"There is a time when the galaxy must work together."- Martin AI

Alright boys. We are the newly formed Intergalatic Defense and Rapid Response Armada or the IDRRA. It is a combined fleet of Humans and Elites. To this effect the new Galatic Council has decided that the Elites will have our help in retaking there homeworld. This will be a great undertaking and I have the honor of choosing who will embark on this great endeavor. The following divisions will report to the San Antonio Space Port. 1st Mechanized Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Armored Division and the 4th Air Assualt Division. Reserve divisions are yet to be determined.

If you are stationed in these divisions and do not report to the San Antonio Space Port you will be charged wit treason and the punishment for that is death. That is all.


You may post three times a day. Posts can be as long as you want them to be. If you want to join this RP please post a comment on my talk page and also please include your username. Also when you post it should look like this Episode X Act X Scene XX. Characters can be any rank you want but must be human or Elites on the side of the UNSCDF. So lets say you want to be an Admiral in the IDRRA than you must command a fleet of between 20 to 50 ships. (All ranks and units entitled below.) If you participate you must be in the units named above in the description. No godmodding and do not kill other characters. You may have two characters a space character and a ground character.

Ranks and Units

Naval Ranks

Captain or Comander= 1 Ship of any class.

Rear Admirals= Task Force of 5 to 10 ships.

Vice Admiral= Task Force of 12 to 16 ships.

Admirals= Task Force of 17 to 20 ships.

Fleet Admirals= Fleet of 20 to 50 ships.

Ground Ranks

Corporals and Sergeants= A squad of 11 to 13 troops.

Master Sergeants and Lieutenants= A platoon of 44 to 52 men.

Captains= A company of 132 to 156 men.

Majors and Lieutenants Colonels= A battalion of 1000 men.

Colonels= A regiment of 3000 men.

Brigadier Generals= A brigade of 5000 men.

Major and Lieutenant Generals= A division of 10000 men.


Artemis 54 CINCDTEDMS (Commander IN Chief Desperate Times Equals Desperate Measures Series) CINCDTEDM (Commander IN Chief Desperate Times Equals Desperate Measures).



Artemis 54

Ground Charcter

Name: Scott "Mitch" Mitchell

Age: 30

Rank: Captain

Eyes: Green

Hair: Military Length Dirty Blond

Armor: Custom made ODST armor with a Gold Phoenix on a Silver Flag on chest plate and both shoulder plates.

Space Character

Name: Artemis Mitchell

Age: 40

Rank: Admiral

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Military Length Blond

Armor: Standard issue Naval uniform.

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