing his hammer down but the assassin merely leap frogged this and used the gravity blast to buoy himself over the Chieftain. While behind him he swing his plasma blade down just left of his head, cutting through his shoulder and torso. His blade become stuck and as he tried to wrench it free the remaining Brutes rushed him but he drew a second then dismissed them all with one sweep before using the blade to cut the Chieftain to ribbons. Hacinenus had already fled. He had hoped to get to the roof and escape when he came to the room overlooking the roof, which was priorly guarded by a small pack lead by a high ranking captain. They lay on top of each other, dead. A clutch of Special Operations Sangheili looked to him as they calmly reloaded their weapons. He panicked and turned to run but his face sudden met a force coming at him in the opposite direction at great speed. His snout was crushed and he was knocked from his feet to his back. He screamed out, his helmet flung free of his now disfigured head. A heavy foot was planted on his chest and forced was applied, crushing his ribs. He brushed blood from his eyes and looked up to see a single hunter. A rumbled came from it, shaking through his body before it brought its shield down upon his head, crushing his skull. Then he knew no more.

'Itanl dragged his comrade to cover, plasma lacerating the air all around him. He brought his dying comrade behind the cover of a flaming Wraith. He held his head above the water and tried to calm him.

"Be still brother, aid is on its way!" He lied

They had tried to ford the shallow sections near the bottom of the Valley of Blood but Brute positions high up fired down on them. Now plasma turrets kept them trapped down here. Boiling water rained down as a fuel rod shot exploded beside him.

More Sangheili died as they tried to move up and another tank, a Poltergeist, exploded violently. The Sangheili infantry retreated and 'Itanl looked up to see something advance. Something wholey different. An almost 9 foot tall purple clad warrior with gleaming tank grade armour. More emerged from the Sangheili positions and fired their particles rifles on the enemy positions, sniping the enemy soldiers. A few more, descending from above used their anti gravity apparatus to quickly and accurately guide them to the enemy firing positions where a bloody massacre took place, the rage fuelled giants tearing the enemy soldiers limb from limb or throwing them dozens or hundreds of feet up onto jagged rocks below. Soon troops began to ford the river again, tanks and exoskeletons sprinting across. A Healer kneeled down beside his wounded comrade and checked over him before picking him up.

"Don't worry, He can be saved!" He said before running him to an aid station. 'Itnal briefed a sigh of relief before unlatching his plasma rifle from his waist and charged after his comrades, ducking to avoid the flying arm of a Brute.

'Korilos leapt up from the trench with his comrades and charged the Brutes, who had leapt up from theirs to attack back at them. A Brute screamed, setting him in its sights but 'Korilos just lowered his shoulder and continued the charge, taking the few Spikes fired at him off his shield before slashing into the Brute with his Plasma Assaulter, jabbing the bayonet into his gut before putting all his momentum into his rifle and flipping him over shoulder then charged the short distance to the Brute trench, leaping into the swirling melee, cutting into them with the plasma bayonet. The first he cut from the shoulder to his opposite waist, cutting him in half and the second raised his Spiker to block the blow but he overpowered him and stabbed him in the heart. He finally relieved a comrade by flipping the rifle in his hands, planting it upside down then stabbing it into the back of a Brute that raising it up, cutting him apart. Further down the trench, his new ultra Commander, 'Irvel, cut down the last of the Brutes before directing his tanks to move up, firing on the Brutes. They finished up securing this side of the bridge but remained entrenched as enemy artillery shattered the odd vehicle. However, one Poltergeist driver grew brave and boosted for the bridge, trying to cross it. In the dog fights high above them a Sangheili F-105 Ophan pounded a Brute Seraph, stripping its shielding and punching a section of molten holes in its rear, sending it tumbling uncontrollably down to the ground before hitting the bridge, and the poltergeist, smashing both and knocking a small section of the bridge and the tank down into the rocks and water below.

'Irvel scowled but this would not slow them.

"I want Gremlin artillery in position to fire on the opposite bank and I want snipers, Poltergeists, Wraiths and Revenants lined up on our bank to fire on the enemy! Everybody else, with me!" He shouted as a Succubus AVE neared. He got onto the side of it as it moved forward slowly under the heavy covering fire of the friendly forces to bridge the gap. 'Korilos leapt up to join his commander and looked to the distance as a high pitched scream sounded out from a Brute Scarab attempt to climb over a narrow section. It lost its footing and tumbled down, smashing itself upon the jagged rocks below. A plasma mortar impacted nearby, bringing his wits back to the battle. He took cover behind the Succubus and fired bursts of fire at the opposite bank, which was useless considering the distance but it made him feel more comfortable. An eruption of plasma mortars, plasma streams and particle beams erupted, bombarding the opposite bank in a flourish of explosives.

"First to get onto the opposite bank gets a fine meal, ON ME!" 'Irval shouted, raising his plasma sword in the air.

His troops roared in approval

Field Master Yarik 'Telra observed the battle from afar with many of the other legion commanders from their command post, observing the situation unfold. Things went in their favour, most certainly. They had funnelled the Brutes into kill zones and destroyed many of their forces, they now pushed back, though ran the risk of having the same occur to them. However, something caught his attention in the distance. Behind the night clouds and pyres of smoke, half a dozen shapes emerged.

"We have a battle group closing on the Valley, FAST!"

"We cannot hope to hold out against that, they will glass our forces!"

"... Call the retreat. Extend this battle but save thousands of lives. NOW!" Telra ordered over the comms.

"That is unnecessary. Stand down." A voice ordered him

"I will not let my men stand and die! Who dares orders my men to stand and die?"

"By the authority of the Imperator and the Sangheili council, I, Kasr 'Revak, order you to stand your ground."

"This is madness....."

"This is retribution."

The lead battle cruiser, now passing over the Brute bank and charging its weapons suddenly fell victim to a trap. Above it the clouds parted before a pillar of light cut straight through them and pounded into its upper shields, followed by more, cutting through the shields and hull and blasting a hole in the middle of the ship. The ship suddenly lurched and nosedived into the valley, falling into its depths and exploding deep in the jagged crevices. Suddenly plasma lances, pulse lasers and energy projectors lashed out at the warships, who immediately began to scatter, though the smallest immediately exploded, showering the Brute forces below with fire. An energy projector raked across the surface of the world, obliterating several Brute outposts in its path and cutting a destroyer in two. Above the battlefield an Assault Carrier descended. The Hollowed Sanctum had arrived.


Jurdi ‘Mengsk strained his powerful deltoid muscles, pulling him large bulk further up the almost sheer cliff face. The Energy chord was anchored at the top of the cliff by some incredibly brave or incredibly foolish Pathfinders, giving him and his men a relatively safe journey up. He hauled himself up several more meters before looking to his left and right. Almost a hundred Commandos in their distinct Harnesses and ad hoc camo patterns scaled with him. Above them lay the Brute side of one of the few bridges across the Valley that would allow armoured forces to flood into the disorganized Brute ranks. Above him a number of plasma cannon nests spouted plasma at the bridge, pinning down friendly forces. He continued the scale up before stopping short, remaining just below the enemy.

“Are all lances in position?”

He received a flood of confirmations.

“Then upon my mark, arm your flares...” He said, pulling a plasma grenade from his belt and activating it “Away!”

Almost one hundred Plasma grenades leapt up over the edge of the cliff and fell into the weapon emplacements, blowing them wide open and sending the defenders into a disorganized panic. He leapt over the parapet at the top of the cliff, sword in hand and began to cut into his enemy, lacerating the few too stupid to have fled. His troops stormed the buildings around the bridge, flushing them out in an instant and cleared the way for the bridge to be crossed. More and more Commandos emerged from their hiding places, acting as shock troopers, pounding into the enemy with impunity. More turmoil racked the Brutes as ‘True Phantom’ dropships emerged from the valley, their stealth disengaging in time to deploy more Commandos. From above, orbital insertion pods deployed over two thousand elite Assault Troopers behind Brute lines. Now crushed between troopers trained to kill Brutes in every possible manner and an armoured spearhead lead by Elite shock troopers, the Brutes had no were to go.

High above the combat, a flock of Phantom dropships descended from the belly of the Hollowed Sanctum. They had nothing to fear, with all the Brute’s airpower destroyed by superior Sangheili pilots, their ground anti aircraft weapon destroyed by bombers, fire from the Hollowed Sanctum or by ground teams. On the lead Phantom Gunship, Kasr 'Revak leaned out of the side door, observing the conflict below.

“Glorious.” He smiled as his Special Warfare Group broke the back of the Brute’s defence. Disorganised, in disarray and now under attack from all directions, they desperately aimed to hold their ground. A lost cause.

“Sound the charge!” He shouted, his pilot immediately activating the powerful sound system built into this Phantom, along with the others flying in formation. The USR national anthem played out, screaming even over the sounds of battle. A cacophony of brass and percussion instruments that sounded more like an ancient war god delivering thunder to his enemies sounded out. It terrified the Brutes below them and made Kasr smile. Soon his forces began to surround the Marauder’s temporary fortress, a small town with one side on the edge of the Valley and the other now surrounded by drop troops, cut off by incoming USR armoured forces and with Commandos, Assassins and Special Ops running rampant through it. His Phantom gunship, leading a formation of thirteen Phantoms and Spooks touched down at the outskirts, under fire from Brute defenders. Aircraft bombarded the settlement, making the defenders keep down, giving them a chance to get into the city outskirts and allowing them to break into the buildings. Kasr lead the charge, cutting into the Brutes with his Plasma Sword, leading the massacre.

The Ancient Curse released a torrent of sun hot fire from its weapon bays, incinerating several smaller ships and lacerating the larger ones. The Imperator looked to the monitor to his left, displaying one of their flanking Battle cruisers exploding from return fire.

“Full battle speed, broad formation!” The Imperator ordered, never rising from his chair. He observed the battle before him and then parted his mandibles in a smile. Ang’s latest manoeuvre split the Brute fleet in half, and most of all, separated their leading Super Cruiser, the Rabid Beast, from its escorts.

“Change bearing to an intercept course on the Rabid Beast, fire a ... invitation.” He ordered. The ship fired its forward Energy Projector, attracting its attention. It changed its course to an intercept on the Ancient Curse, both coming at each other at full speed.

“Full power to shields and engines, sound the alarm, brace for ramming speed!” The Imperator ordered, leaping from his chair and leaning over the command desk in front of him

Immediately the forward decks were evacuated, the shields reinforced and the engines began to put out at maximum output.

“The blasted mongrels always turn first.”

His bridge crew responded nervously as both space leviathans shot towards each other with frightening speed. However, the Imperator stood up, nobly erect as his Bridge crew fastened themselves in. With less than a kilometre to go, the Rabid Beast suddenly cut a desperate turn to avoid front impact. The ships navigation officer changed course at the last second as well, directing the ship into a dead on ram into the Rabid Beast’s starboard. The ship lurched and the sound of screaming metal rang through the ship as the shields did their job, stopping much of the devastation that would befall them and causing maximum damage to the enemy. The Beast’s mid decks collapsed while the only damage suffered by the Curse was minimal prow damage. While the crew was still stunned, the Imperator remained standing and concentrated.

“Full reverse, power to all forward facing guns, prepare to fire!” He roared

The ship lurched back and dances began to dance across its hull before they lashed out at the Rabid Beast, striking at the gaping wound in its side and gutting it from the inside out. Deeply hidden and armoured plasma conduits exploded, fibre optic power distribution systems malfunctioned from their attacks and fires raged through the inside. The ship was covered in blossoms of fire before eventually it exploded towards the rear, splitting it in two.

“Fleet, form up, escorts to my side, fighters, stay close to the ships to keep the enemy in range of the point defence lasers, prepare to attack and crush them!” The Imperator commanded

In space and on the ground, Some of the most Elite and hardened troops the USR possessed hit into the confused and inexperienced troops the Marauder had largely been left with, since the defeat at Kanna had resulted in the death of many Remnant Veterans. Now, the USR delivered the killing blow to a wounded beast.

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Triarius stared at the large behemoths in front of him, three Scarabs were being prepared for battle and it was his pack that would provide cover for them. Metellus took half of the pack to the ground, Macrius and himself took the other half on the Scarabs. He watched as his Jiralhanae loaded munitions and equipment into the Scarabs, the pilots readied themselves then began to take their place in the cockpits. Soon they would make their way to one of the few bridges in the valley and push through the Sangheili flank. Other vehicles were gathering around them, Wraiths of various kinds as well as a few AA Wraiths. Choppers and Prowlers and three Ghosts to provide as the lead scouting party. Another pack gathered as well, whereas Triarius's Brutus pack was to provide protection to the Scarabs the other was to protect the other vehicles and act as the assault unit.

All in all the forces gathered were a combination of beauty, strength, and honor in Triarius eyes. Soon they would defeat the Sangheili and take this world. They would crush the traitors and soon be on the Path. Macrius kneeled next to him watching the forces get ready to move, "A bridge provides a perfect death." he says than gets up.

It was true, they would have little maneuverability and even less cover. They're forces would be forced into a bottleneck or even worse, the bridge itself blown from under them. "But not ours." Triarius replied trusting in his pack. They would take a victory, they had to.



All was still.

Vok Kar advanced warily, his Pinner Rifle raised. He sighted the edge of the chasm that loomed ahead and paused. He thought he had seen something ahead. He stood still for almost a minute, then assured that the path ahead was clear, continued through the brush.

As he continued, he heard the distinct sound of a twig snapping up ahead. He drew his small energy blade, the blade his father had given him, crouched down, and advanced. He approached the tree where the sound had come from, gripped his blade tighter, then jumped out from behind the tree.

There in front of him stood three Jiralhanae. The trio looked back at him, their eyes filled with surprise. Then, Vok primed his Disorientation Grenade, threw it to the feet of the trio, then jumped back behind the tree.

A dull 'whoomf' came, and Vok sprang into action. The closest enemy, reaching to his belt for his weapon, lost his head. The second lost his arm then the left half of his face. He reached up, found the empty hole where the energy blade had passed, had enough time to scream, then fell backwards into a bush. The last stumbled backwards, didn't realize he was that close to the edge of the chasm, then toppled backwards into the river below, screaming all the way. Vok sheathed his blade, then faded into the surrounding forest.

And once again, all was still.

The Harbinger We will be victorius The Silent Doom The Warriors The Scourge The Place of No Return Halo 3- Commando and Carry All


Jente was injured; he'd been hit by a spiker all the way up his left side, three rounds piercing his armor, more stuck in his armor. He'd limped back to the main camp, and asked for a medic. After receiving some medical attention, he decided to do something unprecedented. He was going to go back onto the field, despite his injuries, and hopefully penetrate deep into enemy territory.

"I hereby request two Kig-Yar sniper lances, and two Lekgolo Pairs, and a Phantom." He said to one of the unfortunate clerks who were here in the main command center on the ground. "In addition, ensure that all are equipped with Active Camouflage."

"S-Sir, the Lehgolo may decline the Camo."

"They won't. Trust me. Send the personnel and supplies to docking outpost 17B. I'll be waiting." With that Jente limped out, in the direction of the specified area, faded out as he activated his own active camouflage.


The T'sar had built there trench system a mile away from the Brute encampment. They were guarding a valuable bridge the legion needed to cross to eliminate the rest of the mongrels. Uasu walked through the front trench, looking out at the brutes on the encampments walls. They were feeling the pressure of the Sangheili offensive, receiving word that their fleet was about to crumble dealt a serious blow to their morale. Still, they were well defended, a scout had reported seeing Jiralanese defensive guns along their defensive trench. Uasu knew this, and he would not send his brothers on a suicide run. He walked into the command bunker, a medium sized underground room, inside his father,Ushran began speaking to one of the majors, he passed and nodded his head in respect and knelt near a radio "So,there are only some chainguns in the trench,is that all you see?" he asked with question. Through the radio, an angelic voice to any Sangheili male spoke through, it was Naoc, the Eye of the Beholders intelligence officer, and Uasu's potential mate "Yes, a flyby showed that the Brutes have four of their chainguns entrenched along with some of their warriors, they also have a Soul on top of the base. Proceed with caution, and good luck."

The radio fell dim, Uasu stood and approached his father, now observing No-Mans-Land from a small scope in the bunker. He tapped his shoulder and informed him of the defenses and they need to capture the bridge ASAP, more Sangheili were on their way. Ushran looked into the scope, and back "Then we must go now" he picked up the deactivated scythe hilt next to him "and we shall lead the charge." They walked outside into the front trench, Uasu's lance was looking over the wall. Uasu approached and called "My brothers, we head over the trench in five minutes! The only thing standing between us and the rest of the Marauder's mongrels is that outpost! They fear our strength for they know they cannot win!" with this, he holstered his carbine and withdrew his Energy Sword, Ushran stamped the ground with his scythe, and a whirling blade of energy emerged from the blade "Men, ready your bayonets!" The Sangheili in the front trench withdrew a small metal cylinder and attached it to the bottom of their weapon, stamped it on the ground, and in unison a small energy blade emerged. Ladders came from the metal of the trench, their way onto the battlefield.

Uasu turned to his five Wraith artillery tanks, they fired three volleys, fifteen balls of explosive plasma impacted the Brute outpost, he saw an explosion on top, the Soul anti vehicle gun had been eliminated. A flight of three Seraphim flew over their heads, and dropped their remaining charges, as the plasma washed over the Brutes, Uasu gave the order "Charge!" He leaped onto the battlefield, Ushran and two hundred roaring Sangheili followed. Gunfire erupted from the enemy trench, however no heavy weaponry fired. The Sangheili following fired as they ran, inaccurate but it kept the Brutes heads down. They were a hundred meters from the trench, only five Sangheili lay dead in no mans land. The Brutes knew that they were done, but raised their blades in anticipation for a close quarters battle. Uasu jumped into the trench, landed, and spun his sword in a circle, cutting down many Brutes. Ushran used his scythe to land behind him, and engaged a Brute in battle. The rest of the Sangheili poured in. Uasu saw some of the battle from the corner of his eye, a Sangheili had sliced a Brutes head in half, however another came and slammed his fist into him, he fell to the floor in a bloody spray. His father had engaged several Brutes, they taunted him for his old age, however a swipe from his scythe and the Brutes torsos fell cleanly from their waists. In the heat of the battle, a Brute with a Brute Shot had slashed his bayonet near Uasu, he dodged and swung, the Brute raised his arm and deflected most of the blow, he swung again and caught Uasu in the thigh, luckily his shield stopped a potentially fatal swing. Uasu kicked the Brute in the genitals, and stabbed the beast through the torso. Most of the Brutes were dead, some had retreated inside, however Uasu had activated a captured Spike Grenade, tossed it in and detonated. A brute emerged, however fell with three spikes in the back of his head. Ushran entered and dragged a wounded Chieftain out, multiple plasma burns covered his arm and face, rendering him incapable of combat.

"Kill him!" A Sangheili yelled out from the crowd. Uasu had the Chieftain tied, and on his knees. The beast held his head low, not looking Uasu in the eye. He stomped on the Brutes wounded leg, despite it being the size of a tree trunk, it snapped and the Brute roared in pain, Sangheili laughing at his condition. Uasu knelt and spoke to the beast "Why do you just not accept that the prophets are deceiving you? They are nothing more than sniveling snakes, using you as cannon fodder so they can pursue their blinded dreams?" The Brute raised his head and eyed the Sangheili. He was enraged, weather from his words or the fact that he was incapable of crushing him with his strength "Your words are meaningless Sangheili, I have seen the Prophets speak the truth! The Oracle told us!" Ushran laughed, the brute turned toward him "What are you laughing at you old fool!" Usrhan stepped forward, and slammed his foot in the brutes face, picked him up and shook him "Was this the same Oracle who predicted victory at the human world Kanna? The same world that proved to be a humiliating failure?" The Brute jerked his head back in thought, he knew it was true, however he held his pride "One mistake does not mean it will happen again!" He spat in Usrhans face, luckily the mask the Ascetic helmet wore blocked it, he released him, and broke his other leg, the beast howled again as Sangheili cheered. He picked up his scythe and began cutting down the beasts arm, creating an intricate symbol. The brute howled as this happened, however Ushran finished rather quickly. The brute looked at the mark, and he knew for what it was, the Mark of Shame. He hung his head low, Ushran "My brothers, what would you like to see happen to this mongrel?" Many shouts were heard, but Ushran remembered the Covenants penalty for heresy. He activated the energy blade in his gauntlet, stabbed into the brutes flesh, sliced downwards, and hung the chieftain on the command post by his entrails.

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With his Gravity Hammer slung over his back, Mallunus glared across the rocky bridge towards where the enemy would surely be waiting. Behind him, his pack waited in full war gear as their leader prepared to order the charge. They had been ordered to secure the area around the other side of the bridge so that the Remnant's armored units could move up to engage the heretics on the other side. The Sanghelli vermin would undoubtedly be well dug in and ready to put up a ferocious fight, but Mallunus would have it no other way. No matter how many troops the Sanghelli defended their positions with, he and his pack would overrun them.

Turning to the few hundred Jiralhanae behind him, he grinned. "Now, my brothers, we go to war!" So saying this, he unslung his Gravity Hammer and leapt onto the bridge. Behind him his pack did the same, readying Brute Shots, Spikers, Fuel Rod Guns, and all manner of other weapons as they stormed after their leader. Their roars shook the air as their feet shook the bridge.

The Sanghelli were not yet firing, and Mallunus had nearly reached the center of the bridge. His smile widened as he enjoyed the feel of wind on his face. This is what it means to be alive! he thought.

The first Sanghelli shot went wide, missing the chieftain and his followers. The second shot glanced off Mallunus's armor,as did the third, but the fourth struck him in a joint at the shoulder, filling the air with the smell of charred flesh. Mallunus barely noticed as he sprinted towards the end of the bridge... and the enemy.

As the rest of the Sanghelli opened fire from their trenches, a few of the pack were killed as their power armor failed and projectiles riddled their bodies. Some who were not killed by the barrage stumbled, only to be thrown into the rushing water below by those behind. Mallunus left the bridge and finally saw the Sanghelli, their bodies protruding from the trench as they tried in vain to bring down the lumbering Jiralhanae. With a roar of triumph, Mallunus reached the enemy and the battle was joined in full.

Bringing his hammer down, Mallunus crushed the head of a Sanghelli sniper. Before the mangled body had finished falling, he turned and killed two more of the enemy in a single swing. His brethren were also in range now, and their projectiles fell amongst the Sanghelli troops, causing their shields to flare and fail. As more of his pack reached the trenches and began to hurl themselves at the defenders, Mallunus threw aside his hammer and drew two energy swords from his armor. With a flick of his wrist, he decapitated one warrior with his left hand while impaling another with his right. Another Sanghelli drew his own sword and hacked down, only to find his blow parried by Mallunus's left blade, which had already recovered from its initial slice. Withdrawing the right blade from the corpse he had just run through, he sliced the helpless warrior in half.

All around him his pack was laying into the Sanghelli troops, their war howls nearly drowning out the roar of their weapons. One pack member, finding his spiker slashed in half by an energy sword, through it away and tackled his opponent, his massive hands closing around the Sanghelli's throat. Another was firing two spikers at once, his deadly nails slashing through the clustered enemy. A Sanghelli managed to cut down one Jiralhanae but was himself slashed down by a Brute Shot's blade, while one of his comrades found his throat dug out by a spiker's bayonet. A few Sanghelli were attempting to disengage from the melee and bring their plasma rifles to bear, but by now Mallunus's pack had overrun most of the trenches and were advancing after the survivors.

Mallunus deactivated his energy swords and returned them to his armor, seizing his hammer up from where he had thrown it. A Jiralhanae Major rushed up to him.

"Chieftain!" the warrior cried. "Sanghelli reinforcements!"

Turning, Mallunus saw several lances of the enemy closing on his pack. He grinned. "Good!" he barked, and with a roar he leapt over the trench and sprinted towards the advancing enemy. He was truly alive!

Once more, the battle was joined. More Jiralhanae had crossed the bridge by now and were laying down a withering barrage of explosive shots and spikes upon the Sanghelli. More of the enemy continued to appear, and every time a Jiralhanae struck down one Sanghelli, two more seemed to appear and take his place. The Remnant and USR forces had joined together in a melee again, and the Remnant's ranks of blue and gold clashed against the USR's of blue and gold. Mallunus's armor was by now drenched in purple blood as he fought in the very center of the fray, swinging his hammer with wild abandon. A few friendly warriors were unlucky enough to get in the way, but their deaths were of less importance to the chieftain than those of the Sanghelli. There would be time to count losses later, but for now his only thought was of the dozens of vermin still left to exterminate.

A squadron Choppers had made it across the bridge, but found their path to the enemy blocked by the crowd of Jiralhanae pushing and shoving to reach the main battle line. One frustrated driver attempted to plow his way through the mass of warriors but had barely begun to work his way into the crowd before being stalled by the sheer amount of bodies in his way. An enterprising Sanghelli managed to take a moment of respite from the battle and noticed the vulnerable vehicle. The plasma grenade he tossed latched perfectly onto the Chopper's engine, and the explosion that moments later engulfed the adjacent Jiralhanae, scattering dead or dying warriors everywhere.

This sudden turn of events weakened the Jiralhanae battle line, forcing the Remnant troops back as even more USR reinforcements charged into the fray. Bellowing with fury, Mallunus and a few of his most loyal pack members stood their ground and fought on, building a wall of corpses at their feet.

From his position near the bridge, the commander of the Chopper squadron watched as the chieftain and his followers were surrounded. In a few moments they would be overwhelmed.

The commander had not survived long enough to attain his position by being rash or foolish. He knew that if Mallunus fell, the remaining infantry would loose the enormous boost of morale his presence brought. Even worse, if the chieftain was allowed to fall the Sanghelli would be able to drive the Remnant forces back onto the bridge, where they would be easily picked off by snipers.

The commander turned to his lieutenant. "Take five Choppers and flank left, while I do the same on the right!" he snarled and motioned for the four closest Choppers to follow him. Carving a path through the retreating infantry, the commander and his escort opened fire as soon as they cleared the main crowd. Sanghelli were cut down in droves as the heated metal tore through their ranks. The survivors attempted to fall back, but were overtaken by the oncoming Choppers. Bodies were sucked into the bladed wheels and ripped to shreds as the lieutenant's forces did the same on the left. Swerving around Mallunus's position like water around a rock, the two halves of the squadron became whole once more. Behind them, the infantry had regrouped and were charging forward once again. The commander smiled. His squadron would clear further territory up ahead while the infantry mopped up those Sanghelli not killed by the Choppers' advance. By that time, heavier armor would have made it over the bridge and the Remnant's beachhead there would be completely secure.

Mallunus watched as the Choppers formed a line and prepared to charge. Although angry that much of his pack had retreated with the others, he was not about to let his rage interfere with the flow of the battle. He motioned for the Remnant infantry to stop before they passed him. "Form a wedge behind me," he growled. "We will follow after the Choppers and carve a path straight through the traitors' ranks!" As the warriors readied themselves for another charge, Mallunus bared his teeth in anticipation. The battle he had just survived would be nothing compared to the one ahead of him.

Actene: If This Is To End In Fire, Then We'll Burn Together


Malach 'Regum sat on a rock, and began to ponder his next course of action.

In the frenzy of recent hours, Malach's superiors had only managed to get a vague order out to his troops: Strike the Brutes from the bottom of the canyon."

'Regum had two dozen veteran Sangheili to work with, but he had severe doubts whether or not they would be enough to defeat any of the camps distributed along the canyon. His sniper had claimed that the main occupational force of the camp was out on a raid, but the commander was not sure. He had earned the rank of Ultra through years of work, and he would not risk tarnishing his reputation through a foolish attack against a superior force.

It had been minutes now, and his soldiers lazed around, growing impatient with the commander's thoughts. Finally, he made a decision. He rose from his position and gathered his troops.

"Sangheili," he began "have always been proud. We have been the greatest warriors in the galaxy for millenia, even under the disgraceful rule of the San'Shyuum we have proven strong and wise. The Regum clan has not been the least of this practice. Ours is one of only 5 clans that can boast having our kin enter personal combat with a Spartan, and survive. We were also the most fanatical zealots of the Covenant, with nearly every member of our clan serving as the foul alliance's greatest warriors. However... in recent years, our pride and honor have been sullied by laziness, and a lack of combat to prove our worth. However, I am blessed today. Every member of my lance shares my own bloodline, and so I may speak to you not as soldiers, but as kin. True brothers in arms, as well as in blood. Today, the Regum clan returns to glory! We return to power! We return to WAR!"

As the emphasis was placed on his last word, the entirety of the Regum clan's warriors cheered in joy for their chance at combat. Knowing what to do, the ran to the canyon, and began to climb to the top.

Twenty minutes passed, and the climbing continued, though the climbers did not feel the weight of fatigue, or the pain of hunger strike them. They were determined, and no force in all planes of existence could stop them from reattaining their honor; not even death.

At long last, they reached the top, and found themselves adjacent to one of the Brute camps. With no words spoken, the lance-clan regrouped behind a prefab shelter. Two of the lance cloaked themselves, and went forward to scout the camp. Almost a score of minutes passed before they returned.

"Commander Malach," one of the reconnoiters began. "we have taken a census and have found three-score of Brutes in the camp. They are without command, and are poorly armed. We shall destroy them in combat."

Malach nodded, and ignited his sword. With only one phrase he rolled from cover, and sprinted at the nearest Brute.

As he neared it, he brought down his blade with a shout: "For the Imperator!"

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29th of August, 22:44, Rho-Sigma system, Vespera, the 'Valley of Blood'

Jinakus roared in defiance as another mortar hit his position, killing another man. He screamed the order to charge but above the sounds of the USR national anthem being blasted from the dropships. None of his lance heard or obeyed and kept their heads down as more torrents of fire rained down on their position from enemy dropships roving overhead. He gave them orders with hand motions, signalling for his lance to follow him. He broke from cover and sprinted across the road but fell flat on his back as a wave of heat erupted behind him. He screamed out as intense pain snatched at his back. He struggled to rise up and moved a hand to touch his back but when his claw touched the exposed, burnt bone of his spinal cord he immediately withdrew his hand. He turned around to see ashes floating around a crater of glass, the only remains of his comrades. At the end of the street a USR Revenant tank moved forward, left over incendiary jelly dropping from the barrel of the main gun like saliva from a salivating beast, moving in for the kill. Jinakus got up to scrabble away but a boot stomped onto his back, stunning him.

The Sangheili major with his boot on the spine of the remaining Brute parted his mandibles into a grin. He rolled the Brute over with his foot then bulled off its helmet. It writhed in pain on the floor, struggling to stay conscious. He raised his foot then stomped it down on his head in a powerful stomp born from the coiled up muscles in his leg, making a sickening crunch. He whipped the remains of his skull and brain off his boot then motioned for his unit to move up the street with him.

‘Revsar moved up the street, plasma rifle in hand, his small cadre of Elite troops following in his wake. A Phantom cast a shadow over head and delivered a torrent of fuel rod fire to the ground, incinerating troops. Kasr moved up and out of the street onto the brim of a hill that lead to an area of scorched earth, dipping into a valley then rising into a hill on the opposite side. He saw the Marauder on the opposite side, bellowing orders to his deeply entrenched troops.

“All troops, line up opposite that valley hill. Prepare to charge. Direct artillery and fire support to the forward defences facing us. Gods help you if you hit the marauder.” Kasr ordered his dropships immediately moving into position to deliver strafing runs. He lay down on the lip of the valley, looking over the hill. He would have this monster’s head for a trophy if it cost him his life.

The Imperator lay against his command chair and felt slightly agitated by their misfortune.

“Scan results are negative. We cannot find any remaining ships. They must be on the other side of the planet or in atmospheric orbit.”

Move to cover in the debris field of their dead, form a defensive perimeter around the world, I want our fifth and sixth echelons to do a reconnoitre of the other side of the planet, if they find any targets, eliminate them with extreme prejudice.”

“Yes Imperator.” His bridge officer reported.

“Where do you hide, with your tail between your legs?” He thought to himself

A bright blue flare arched over the battlefield, signalling the charge. Kasr rose up, followed by a variety of Commandos, Assault Troopers and Pathfinders. A hail of plasma fire was fired from charging warriors, with fire from spikers being returned in due course, striking down many Sangheili. However, the rolling tide of sheer aggression smashed into the Brute line and soldiers poured over the Brute defences and into their trenches, bringing plasma swords against crude hatchets in a closely confined massacre. Kasr stormed the first trench he landed in, scissoring several Brutes apart with his sword before he leapt out and charged the brow of the hill, where the Marauder stood, defying him with every guttural scream. Kasr charged at his body guards but crouched down at the last moment, turning his legs into powerful springs and somersaulted over them, a difficult manoeuvre in a full combat harness. He moved into a flying kick against the massive chieftain and sent him stumbling back a short distance. Both regained their footing then engaged each other, hacking and smashing at each other, expertly parrying each other.

“So you’re the whelp the Imperator sent?” The Marauder laughed

“I'll tear your mongrel's head from your body!” Kasr roared in defiance, lunging again. They launched blows at each other, this time Kasr manoeuvring around his parry then cutting at his arm. The Marauder roared, losing his grip on his might hammer, with Kasr kicking it out of his hands. He prepared to lung for his heart but Longinius moved to the side, the blade missing. He struck at Kasr’s arm, resulting in a sickening crack and forced him to drop his sword before grabbing a hold of Kasr’s neck and lifting him up. He squeezed a little, just to sap the fight out of him. Kasr kicked out at him but to no avail and soon tired from lack of oxygen. The Marauder smiled and reached for a long, jagged blade held at his back and drew it from its scabbard. He smiled and raised the blade up, preparing to behead Kasr.

“Your head will be a fitting addition to my trophy rack.” He laughed

“Arrogance has clouded your judgement.” Kasr growled, reaching for his waist and a cylindrical object tied to it.

Longinius arched his arm back when suddenly a wave of overpressure from a distant explosion of enormous proportions rocked them, making him stumbled and drop Kasr. In the distance the Hollowed Sanctum had just hit a clutch of three Scarabs with a pulse laser, destroying all three. Kasr tore the plasma knife from his waist and lashed at the distracted Longinius.

The battlefield was silent for a moment but the silence was broken by victory cries of the Sangheili.

Kasr raised his arm in the air, purple blood trailing down it. In his hand, the disembodied head of Longinius, his jaw slack.


There was a cheer as his soldiers cut into the disorientated and leaderless soldiers. Immediately his personal drop ship swung in low and picked him up from the combat, to ferry him back to the Sanctum to deliver reports of his success. Kasr wrenched the head out of the helmet and tossed it away before climbing aboard.

Kasr sat in a chair, seemingly floating over the battlefield as the cleanup continued. He held the Marauder’s helmet in his hands and looked at the pieces of Sangheili bone buried into it, a grim testament to his skill at killing his people.

“Well done Kasr. You’ve outdone yourself.” The Imperator said, walking in thin air towards him, his deep purple cloak flowing behind him.

“Think nothing of it. I live to kill Jiralhanae.”

The Imperator looked down at the scorched and barren tract of land, the vast jungles burnt to a crisp before him.

“The cost is heavy, bur worth it. Victory has been assured. However, what worries me is.... you.”

Kasr looked to his superior officer with puzzlement.

“It was almost fifty years ago when I first met you. It was on that barren hillside, on that war torn world, where those humans erected a monument to their dead heroes. You were so eager to just have peace. Now you live for war. This anger will consume you.” The Imperator said, his voice dead pan.

“Those mongrels took all I hold dear fifteen years ago. My whole family... I would have been happy to live in peace...”

“But I thought your youngest son survived?”

“He renounced me and my family name, he thinks I am a coward and it was my fault that they died that day. Perhaps he is right.”

“Children always seek to blame something that is close to them, tangible, easy to blame. His anger will pass. But never forget, he is still your flesh and blood. Nothing can stop that.” The Imperator said before his hologram faded away. Around him the room faded also, back into a darkened, purple decorated room. Kasr rose from his chair and opened up a cabinet filled with trophies of war. He placed the helmet of the Marauder in it then shut it again and then released a heavy sigh. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


Vespera Victory

Vespera was another serious blow to the Remnant, very soon after the destructive loss at Kanna. A whole fleet decimated, with almost 400 ships destroyed and over 10,000 soldiers dead, along with the brilliant tactician, Longinius, their ability to attack and hold back the USR forces was negated. Now they were vulnerable to a death stroke manoeuvre by the USR, an attack that wouldn’t come until OPERATION:FIRE. The USR had managed to substantiate its position in that sector and began to expand into Brute territory, pushing the Remnant closer and closer to their own border territories.


Covenant Remnant

Navy:31 ships survive of 426 strong fleet, 70% damaged
Army:Of the 13,000 ground forces deployed, around 2300 survived, no prisoners


Navy:Of 492 warships, 325 survived, around 30% damaged, a further 41 crippled
Army:Of the 12000 soldiers defending, around 7400 survived, 2500 casualties, 2100 KIA


Of the 110,000 civilians, 105000 survived, 3500 casualties, 1500 killed


(Feel free to add a Epilogue of you escaping or being victorious, but action on Vespera has now ended)


Mauravauntus lunged at the wall and buried his fist deep into the groaning metal of his ship. He pulled it out quickly, and watched as the freshly-drawn blood flowed across his palm. He clenched his hand into a fist to dull the pain and turned back to his bridge crew.

"Navigator, tell me, how many of our ships escaped?"

"We have found none, Chieftain. We may be all that's left." the soldier replied, a grim look upon his face.

A nauseating sense of unease came over the Chieftain. "Keep searching, there must be more. We must not come back alone, we shall look cowards that fled rather than die in combat."

"With the loss of two fleets, sir, I believe Deliverance will be glad to have us." A bridge guard barked out. Mauravauntus looked at him menacingly.

"I give you fair warning brother, do not underestimate the cruelty of Deliverance. There are many facets to his personality, a remarkable few of which are good. Be prepared for the worst." With his final utterance he left the room, and made a beeline for the brig. Upon entering, he found the soldier he had marked for torture being beaten by four of his pack. Somehow, the stocky Brute made no noise, not even a grunt.

"Let him go," Mauravauntus shouted out. "he has suffered enough." The soldiers ceased, and the short Brute stood up. The Chieftain came close and asked him, "why did you not argue in your defense, soldier? I do not like to see my men punished."

In response, the brute made a hand sign, puzzling Mauravauntus, when one of his soldiers said "He's mute."

The Chieftain spun on his heel to see this soldier. "What did you say?" He asked.

"He is mute, Chieftain. He cannot speak. We thought you knew."

Mauravauntus sat down, a flood of thoughts rushing through his mind.

What have I done? He thought. My anger has blinded me...


My faith has blinded me.

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2: Ow. Jente StyleEdit

Jente Trohim was a veteran of yet another battle. He sat, in cloth body sheathing, calmly binding his own wounds and those of anyone who happened to wander too close...

"By the gods, why can't you stay out of the path of their bullets!" he admonishes a younger member of the Special Operations Commando units, extracting a spike from the youth's right shoulder...

"Why is it that you Kig-yar always play sniper, but stand in plain sight with a glowing headlamp?" Jente said, assisting a Kig-yar sniper in realigning bones and reinserting his left arm...

"What do you want, Wisp?" Jente asked the seven inch tall holographic human before him, then winced. The human had dropped the cloak over his armor, showing that the SPARTAN was in full combat gear. "... Give me three days to clear it with the Kaidon, and then travel time." Jente said, cutting the connection as the SPARTAN nodded...

"Yes commander, I understand, don't run off with hunters and jackals. Lesson learned. I need to leave." Jente said to the commander before turning away and walking out.