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A retired Sangheili returns the the partially-glassed planet of Reach, where he finds UNSC survivors and Covenant Loyalists, who were in hiding after hearing the silence of Truth.

Stel-verse Stories
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Halo: Honor and Reconciliation | Halo: Vendetta | Halo: Sangheili Brothers | RP:Reach | Halo: Desolation | Halo: Covert Ops | Halo: Obsidian Conflict | Halo: The Destined Ones | Halo: Valiance

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Halo: Journey of a Sangheili | Halo: Greatest Journey | Halo: Honourable Intentions


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Role playersEdit

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Stel 'Vadam

  • Role: Stel 'Vadam, several other Sangheili, Garpundius, Sgt. Miller and Cpl. Leeroy.
  • Side: Covenant Separatists (Stel and the Sangheili), Covenant Loyalists (Garpundius),
  • Location: All onboard Stel's Assault Carrier, The Relentless Massacre, while Garpundius is at on a patrol near a UNSC base, converted for use by the Loyalists.


  • Role: Rola 'Vadam, Tir-D-yar
  • Side: Neutral/Unaffiliated (Rola 'Vadam), Unaffiliated (Tir-D-yar)
  • Locations: The Relentless Massacre (Ral 'Daman), varies across Terrador (Tir-D-yar), Unknown (Rola 'Vadam)

The Halfblood

  • Role: Corez 'Vadum
  • Side: Covenant Sepratists
  • Location: Pious Inquisitor, Corez 'Vadum's CCS-class


  • Role:Codename: BANE, Codename: CASTLE
  • Side: UNSC Navy NavSpecWar
  • Locations: A base built into a mountain (Bane), The Relentless Massacre (Castle)


  • Other charactes (and more roleplayers) yet to be revealed.




  • Garpundius, a Brute Chieftain


UNSC SurvivorsEdit

  • Captain Jack Adams


ONI Section III Zeta-7Edit


  • Reach
  • The Relentless Massacre
  • Pious Inquistor
  • Sangheilios
  • Earth
  • Terrador


*Relentless Massacre

*Pious Inquistor

  • UNSC Flames of War

More soon to be revealed


Part 1Edit


Stel 'Vadam stepped out of his ship, in a Commando Harness. He anaylised his surrondings, the planet of Reach. He was looking for any survivors, forgiveness and anything he could to help the colony his race glassed. He was very bitten by that fact he was the one responsible for the death of so many innocent lives. He was down here with Ral 'Daman. He wondered if there were any survivors. He only stopped by here, because he still saw parts of the planet unscathed by that dreadful event that happened three years ago.


3 Hours Earlier

A Kig-Yar walked across a large parking building. A Dark Shroud covering his face, the Kig-Yar looked down from the fourth floor. He gripped his Beam Rifle. Loading it's power source into the weapon, the Kig-Yar slowly lifted his weapon. Coming from behind him was another Kig-Yar. He was overly eager for a kill, a trait many found annoying. He wielded a Carbine, aswell as two Plasma Charges on his belt. He wore what appeared to be cheap leather, carved from the Jendigors on the Kig-Yar homeworld. The colour of chocolate brown was all the Kig-Yar needed to see. "For two years, I have stayed in the shadows," the shrouded Kig-Yar spoke.

The second Kig-Yar approached the edge. Two other Kig-Yar sat, staring blankly at the two figures. "Shortly after my supposed 'defeat', a Sangheili discovered I was not dead," the Shrouded Figure continued. He placed his hand on the back of the younger Kig-Yar.

"He hunted me for months, I was forced to wander the worlds using the greatest of stealth."

The younger Kig-Yar listened eagirly. The Kig-Yar seeked to join the other three in their journeys. "That is how I survived. Through resilience, I prevailed," the Shrouded Figure spoke.

"That is something you have tried again and again for my loyalty," the shrouded Kig-Yar whispered, "I lowered myself to living on this planet, to escape his hunt."

The Shrouded Figure looked down to the ground, taking shallow breaths. The two other Kig-Yar also walked up to the ledge.

The Shrouded Kig-Yar knelt down to the eager Kig-Yar's eyes and whispered, "You haven't proven that you are worthy, Bir-K-drow." He stood back up and gripped the back of Bir-K-drow's armour. With one swing, the Shrouded Figure chucked the young Kig-Yar over the ledge to his doom.

Bir screamed as he fell. His screams echoeing across the empty streets. The screams went silent as a loud thud overshadowed them.

"Excellent execution, Tir," one of the Kig-Yar spoke.

Tir-D-yar sighed, "I could see it in his eyes, he thought he would jump infront of a bullet to save my life. But I can tell that even if he wanted to, he didn't have the spine to do it."

"So, why not just imprison him?" the other Kig-Yar asked.

"We couldn't take a chance of him ratting out our location to the Brutes," Tir spoke, "Besides, his death means one less enemy to deal with in this town."

Tir picked up his Beam Rifle and looked over the ledge. From a window, a frail human man emerged. The man carried what appeared to be a kitchen knife. The knife would never do real damage, it was mainly used as a threat. "Yes, I hit the jackpot!" the human shouted as he plundered for the Kig-Yar's guns.

Tir pulled the trigger, and the beam fired. The man could only blink as the beam flew straight through his head. The top half of his head obliterated in a second. The bottom half ripped apart, blood gushed from his neck as parts of his brain landed ontop of the pool of Bir's blood. Tor zoomed in on the man's corpse as it fell. He noticed a ring on his finger. The man was married. "We have just made a widow," Tir spoke, laughing.

Suddenly, a slight earthquake emerged and died as Tir was knocked off his feet. Tir looked over from the ledge to over the lake. A ripple in the air churned as a Sangheili ship emerged. Here, of all places? Tir thought. The three Kig-yar left the building, leaving the two corpses for the Sangheili to discover.

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Codename: BANE stood looking at the three quiet Kig-Yar. He shifted his CX19-LR variant carbine and zoomed in 9X magnification with the carbine. He switched the carbine's optical-holographic scope to the dead married man on the ground, blood pooling beneath his head.

He followed one of the Jackals, the one in the middle, and pressed the trigger.

Damn. He had missed. Just by an inch. At least the 6.3mm AP round would hopefully wound his chest or shoulder. He ducked down.


4 Hours Later

Stel stood at the top of a hill. Ral had went off on the other side for some time, and now Stel was at the top of Terrador. Ral explained the city's backstory through his comms. "Terrador may have been spared by the Covenant, but now it is full of thugs, thieves, the homeless and Jiralhanae who hunt them down. He zoomed in on a corpse of a human with his Type-52 Special Apps Rifle. It was the married one. The stump that used to be his head was sizzling with particle beam energy. He zoomed in on the ring. "Hmph, they killed a married one. Heartless fools-" he stopped. He saw a very "Forerunner-like" cavedoor just to the right of him. He walked over to it. He kicked it open, and to his suprise, more doors followed and closed. He walked down....


Bane lay back, wiping sweat off his forehead. He put his thin but resistant and superhardened helmet on and suddenly tensed when he heard footsteps climb down the cave steps. He aimed his CX19-CQC carbine at the doorway.


"Damn, the Sangheili brought Humans with them," Tir said gripping the wound on his shoulder, "Bring me a bandage."

The Kig-Yar closest brought a bandage to Tir, and began wrapping it around the wound. The white turned into a deep purple. Although he never admitted it, Yir-T-ur was Tir's favourite ally. It was this feeling that made Kol-R-ah quiver in jealousy. Tir sealed the bandage, "Ok, now that small injury has been dealth with, onto more... important matters."

Kol and Yir sat down, eagirly listening to their master. Tir had been planning for the months since his arrival on Reach for this mission. "We all realise that the Jiralhanae were all that stood between us and the conquering of this town," Tir spoke taking a breath.

"Yes, of course," Kol spoke.

Tir coughed up some blood, wiping it from his mouth, "Well, I've discovered good and bad news."

"Let us listen to the bad news first, master," Yir told him.

"The bad news is... I have discovered additional threats," Tir spoke, "The Jiralhanae have a Chieftain, Tirkus. He is one of our main threats."

Tir wheezed, trying to get rid of all the spilt blood, "However, he's not the only problem we have."

Tir pulled out a piece of paper from his cloak, revealing a map of Terrador. He laid it out on a table, "The stranded humans have risen to worship a leader, he's called Kevin Tralloner. A strong man, put a gun in his hands, and could wipe out a Sangheili group in seconds."

Kol and Yir listened closly, Tir continued, "However, the good news is, we can use the Sangheili to further and more importantly, hasten our plans."

"But wait master, the human Soldiers will convince the stranded humans that the Sangheili and them joined together," Kol spoke.

Tir took a breath before replying, "Wrong! The stranded humans speak lowly of the UNSC. They will shoot anybody not of their tribe. They are scavengers, and by killing the soldiers, they will be granted handsomely with guns and ammunition."

"So, we just have to make sure that the Sangheili deal with Kevin Tralloner and Tirkus," Tir spoke, finally getting rid of the spilt blood. He re-hooded himself.

"Aswell, I have dozens of Kig-Yar aspirants. All eager to lure them into my trap," Tir concluded, "Of course, nobody said they are all worthy."

Tir, Kol and Yir left the building, and began their sinister plan of conquest.

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"Stel, Stel? Where are you? I do not see you at the other side of the hill." Ral spoke into his comms. He didn't see Stel head down into the door. "Do not worry, I am down inside a cave. You will be on your own." Ral looked worried. This is not going to be good. These humans have not heard any of the UNSC for years. They will not know of the alliance... Ral thought.

He looked at the slope down of the hill, into Terrador. Ral braced himself, and jumped down, sliding down the slope to Terrador. He finally came to a stop at the end of it. He looked around for any others and started sneaking....


Bane heard the light footsteps coming down the stairs, and he tightened his grip on his CX19. His job as a ONI private operative and a mercenary had let his skills improve slowly over time. He backtracked behind a pile of strange-looking gold-trimmed crates that had strange ancient-looking hieroglyphs on them. He swallowed nervously and shifted his aim, his scope better adjusted to view. The crosshairs were directly on the stairs.

The first three mandibles of a Sangheili warrior appeared into Bane's view. He fired.


Tir's strength was temporarily weakened, however, it did not stop him from enacted his plans. He acessed the door, which creaked open. With hood covering his head, Tir reached a podium. Looking up revealed dozens of Kig-Yar. All eager to serve Tir. Tir clutched his wound, and covered it in his cloak, trying to not show weakness. Showing weakness to Kig-Yar meant that they were frail, and couldn't perform their duties. The intoxicating, disgusting aroma of the street entered Tir's nostrils. Finally, he shouted, "The Sangheili have arrived, my aspirants."

A parade of boo's proceeded.

Tir smirked, "But fear not, for I have a mission for you. We are going to use the Sangheili."

The boo's became looks of confusion. "My brothers, we need the Sangheili to deal with two problems in this town," Tir explained.

"We, or what I mean, you will go out, and lure the Sangheili to the Jiralhanae and the humans!" Tir shouted, gasping.

"Wait, what about you three?" a Kig-Yar spoke. Tir pulled out a Plasma Pistol and fired the bolt at the Aspirant. The plasma penetrated his skull and ate away at his flesh. The aspirant landed on the ground. "I and my followers are going on our mission. A matter of even greater importance," Tir spoke, turning around.

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Stel moved his head back just in time to dodge the bullet. "What was that?" he asked. He leant of the corner and shot Bane in the leg with a Needle Rifle. Bane fell on the floor, griping his leg in pain. Stel gave a glare. "Grr..."


Bane attempted to shrug apologetically but all he managed was a half-hearted squeeze of his whole body. "You could've said something," he groaned in pain, rubbing his leg to push the pain away. He managed to unbuckle a small mini-hand sanitizer-sized bottle of medical biofoam from his belt harness and sprayed some into his wound.

The wound numbed slowly, but he still had to limp to not feel the pain shoot up his right leg.

"What are you doing here?" Bane looked the Sangheili over, up and down. "I thought the Elites hated humans? Why don't you shoot me right now?" As a matter of fact, he thought, why am I not shooting him right now?


Stel held up his Plasma Rifle at Bane's head, and made sure if Bane reached for the gun, he would have a bolt in his head. "Have you not heard the news, human?" Stel asked him. He wondered why the soldier open fired. "What news? We haven't heard from the UNSC for years, what happened?" Bane look puzzled. He scratched his head. Stel took a breath, and said "The Human-Covenant war is over. The Covenant is disbanded. The Sangheili defected to the UNSC, and we won. We ended it all. The Brutes have been driven to near-extinction, too." Bane's mouth opened wide. He didn't believe what was coming to his ears. "No. NO. NO!" Bane shouted in disbelief. He ran off. Stel gave a look. "Hm, fine by me." he said.


Bane shut his eyes, forcing all his emotions into a corner. Everybody...his friends...his fellow marines...armymen...all wasted. It hadn't been easy living on a half-glassed Reach, and his mental activity had hardened into solid titanium grade-A, but this was...incomprehensible. How could the UNSC...

His mind was a blur. No...he opened his eyes again, and regained composure.

He felt embarrassed. He hadn't had a mental outburst like that in have one in front of a former enemy was just totally embarrassing. He attempted to find his carbine but didn't see it. He grabbed a MA7N rifle on the wall. He turned to the Elite. "Well? What do we do?"


Corez had just out-sniped a Kig-Yar using his Type-50 SRS, which he hadn't used for years. Lucky thing too. Corez thought. The battery low was and the recharge station is on my CCS-class. He took out his Energy Sword, which he HAD used for years. But... "FREEZE YOU DUMB ALIEN!" a voice yelled behind him. Corez turned round, deactivated his sword, and raised his hands to sigify that he was not a hostile. That didn't work. BANG! BANG! BANG! The shots came in quick succession. The first hitting his shields, the second his head, the third, his projected shields. "Why are you attacking me!?!" Corez growled angrily. "I DON'T SPEAK TO HOSTILES!" "I am not a hostile!" "Why did you Glass this place?" the Human said, the Battle Rifle pointed at Corez' head. "That was different." Corez muttered, his voice calm again. "I have joined your side." Prepare, for the Enveloping Darkness 20:08, September 8, 2010 (UTC)


A Sangheili held his Carbine up, looking in all directions. His commrade stood next to him, "You go ahead, I'll cover you."

The Sangheili turned the corner, with his commrade looking behind himself. The Sangheili sighed, "No Jiralhanae, I wonder where they are?"

Suddenly, a human wielding a knife leapt out of a nearby alleyway. Before the Sangheili could react, the Human pulled out a razor sharp knife and stabbed the Elite in the neck. The Sangheili limped; he gripped the knife and tried to shake the human off. The Human held tight, twisting the knife as Purple blood sprayed across the pavement. The Sangheili's commrade turned the corner, the Human pulled the knife out of the neck and sprinted down the alley. By the time the Sangheili turned the corner, the Human was gone.

The wounded Sangheili coughed up blood.

Tir-D-yar watched from above, his companions behind him. He chuckled darkly. He gripped his Beam Rifle and aimed above the ledge. He aimed at the wounded Sangheili, his ally tending to him. Tir pressed on the trigger, and the Rifle vibrated. The beam soared through the skies and as it approached the Sangheili. The beam hit the tip of the Sangheili's helmet and bounced off. The beam sliced through the other Sangheili's head.

"All the pieces are falling into place," Tir spoke, "It won't be long now until the Sangheili and the UNSC are forced to deal with the Stranded leader."

As he spoke, a Kig-Yar aspirant entered the room, rushing. "Tir. We have a problem!" he shouted.

"Well spit it out!" Tir barked, his happiness fading.

"That Sangheili, I think he's called Stel 'Vadam, is trying to unite the Stranded and the Sangheili," the Aspirant spoke, gasping.

Tir pulled out an Energy blade. "You have failed me, aspirant," Tir spoke. The Aspirant looked in dismay.

"What is my punishment, Master?" the aspirant asked. Although the Aspirant thought he would just be shamed and sent away, Tir had other ideas.

"You are not worthy!" Tir bellowed. The Aspirant, for the second he realised what happened, tried to turn back and run. Tir immediatly stabbed straight through the Aspirant's head, instantly killing him.

The blood immediatly disappeared and dripped off the blade. Tir placed it back into his cloak. Yir came over, "What now, master?"

"We stop the alliegence between the Sangheili and the Stranded," Tir spoke, rehooding himself, "and we kill Stel 'Vadam."

As he walked away, he spoke again, "We end this now, here. On Reach."

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Bane's all-purpose special-forces rifle centered on the same Jackal's head. It looked like the same Jackal. It seemed it had healed its wound. He turned to speak to the Elite, but suddenly a Jackal below squawked and began firing.

Bane ducked down and fired randomly over his "sniping ledge," feeling the carbine's small recoil kicking back against his trained palm.

He tossed four grenades, then leaned back, feeling the dull explosions thump through the ground. Perhaps the bullets and grenades had injured them, but he just wanted them to bug off. His sense-amplifier had listened in on everything the Jackals had said. He would need to eliminate them sooner or later. Sooner is better than later, he reminded himself beratedly.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 21:14, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

Part 2Edit


"So, what do we do now?" Bane asked. Stel heard a small vibration in the wall. He raised his prosthetic arm and brung it down on the wall, crumbling the cavern walls and revealing a door, possibly for storage. Bane gave a look, while only Stel gave a grin. Bane flipped the door open to find many supplies, including food, weapons, and equipment. However, those wern't Stel's interests. His was the ladder leading into a vent. Bane looked at it. "Well, if you can fit in the vent, try scouting for anything you find." Bane took the ladder and crawled up into the vent.

Stel took the front door out, and came to a cliffside. He looked to the south, only to see Corez, and the human, pointed a BR55 at Corez' head. "I don't believe the shit that's coming out of your fucking jaws, Split-Lips!" The human kept shouting at him, his finger pulling closer and closer to the trigger. Stel took his Needle Rifle and aimed. Come on, come on. I can not loose you now, Corez. Stel tooked the shot. Right on target. The needle flew straight into the human's finger, and threw the BR off to the side of the cliff. Corez' mandibles fell open, then he put his arms at the side. Stel jumped down to Corez' aid. "Corez." he nodded to Corez and pulled the needle straight out of the humans' finger.

Stel goldenzealot Don't touch anything. Move along, citizen.


Bane pulled the carbine's charging lever back tiredly and leaned back. He wasn't a SPARTAN, after all. Just an ex-ONI operative, left to die on this goddamned planet. Everything he had fought for seemed false now. Everything. From the split Covenant to the split-jaw aliens. From the War to the UNSC. He flipped his rifle over so the stock was placed firmly on the ground and he groaned in pain.

A needle rifle's small fine cilia needle had pierced his intestines.

He could feel them slipping out in small bits. Even through the five mini-sprays of special medi-biofoam and the nearly forty-five bandages securely patching the area. He put his ballistic jumpsuit body armor's helmet back on and the visor automatically re-polarized, reflecting everybody's faces. The prototype bubble shields expanded one and a half centimeters from the actual body armor. The prototype body armor, also "nicknamed" the JOYEUSE body armor, was an extremely efficient piece of equipment in combat. He shuddered to think of anybody facing the simple-looking jumpsuit. He managed to wrench his bottom jaw back in place with a short but noisy crack, that echoed inside his helmet.

He squinted and the helmet's sensors immediately sweeped and picked up the movement, then zoomed in to max, then half, then three-quarters, depending on the pressure of the eye squint.

The two Elites were conversing, and obviously pointing at Bane. Well what the hell did he care? He was nothing but shadows and dust now. Shadows and dust.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 22:05, September 8, 2010 (UTC)


Tir stood at the docks. The lake that sorrounded the centre of the city still glistened in the light. Lake Dawn didn't have much influence over the city anymore. In his hand was a piece of grenade shell. "A Futile attempt at best..." Tir whispered to himself. Yir and Kol came up to Tir. Kol had been injured in the explosions. A piece of metal floated atop the lakebed. Shaped like a disc, the metal was dirty and unclear. When the planet was glassed, the lake was heavily dirtied by the destruction ensuing just a few hundred metres away. Tir knelt down, his companions looking confused. Tir cleared the dust, he smirked. Standing up, he spoke, "Brace Yourselves."

As soon as he said it, Tir stomped on the clear metal. A loud echoeing noise spread across the docks. The sound of something metal opening came from underneath. Suddenly, the metal they stood upon opened, the three Kig-Yar falling beneath. The metal closed once again.

The three Kig-Yar landed not far down onto an elevator. A robotic message emerged, "Beginning Descent."

The Elevator slowly lowered down through the depths of Lake Dawn. The tube was glass and Tir could see Fish swimming at the sides. The elevator ruddered as it descended down. Tir looked in disgust as the smell of rotten food and urine entered his nostrils. Tir slowly moved towards the edge.

"Why are we going down here anyway, Tir?" Kol asked.

Tir pulled out a picture, "I have discovered a way to destroy Stel after he's done our doing."

"While he has searched for years for it, I have discovered what we're looking for almost instantly," Tir spoke, laughing.

"And what's that?" Yir asked.

"I'll tell you soon enough, Yir," Tir spoke.

The elevator came to a sudden halt and the ruddering noise faded. A door infront of the three Kig-Yar began to shake. The sound of gears moving replaced the ruddering. As the door opened, Tir continued through.

--Gruntijackal, the impending demise draws near 13:36, September 9, 2010 (UTC)


Bane saw multiple Jackals--he was sure they were different from the ones had seen eariler--walking, shields aloof. His rifle popped four times and all but one of them fell. The last one covered his head with his shield and ran toward a...lift? He watched the alien run closer to the gravity lift, then he shot it. The Jackal dropped onto the lift, activating it. The body went down with the lift.

Whatever was down there was getting a beautiful present.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 00:28, September 10, 2010 (UTC)


Revelation 1:17 And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last:

Jack Adams clutched his M392 Designated Markesman Rifle to his chest. His target was an easy prey. A couple bird heads and squat men. Jackals and Grunts. Shouldn't be too hard. Jack raised the rifle. Slowed his breathing. Sighted in. Placed his finger on the trigger. And squeezed... No more aliens.


Ral poked his head out from the cover of a small building to hear a robotic voice. He directed his ear to the lake, where he heard the voice. He grinned for a small moment, then before looking ahead, sprinted to the bottom of the pier. He went underwater. Undeneath, he saw a trasparent glass tube, with a elevator. He swam back up, and looked around. No more humans. He felt the rattling and nearly lost his balance. The elevator came up. I will come for you, Tir. he whispered to himself. He came in, and the elevator descended.


Tir and his companions walked through. "Yir, you know what to do," Tir spoke. Yir quickly ran off, a mysterious object in his hand.

Tir turned to Kol, "Ok, I know that Stel's lap dog will be hot on our trail. He has sensors around the entire city now."

"Now that my target is near me, I need you to capture Ral 'Daman, Kol," Tir spoke handing Kol a strange looking bullet.

"Master, what is this thing?" Kol asked in confusion.

"Lets just say, It'll make Ral 'less than hostile' enough to get him in ties and ropes," Tir said walking off.

Now he was alone, Tir enjoyed the darkness of the tunnel. It's dim lights could easily prove to be Tir's advantage. Lights only stood on fuel tanks or vehicles, and even then, they were not powerful compared to the darkness. Tir gripped a small disc and planted it into the ground. It beeped and glown a dark red. Tir continued down the tunnel.

A starving human hid behind a crate. The dark red light looked like a flare in the tunnel, and the human could see the shadow in the light. "Yahh!" he screamed.

Tir closed his fist and as the man approached him, Tir punched the man in the gut. The man hobbled backwards, dropping his knife. With his other hand, Tir punched the man in the face. Tir then knee'd him in the face and the man collapsed to the floor. Tir then gripped the man's neck and lifted him to Tir's eyes. The man spat blood in Tir's face. Pulling out an Energy Blade, Tir stabbed through the man's chest, killing him. After pulling the blade out, he tossed the man aside, the corpse landing head first into the door of a car.

--Gruntijackal, the impending demise draws near 13:51, September 10, 2010 (UTC)




"Psst! You! Human!" Stel whispered to Adams. Adams flew the DMR right over on top of Stel's head, who had his armed held in the air, so he wouldn't get shot. "What the FUCK are you doing here, Split-Lips?" He said to him in a cross tone. Bane stood behind him and walked to Adams. "He's with us. Apparently, the UNSC signed a truce with the Sangheili in order to win the war. If it wasn't for the Sangheili, or even his efforts, Earth would be glassed." Stel nodded to Bane, and vice versa. "Are you with us?" Adams had a thought for a second...Is Bane NUTS?! Why would I want to be with one of those fucking Split-Lips? he paused his thoughts for a sec. He noticed Stel's array of scars and his mismatched blue-and-green eyes.Oh's him. That motherfucker who killed my best friend! Adams' anger overcomed him and punched Stel right in the place a humans' nose would be. Stel's utter weak spot.


Flashes. My ship. My friend. Him.

Jack backed off and held his DMR in the Elites face for a moment. His finger twitched to the trigger. But then his survival instincts kicked in. He lowered the rifle and glared at the Elite.

"I need to survive. When I'm done with this...I. Will. Kill. You."


The sound of an energy sword being deployed echoed for a few hundred meters around. "You kill him, and I'll throw you into a glassed part." Growled Corez, his mandibles twitching in annoyance. He sniffed. "Come, the apes have our scent." said Corez, walking off and pulling out his Type-50, growling again. 11 Battery left. This was getting worse.


What's going on?

"Bane." Jack spoke quietly. "I need a sitrep. I dont know how long we've been gone. I'm low on ammo. I havent had a decent meal in way to long. What the hell is going on?"

Part 3Edit


Stel moved up to Jack. He looked down in order to see Jack's face. Stel towered over Jack, who also had a frown on his face. "We will have to work together for now. If we do not, we will not survive. Got it?" Jack paused for a moment. He's right. I'll avenge my friend later... Jack nodded.

Stel took Jack'S DMR for a moment and zoomed in on the scope. Stel's mandibles fell open for a moment. Orchanto Hospital...the last place I ever saw my brother. I am going in. Stel looked down a slope. "Meet you down there." Stel jumped down and slid down the slope to Orchanto.


And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Death, and Hell followed with him. Revelation 6:8

Jack cocked his DMR. I am going to kill him when I get out of here...Now. I need to live. Jack then laid down on the ground and took aim with his DMR. Covering the Elite and watching for enemies.


Bane crouched in his jumpsuit-like body armor, classified as "JOYEUSE," and moved forward, covering the Elites with his MA7N assault rifle. He nudged Jack and pushed him into a small alleyway. "Listen, Jack. I know you hate the Elites, but...according to him the UNSC's made some sort of alliance with the Elites. I'm not sure I believe him, but without him we wouldn't really survive, you know."

Without even waiting for half an answer, he released Jack and hurried from the alleyway. He inspected his rifle again, then hefted the lightweight stock up onto his right shoulder. He looked through the Nguyen LXF-variant scope and observed the horizon behind them. He gasped, and his hand trembled and faltered. Then he said to Stel, "We...should go."

When the Elite looked at him confusedly, he pointed unsteadily at the cloud of Jackals on the horizon, raising particle beam rifles and Carbines. "Time to run. For me, at least."

Death will follow you...but you can survive 22:19, September 10, 2010 (UTC)


The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend.--Ancient Saying

Jack ignored Bane. Instead he turned and checked his ammo levels. "All due respect sir, I say we stay and fight. I am an expert marksman now days." And then without waiting for an answer he turned and aimed his DMR. Pussy. And slowly pulled the trigger.


Bane shrugged, and slinging his MA7N over his shoulder, he left, sprinting away. Then he realized hundreds more Jackals were surrounding them from all sides. He cursed and unslung his MA7N rifle, and began firing in bursts, knocking down the hundreds of Jackals slowly but steadily. Then he switched to full automatic and began spraying the incoming lines with fire, ignoring all accuracy now.

He cursed as his last magazine emptied. He threw the assault rifle away and began firing his M6G sidearm.

More Jackals fell but came, and soon Bane's M6G was out of ammo as well. He searched the ground for weaponry and found a rocket launcher with two extra magazines, an energy sword--Elite, according to the looks of it--and a M392 designated marksman rifle.

He first used the M392 DMR, taking down the Jackals with three-round bursts. The 7.62mm rounds caught the Jackals in the shoulders. Finally, the DMR only had four magazines left. He took out his rocket launcher and let loose two guided anti-tank rocket charges, letting the 102mm guided rockets make their way toward their randomly-initialized targets. Two large explosions blossomed outward and Jackal bodies flew overhead. Bane threw a plasma grenade and a fragmentation grenade, then ducked down. Two more dull explosions reverberated through the cracked dirt of what was once beautiful Reach.

He emptied two more DMR magazines, picked up five more, then activated the energy sword, then retreated back to the Elites' and Jack's position. "

"We're in for trouble."

Death will follow you...but you can survive 22:44, September 10, 2010 (UTC)


Stel glanced back at Jack. "Well, this calls for a bigger weapon." He pulled out a Plasma Cannon and jumped down. The Kig-yar looked suprised for a moment. A whole gang of them. "A lot of bodies tonight." Stel said. And the Cannon whined up, and fired the cannon. Bolts went flying as all of the Jackals fell, their corpses sizzling with plasma.


When all else seems lost...Thats when you scream at the top of your lungs, empty the magazine and kick it until it stops moving--James Perez

Jack glanced at BANE. There was no respect. "Ya think, sir?" He put extra emphasis on the "sir". He walked over to a wriggling Jackal. And put a single .45 ACP round in his head.


"Yes, I do think so, captain." Though the ex-ONI operative was a hired mercenary-assassin, he was certainly lower-ranked than the captain. For every four Jackals felled, nearly a dozen filled their spots. Bane tensed as he heard a whine, and memories flashed through his mind:

The projectile was accelerating at unimaginable speeds now, the thin flake-like trail of plasma spiraling away behind it. The heavily-modified Banshee--which looked like two Spirit dropships pressed in together tight--flew over, firing its heavy plasma cannons.

The blue-white sizzling-hot streaks of superheated luminous gas fired from the turrets mounted and caught eight brave ODST shock trooper marines in the legs. They screamed in pain as their body parts up to their chests disintegrated, the ballistic body armor simply vaporizing when the plasma impacted. Bane was firing his M392-S variant designated marksman rifle at various bursts, watching the Banshee simply use point-defense pulse-laser turrets to blast the small 7.62mm AP slugs down.

Now the missile was rocketing toward their position, and Bane was screaming for them to get out, his adrenaline exploding in near-superhuman bursts.

His M392-S was now firing AP rounds into the object, to no effect, the plasma spiral trail behind the projectile was now a full-fledged plasma bonfire.

Two anti-tank rockets disintegrated within the blast radius of the object, some sort of ground plasma torpedo, stronger than any plasma mortar he had ever seen. It hit, and dirt that was once dirt, mud, dust--simply disappeared. They didn't even vaporize. Just gone. Simply...poof. Gone.

"Run!" Bane sprang from a leap almost impossible for a regular human and his eyes turned a piercing black color from their usual hazel-like color, and the sweat poured from his unhelmeted head--too late to get his helmet now.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 23:21, September 10, 2010 (UTC)


It takes the rational mind to understand the irrational--U.N.Owen

Jack backed up and trained his rifle on the Agent. "Sir, stand down!" Jack barked out the order in an authoritative voice. Jack hadn't ever really been promoted to Captain. He was actually an O-3. A Lieutenant. But every single officer above him had been killed on Reach. He'd been commissioned as the Captain of the UNSC Fallujah. A small cruiser. Now he trained his rifle on the Agent. He backed up. "STAND DOWN!"


Bane recoiled, then his ORION training took over, and he sprang into a traditional martial-arts position. "Do you know what that is? It is a ground-based plasma torpedo. On this very planet, I saw nearly a hundred people die because of this single SOB. I don't want to die today, captain. Nor do you."

Death will follow you...but you can survive 23:42, September 10, 2010 (UTC)


Jack and Bane were still outside of Orchanto, while Stel was scouting inside. Stel looked to the right to see a doctor helping the poor and sick. He glanced for a moment. He felt some rumbling underneath the hospital. Sounded like a missle was going off... he thought. Right then, the tiles underneath his feet gave way. He fell down into the hole, slipping all the way down into some sort of cave.

Stel held his head. Must of slipped. Hmmph. he thought. He looked around. He fell straight down into a cave.


Bane closed his eyes and focused, his eyes pressed together hard as the ground-based plasma torpedo hit the ground with a magnificent groundbreaking thump. He felt debris wash over his JOYEUSE jumpsuit armor and drain his bubble energy shield's power, but he concentrated even harder.

When he opened them, he was on the ground, and two good-sized hills that had once stood proudly were flattened into the ground. Level with the ground.

Blood drained from the corners of his mouth and his nose, and he brushed the crimson-colored liquid away absentmindedly, and muttered a curse when the Jackal reinforcements arrived. He saw the same Jackal leader he had seen since his first encounter with the Elites and he activated his energy blade. "This. Ends. Now."

Even from nearly one and a half kilometer away, he locked eyes with the leader and issued a challenge. A direct challenge.

But he didn't have time to think about where Stel had gone...and what lay beneath the surface of Reach.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 00:34, September 11, 2010 (UTC)


Stel decided to take a look around. "Hmph. Trapped in a cave." he said to himself. The place looked extremely Forerunner-ish, and looked like it hadn't been touched for years. He looked forward. A door. The same one he saw before when he came to Terrador. He walked over it, Plasma Cannon at the ready, as it opened. He looked down. "Must be something down this way." He ran down the pathway. He poked his head out of cover to see a Plasma bolt shot at his helmet. It was Ral 'Daman. "Ral? I nearly forgot about you. Find anything?" he said to Ral. "Only a underwater base where the Loyalists took over the UNSC base. We're underneath it now." Ral finished. He looked behind him, just in case if there was a Kig-yar right behind him. "Execellant, Ral. Let's move.".


Bane charged, his stolen energy sword swinging back in the force of the wind. He was getting closer to the Jackal now, closer...and then the whole army disappeared. Even the corpses. Solid holography? He looked closer--then the ground below him exploded, and he was jerked underneath.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 00:47, September 11, 2010 (UTC)


Stel felt another vibration in the wall. Probobly another signal. Worth going in. He bashed it with his prosthetic arm. The wall came crashing down to reveal another pathway. He turned to Ral. "You go on ahead. I will go down this way." Stel head into the entrance. He looked down the pathway to find some sort of computer panel. He ran down to it and checked it out. A hologram. "Hmm..." he said to himself. He saw a small photo to the side, and put it into the hologram projector. A image of a Sangheili popped up: Rola 'Vadam. Stel's mandibles fell open. " It's him!" both of Stel's hearts lightened up with happiness. "Stel, if you can hear me. I am alive. I have been trapped in here for three years. Three it has been. If you come back to Reach, and ever find this message, know that I will come back for you. Actually, now that I think about it, this is my last stand. And I think I'm going out with a blast." the hologram faded. He heard footsteps coming down. A Sangheili in Special Ops armor. Not Ral. Not Corez.


Bane crumpled to the floor, but calmly dusted himself off and looked up. Unlit pillars with traditional unlit torches were all over the place, and various shimmering lights flickered. The lights were a strange blue-purple phosphorescent luminous color, and seemed to light every millimeter of corner up, even though that was physically impossible. He heard multiple footsteps and without hesitating pulled out his M392 DMR.

Nothing came into view. He crept forward, and felt an Elite's hard fist punch him. The Elites...traitors...

Then everything went dark.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 01:08, September 11, 2010 (UTC)


Feet first into hell.--7h ODST

Now Jack was acting on instinct. He ran to his bolt hole. Stocked up on his DMR ammo, grabbed his M90 and rammed a shell into the chamber. He laid the weapons down and donned a set of ODST armor. Then he slid a combat knife into place on his chest The M90 strapped to a 2 point sling, hung under his left arm. His DMR hung on a 3 point sling, banged against his chest as he blackened his armor. He grabbed as much ammo as he could and put them in the slots. He stood up. There was a Jackal outside the door.

Time for some fun. he slammed open the door and the Jackal went flying. He armed his twin energy swords and charged. He cut through an entire platoons worth of Covies. He came to the hole. Here I come BANE. To save your sorry ass. He jumped. Feet first.


Rola 'Vadam sat inside a room. It overlooked the tunnel's passage. He tapped a holographic emmiter. Rola sighed, "No signal" he whispered to himself.

Escaping from that mountain has become a terrible mistake, Rola often thought to himself.

Rola shook his head; once again his attempts failed. Rola sat down, his knees covering his body and his hands on the knee caps. Suddenly, a loud beep occoured from outside the perimiter. Rola stood up to check outside the window. Typing in the acess code, Rola unlocked the metalic window. As the windows were opening, they halted and shut again. "Blasted machines," Rola whispered.

He started to type in an acess code, and a hologram of the system appeared on the large table in the centre of the room. There was not any life forms within the area. Then, a life form appeared and disappeared in a second. It was a Sangheili. Stel?, Rola thought in his head.

THe hologram suddenly glitched and disappeared. Another beeping sound echoed across the room. In a state of panic, Rola ran towards the door behind him, and began typing in a code. He typed it in, but the key pad fizzled and sparks flew out of it. The sound of gear's ruddering came from the door to the right of the windows. Rola turned around; his eyes were widening. Opening, the door made a loud shrieking noise. Rola pulled out his Plasma Repeater, Blast, out. Of. Charge

Emerging from the front door was a shrouded Kig-Yar, "Hello, Rola 'Vadam."

The Kig-Yar was swift, and in a mere second, Rola's sight went black.

--Gruntijackal, the impending demise draws near 12:18, September 11, 2010 (UTC)


Bane woke up, reached for his weapon. It wasn't there. "What the hell--"

A silent Jackal moved forward toward him and extended a fist. Bane grabbed it, twisted it with a bone-crunching thunk and kicked the Jackal backward. He grabbed the Jackal's Type-51 Carbine and fired the DM weapon two times into the bird alien's head, ending its life.

He examined the cave-like place he was in. It was stocked with Jackal weaponry: Carbines, particle rifles, energy rapiers, and other types of weapons. There were also obviously stolen UNSC weaponry, such as DMRs, MA37s, MA5s, BRs, sniper rifles, close-quarter sidearms and knives, and even a few anti-tank rocket launchers. He grabbed an energy rapier, a CQC knife, a pistol, a DMR, and a rocket launcher for heavy weapon backup.

Then he remembered that it had been an Elite who had hit him. He froze when he heard an Elite's footsteps, and aimed his newly-acquired M392 DMR at the hallway leading outward.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 20:45, September 11, 2010 (UTC)


Jack swung through the door way. And found a gun barrel in his face. "Hello Bane"


Bane nearly laughed with relief on seeing Jack, but stifled his joyous wonder. "Where are our two Elite friends, Jack?" He unholstered his sidearm, pointed it in the general direction of Jack, but still let the captain relax a little.

But the Elite's footsteps kept on coming. Bane froze again and immediately fired on the shadow that protruded from the other hallway.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 20:52, September 11, 2010 (UTC)


Jack turned and took a knee. His M90 was rammed into his shoulder and he braced himself for a shot.


Stel shook his head. I'm turning insane. It was only a mirage... he thought to himself. He ran out of the cave to find Ral. He poked his head out of cover to see Ral in a firefight against several Kig-yar. "Oh, not again." he muttered. He took up a pair of Energy Swords and charged.


Bane's ORION training took in and he ducked low as the Elite walked in. was a Jackal. I must be turning insane, wondered Bane as he decapitated the unwary Jackal. He heard crystal shards zinging and exploding in a room a few meters away, and he tensed for the hundredth time that day.

His muscles urged him forward and he took one step after another into the room, where he saw an Elite engaged in a hard gunfight with a dozen Jackals.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 21:19, September 11, 2010 (UTC)


Jack followed BANE closely. HE switched on his VISR and identified several enemies. Scratch that. Frigging FoF. 19 Jackals and an Elite.. He pulled his DMR up and took out three Jackals before tossing a thermite grenade and killing 5.


Bane fired his DMR and knocked down thirteen Jackals, leaving only the Elite, Jack, himself, the last Jackal and--the other Elite?

He didn't have time to think about it because the six crystal shards from the needler the Jackal held in one hand fired straight at him. He dove out of the needles' range and opened fire, knocking the last Jackal down.

Death will follow you...but you can survive 21:35, September 11, 2010 (UTC)


Jack walked over to a Jackal that still moved. Then he pumped a round of 8 gauge buck shot into its head.


Bane crouched down and nudged a seemingly-dead Jackal. It was dead. He turned to the two Elites, and asked a simple question, that, in reality, was not very simple. "How do we get out of this goddamned place?"


"The first thing we are doing is finding my brother." Stel said to him. "My brother was lost here three years ago, during the Battle of Reach. He is still alive, and i'm going to find him." Stel finally finished. "You with him?" Bane answered to Jack. Jack grumbled for a moment. I couldn't care for shit about finding his brother. I'm going AWOL. he thought. "No." said Jack. "I'm going out. You go with him. I'm heading back up." and Jack ran off.


"Good luck," Bane muttered, checking his DMR's magazine as he remembered trying to get out of the labryinth that time. "Okay. So where's your brother, Elite? And I trust you know where we are?"


"We are in a underwater base. Ral found his way here after seeing a trio of Kig-yar, one with a large scar over his face, and took the elevator down."

"So, where do we go?"

"We go straight forward."

Stel readied his prosthetic arm, and charged right through the door. Bashing in, he looked to the left and to the right to make sure of any Brutes or Jackals in sight. A Kig-yar raised a Plasma Pistol up to Stel's head, only to be out of charge. The Jackal gave a glare, then hit Stel over the head with it.


Bane raised his M392 rifle to fire, but the cold barrel of a plasma rifle was pressed against the back of his head. "Don't. Move. A. Muscle." It was definitely an Elite.

He said calmly, "What about the Jackal in front of--"

A short flurry of plasma bursts knocked the Jackal down, and the Elite belted the plasma rifle behind him. "Now. What are you doing with one of my fellow Sangheili?


"Nevermind about that. Get over here." Stel ordered Bane. He came up to a door that was completely locked. He looked inside. There was a Sangheili being tortured by a Kig-yar wearing a cloak. Stel bashed his way in. "Stop right there! Leave him alone you heartless bastard-" Stel paused. The Kig-yar brought his cloak down. "Ah, Stel. You have finally found my hiding spot, hm?" It was Tir-d-yar. "And, I have your brother here." He was torturing Rola. "...." Stel was speechless. The amount of anger flowing through his body was insane. "I AM GOING TO HAVE YOUR HEAD, TIR!" Stel charged immediantly with a pair of Energy Swords.

Part 4Edit


Bane was confused. But he shook out of it and hefted up his M392 DMR and put the 3X scope on the Jackal's head. He didn't like the "smell" of the situation--the Jackal seemed to have a trick up his sleeve. He depressed the trigger--and was knocked out.

He heard his mother sing a gentle lullaby, and then everything--everything--went dark.


Jack returned to his bolt hole. He had a wonderful meal of cooked rat and old MREs. As he lay watching BANE progress he was knocked out by a figure. He rolled his eyes. This guy is way unprofessional. Jack grabbed a silencer for the DMR and headed out.


Bane woke up again, cursing. There were no guards this time. He angrily swept his arm across a table in front of him. What a captain. Weren't captains supposed to be helping their fellow personnel instead of munching on food? Goddamn that--

He told himself to calm down. He would shoot the traitor sooner or later anyway.

He still had all his weapons. There was a door. He was going to leave. So hard. He walked toward the doorway, and heard a deep thrumming voice say, "Stop." Bane turned around, and saw an Elite.


Jack stepped out of the shadows. He had his DMR leveled with the Elites head. "Stand down buddy"


Bane pointed his M392 DMR at the captain's head. "You know, sir, my thoughts and opinions about you have really lowered. Since we met, I mean." My ORION training could kill you any time, captain.


Jack was taken by surprised by the Agents action. He turned and aimed his rifle at the Agent. "Sir, what in the hell are you doing?"


"Ordering you to stand down, captain." Bane's grip hardened on his DMR. "And sir, I will shoot you. Don't play 'puck-ass' with me." He moved forward slowly, and nodded at the Elite, who also pointed his weapon at the captain. "I am hereby demoting you to lieutenant, sir, and yes, I have the authority." He pulled out a supposedly-real identification card and shined it.

"You can follow us, live, and not shoot us, or attempt to kill us, fail, and get killed. Your choice, lieutenant."


Jack lowered his weapon. "Sir, do you really think rank matters these days?" Jack spoke with an incredulous look on his face. "In a placed with no order. We all want the same thing. To get the hell off this rock." At that moment 4 Armor clad ODSTs walked into the room.

"Actually, Lt," the lead figure spoke, pronouncing it el tee. "Rank does matter."


Bane turned away briskly with the Elite and walked away, and said, "Remember, lieutenant: it's all your choice."


"Oh, good sir" the 2nd one said mockingly "Come back here please"


In a flash, the two tips of an energy blade was pressed to his neck. "Do not take that mocking tone with me, marine." He deactivated the energy blade and resumed walking, suddenly a few meters away from the ODST as if nothing had happened.


Suddenly all four of the ODSTs had their weapons trained on retreating figure.

"Hawkins," spoke the leader. "TTR, ankles."

"Yes sir." quickly the sniper put 3 TTR rounds into BANE's ankle. "Sorry bud," Hawkins spoke sarcastically, "I usually aren't that mean to new people" The 3rd ODST went and checked his supposed ID.

"Hes not UNSC!" she barked. "Former ONI though!"

The leader walked over to BANE. Having been relieved of his weapons by the woman he offered his hand. "Look sir, I imagine you would like to get off this rock."


Bane smirked and said, "So this is your miraculous plan, hmm? Actually, I don't really have any will to get off this goddamn piece of shit, though it would be my pleasure to kill you all." The Elite was gone, now somewhere behind the ODSTs with active camouflage on. Without warning, three ODSTs were knocked down, and Bane broke through the ropes as if they were paper.

He grinned and said, "Sorry to disappoint you guys. I'm still ONI though." He snapped his fingers and four ONI operatives dropped down around him, wearing the same jumpsuit-thin JOYEUSE body armor.


James Perez was the only ODST standing. "Bravo, Agent BANE, bravo." he clapped his hands slowly. "Thing is Agent BANE. I outrank you. Somewhere along the lines I came into command of the UNSC Flames of War." he removed his helmet. A short mess of brown hair sat upon his head. He clipped the helmet on his belt. "And Task Force Oscar. We are the ah...How do I put this?" he looked for a moment. "We do the weird shit for the UNSC. We've investigate disturbances around the galaxy. And we detected life forms out here. So if you ain't Elites, and you ain't a survivor....What the hell are you doing here?"


Even as Perez spoke Bane was scanning his JOYEUSE helmet's heads-up display ONI database. He found it: James Perez. He raised an eyebrow, then minimized the file, and tinted his visor's polarization up even more. "Very strong body...nice record...yes. You want to know what I've been doing here? I've been trying to search for specific artifacts...well, that's classified of course."

He smiled and unpolarized his visor. Then he flipped up into the air and was gone.


"Hey!" Jack yelled. " What the hell am I supposed to do?!?"


Bane swooped back down, staring at Jack and Perez. "As a matter of fact, you're both coming with me." And with that, he fired two gun-shaped objects and the two men were jerked forward to Bane.


Oregon Hawkins stood looking up. "Uh....What the hell was that?"

"I have no fuckin' idea" Nova spoke confused as ever. She motioned to the third ODST and they walked out weapons raised.


Bane raised an eyebrow and stared at the two objects. "So these really do work. 'Gravity guns.' Useful, yes?" He turned to one of the four other ONI operatives and he nodded, though his eyes never left his assault rifle-battle rifle-like weapon (MA7N SAPC).

"Anyway, treat our new...teammates with respect, eh, and go kick some ass." He dropped one of the objects on purpose and as he stooped down low to retrieve it, he whispered into the XO's ear, "Keep an eye on them and we need to find the Forerunner artifacts ASAP. Before the Covie remnants here do."


Jack tapped his helmet. It was out of batteries. James grabbed a set of extas and pryed open the slot.

"I'm promoting you to Captain...Again." James spoke quietly. He slipped the battery pack in and backed off. He turned to the ONI agent."So...Whats the plan? I generally like to know why I'm being hauled off to god knows where."


A small icon flashed in the corner of Bane's HUD and he accepted the call. "Yes?"

His ONI hirer spoke through the COM: "Multiple Covenant remnants converging on your position. Better hurry and get the 'Chicken Wing' out of there before they get it. Even though the war's over, we might still have a chance to defeat any future enemies with the 'Wing.'"

"Yes, sir," Bane answered and shut off the call. "The plan is, we're going to the Land of Oz."


"Magical fairy trip to god knows where sounds good." Perez stated with a smile. He pulled back the charging handle of his MA5K and released it.


Bane cradled his MA7N assault rifle gently and moved forward, occasionally moving forward into the next room to scout for any hostiles or artifacts. In a strangely-shaped room with multiple carvings, there was gleaming holograms everywhere. He stepped forward--onto a bridge of solid light photons.


"This is almost as weird as Atlas." Perez stated. His cheek resting on his MA5K's stock. He looked down at the bridge. "Seriously. At least there ain't zombies here." he grunted.

Jack covered them with his DMR. Checking his corners, finding nothing.


Bane ignored them and continued past holograms of semi-solid plants, rotating and orbiting planets, stars, galaxies, trees, underbrush, bramble, insects, even humans and Covenant holograms.

He saw the artifact simply sitting upon a small marble crystal pedestal, but surrounded by a very faint shimmer.

It was vaguely shaped like a chicken wing, except the edge, which looked more like fifty energy sword blade edges. "The 'Chicken Wing,'" Bane whispered in awe.


James peered over BANE's shoulder. "Real nice." he said in a bored tone. "What the hell is it?"


"A Forerun--I mean, it's obviously a stone chicken wing, right?" Bane shook himself out of it and reached forward to take it. A bolt of concentrated ionized lightning blasted from porous holes above and below on the ground and blasted Bane back.

"First unlethal charge released. Second minimum-lethal level charging, ready. Preparing for multiple assaults." Suddenly the holograms shut down and the solid light bridge shut off, cutting their only means of escape away. The hologram projectors unfolded and turned into drone-like machines, and focused directly on Bane, James, Jack, and the four other ONI agents.

"Waiting for any possible attack."


Jack stood staring at the object. Meanwhile James had taken a knee behind a table. Waiting.


Bane quietly stepped to the side, but the strange retina-like eye on the marble-crystal bust holding the artifact did not follow, nor did the drones' glowing eyes. "We come in peace," Bane said, repeating the four words in nearly twenty-eight different languages.

The drones and the eye waited until he hit Latin, then said back in English, "Greetings, Reclaimer. We have been waiting for you."


James stood up from his wall. "What is that?"


"Oh dear," a drone that looked different from the other drones chirped in a mechanical voice with some surprise glued into it. "We Reclaimers. But this is perfect!" The drone--a sphere--giggled with joy and its blue-green light turned away from them and faced the eye, and said, "We have seven Reclaimers, Maiden. This is indeed perfect."

Bane's eyes flickered unsteadily to the artifact--then the drone said, "You may take the Globe, Reclaimer."


"Bane what the fuck is that thing?"


Bane reached for the Globe without answering, then the drone fired a long, steady burst of green energy straight into Bane's chest. His prototype bubble shields flickered out. The drone giggled evilly and maniacally and said, "My Globe."


Jack raised his rifle and aimed at the globe. James stood down. "What is going on HERE!?!"

Part 5Edit


Stel stopped. A Chieftain was in his way. A old friend of someone Stel killed in the past, Garpundius was challenging Stel to a duel. Stel brought both Energy Swords up. Garpundius wielded the Fist of Rukt, which was given to him by his friend. Tir, who was out of the entire room all together, took the back way out to his personal ship. Rola was still hanging on the wall, suspended by Tir. Stel and Garpundius stopped circling eachother. Stel lunged forward, bring the hilt of both swords down on Garpundius' hammer, while Garpundius slammed the Rukt right down on Stel's foot. A immense amount of pain, but Stel ignored it. He threw the hammer off using his prosthetic arm, which flew up right into Garpundius' lower jaw. While he was stunned, Stel took the opportunity to cut the Rukt in half. The hilt of the hammer fell onto the floor, as Garpundius swiped again. He missed, as Stel jumped backwards, then forwards, thrusting the Swords straight into Garpundius' stomach. Now stunned, Stel swiped Garpundius' head off. As Garpundius' decapitated body fell to the floor, Stel looked up at the still hanging Rola. He had lost some of his blood, but not enough to pass out. He moved over and cut the chains in half. He gave a grin to Rola. "Welcome back, brother." As he nodded. Stel let Ral come in, and all three of them witnessed Tir escaping on his ship.

Tir popped his head out of the ship.

"I'LL BE BACK FOR YOU, STEL!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. Stel could only chuckle at Tir's rage.


As Rola limped, a bellow could be heard all over the station, "You will not escape me that easily, Stel 'Vadam. I will have my revenge!"

From his small ship came a strange bomb. Grabbing Rola's hand, the Sangheili ducked underneath the table. The explosion was chaotic, debris flew across the sewer. The base, however, was not what Tir wanted to destroy. The explosion ripped a hole in the cavern's ceiling, and the murky waters of Lake Dawn flooded into the zone. Rola sighed.

Yir had been onboard the ship for some time now, "What about his brother?"

"Just watch," Tir said, watching the water flow. He held a small device in his hand, pressing the button, Tir smirked evily. As his ship watched from above, Tir told Yir, "That will deal with both of them."

Rola sat down, trying to stand up. Stel pulled his brother up. "Stel, I'm not feeling so good," Rola said weekly. Suddenly, an electrical shock went through Rola. His eye's widened before closing. He colllapsed to the ground, knocked out. "No..." Stel said, thinking Rola to be dead, "NO!!!"

Stel's roar echoed across the tunnel. Lifting his brother's 'corpse', Stel left the building. "I will kill you Tir-D-yar, if it the last thing I do!" Stel shouted to the world.

Tir sighed, "Well, I think I've sealed the Relentless massacre's fate."

"What do you mean by that, master?" Kol asked.

As Tir's ship rose up the elevator, it's voice emmited, "WARNING: Penetration Level at Critical Level. Please Evacuate the station in a calm and orderly fashion."

Tir's ship quickly retreated back into the city, "While the Stranded humans are one concern that will soon be dealt with, there is one major detail that I must be rid of," Tir spoke. The Water erupted from Lake Dawn, splashing against the Relentless Massacre's hangar. The Water flowed straight through the corridors, short circuiting many of it's systems. The Shipmaster called Stel, "Stel, we need you on the Relentless Massacre. Now!"

The water behind Stel hastened in it's tracks, "I have a situation that I must deal with, Shipmaster."

The Shipmaster looked confused; he turned to his Unggoy, "Unggoy, the doors have short circuited, get your friends and close as many as you can to prevent the flooding!"

The Shipmaster sighed, and hoped for any source of luck.

--Gruntijackal, the impending demise draws near 06:20, September 12, 2010 (UTC)


And out of the darkness came a light.--I forget

"This is the UNSC Super Carrier Flames of War. I have recieved a distress signal from this area. How may I assist?"


Corez was similarly wounded to Rola, except that he was more in pain. But. He thought. When your facing 15 packs of brutes. Then... then... then... He couldn't think, he couldn't speak, he couldn't see. And as he fell backward, a Brute came charging to him, roaring. Corez used every ounce of energy that he possessed to get up and... SLASH! SLASH! The Brute was on the floor, in 4 pieces, Corez, having ripped the brute into pieces..


Bane woke up on the surface of Reach. His chest felt like it was disintegrating, and his heartbeat was extremely slow. Groaning, he reached for his primary rifle--it wasn't there. He unholstered his sidearm, clumsily, fumbling, but managed to slide a new thirteen-round magazine into the pistol.


Stel was still carrying Rola on his shoulders. He put one hand on Rola's chest, where both of his hearts were located. "He is still alive." he said to himself. Must of passed out from the blood... He looked forward. A Wraith. Their ticket out of here. "Corez, Ral! Get over here, and get in the Wraith!" Stel jumped inside. He rested Rola against the back of the Wraith. "Let us hope you will stay alive."

Corez and Ral jumped in. Corez took the turret, and swung it around. "Shipmaster! Bring my ship down to ground level, so I can get this Wraith inside!" Stel ordered. The Shipmaster, sighed, not sure he should take such a risk, but he did. "I can only escape in two minutes! Hurry, Councilor!"

The Wraith gave a roar of life, and was afloat, moving across the water over to Stel's ship.


Bane's eyes flickered, and he regained enough strength to resume walking at an unsteady pace. He tripped and stumbled once, knocking his forehead on a small-sized rock, and was knocked out for about half an hour before waking up once again.

Lost...lost on Reach. Then he heard the rumble of a Wraith not so far away.


"Ral! RAL! Stop the bloody Wraith! It is that human from before. Corez, load him inside." Corez jumped off the turret and lifted Bane on his shoulders. He brought him to the ship and put him inside. Corez leapt back onto the turret, and swung it around to a group of Jackals. He opened fire.


Bane's eyes swam forward without him. He saw darkness, until he was wrenched into the interior of a Wraith tank. He heard more Wraiths approaching from behind, and the last thing he thought before drifting off to sleep and unconsciousness was his hirer's last words: "Multiple Covenant remnants converging on your position."


"SHIPMASTER! Stop complaining about landing the ship! We are attempting to load the Wraith in the docking bay! Just hang on!" Stel was still guiding the Wraith to the Relentless Massacre. Ral knocked a Ghost of to the side of the main street in Terrador. Stel poked his head out of the small compartment, and nearly had a needle embedded in his head if he didn't duck down. He had just the moment to see the ship floating at the end of the town. "Ral! Engage the boost!" Ral hit a button with the knuckles, and the Wraith zoomed forward.

It zoomed right into the docking bay. "Shipmaster! We are in. Get us out of here!"

The ship elevated, then moved off.

"The human does not look good. He has had a giant, seeping green hole in his chest." Stel said. "Ral, get Codename: CASTLE up here. He has had previous medical training." Out of the brig, came a human. Codename: CASTLE.


Castle kneeled down beside Bane and stared at him in shock for a few seconds before whispering, "Bane..." He looked at the wound, and squinted. He looked at Stel. "Do you have any specially-trained healers onboard this ship?"


Aboard UNSC Flames of War

"Repeat, this is UNSC Flames of War actual to Relentless Massacre come in." spoke the Alice AI unit. Her shimmering blue form looked concerned.


Kevin Trallona fired his Shotgun, slaying another Jiralhanae. The other stranded continued to fire upon the oncoming aliens. "Reloading!" a human called. Three Sangheili in a Spectre turned around the bend, escaping the city. Kevin chuckled, pulling out a fragmentation grenade.

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Nearing the end.



The water of Lake Dawn splashed against the buildings of Terrador. Gradually, the water flowed back down to the lake. A small dropship flew in the skies above and descended to just above it's buildings. Two bodies lay together, a man and a Kig-Yar. The Kig-Yar had been slain by plummeting to his doom; and the man lay with his head splattered across the street. The clouds gathered in the skies as the sun set over the horizon. The coal black clouds quickly enveloped the air as the sun's light faded. The sound of thunder boomed, which was quickly followed by a bolt of lightning. Water showered down upon the streets. The water dripped into the blood on the ground. The dropship's engine was a soothing noise which echoed across the streets. A cloaked Kig-Yar walked off the ship as the lightning flashed. The Kig-Yar looked to the two bodies; his attention did not last as he turned to a nearby wall. The stranded leader lay limp against the shop, a shotgun in his wrinkled hands. Two Kig-Yar exited the dropship and walked to behind the shrouded figure. Two Beam Rifles appeared in their hands. Several other Kig-Yar from nearby shops arrived, shields in their hands. The shields had been modified and no longer illuminated in a bright colour. Instead as the shields activated, they were a pitch black colour. The shrouded figure looked to the edge of the city; two banshees flew in the sky over an 'abandoned' UNSC base. The shrouded figure smirked and began slowly walking down the street. The Kig-Yar behind followed. The shrouded Kig-Yar pulled out a beam rifle and stepped over the splattered man's body. Tir-D-yar, Kol-R-ah, Yir-T-ur and three hundred Kig-Yar marched down the street to the Jiralhanae district. The two Jiralhanae guards could not see the Kig-Yar in the darkness and their sound was blocked out by the thunder. Two Kig-Yar dropped from the surrounding buildings and in mere seconds, the two Jiralhanae died; blood slits in their necks. The Jiralhanae were tired, leaderless and more importantly, unprepared for the avian onslaught. Tir, Kol and Yir began to sprint over the bridge to the district. The pitter patter of the rain on the metallic bridge being the only sound heard. The army continued marching, watching as their leaders entered the only thing keeping them from conquering Reach. Tir looked at the surrounding walls, a flash of lightning revealed a camera. Tir placed on his night vision helmet issued to him during his service to the Covenant. He fired his beam rifle, which hit the camera’s lens directly. The machine fell apart, crumbling into pieces with the wreckage plummeting to the floor. The thunder blocked out its noise. Tir looked at Kol and Yir, and noticed all the cameras in the area crumbled, and useless. As the army entered the district, Tir commanded, “No Survivors.”

Meanwhile on the Relentless Massacre, Stel ‘Vadam looked down at Reach, it’s once beautiful landscape now charred wasteland. He turned to his brother Rola who he had saved from the murderous clutches of Tir-D-yar. “Why did we leave?” Ral ‘Daman asked.

“Is it because the ship could not take another beating?” Rola asked.

“Precisely,” Stel said in a groan.

“Why are you so down, Rola is saved. After three years you are reunited!” Ral asked.

“Because, Tir is still down there, I left Reach devastated again, I failed my mission,” Stel said grimly.

“So what Stel, what can one Kig-Yar do on an abandoned planet?” Ral asked.

Rola looked at Stel, who stared back. Stel took in a breath, “That’s the thing; Reach isn’t as abandoned as we once thought...”


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