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Twilight UAV
Production information
Technical specifications
Engine Power

low impact jet engine

Sensor Systems
  • Optical camera
  • Thermal camera

The RQ-4 Twilight is a UNSC Drone.


Twilight UAV is a low altitude but long endurance UAV, designed to cover a small area of combat. It is a roughly triangular shaped vehicle with stealth features, a 'flying wing' with a turntable central section holding the powerful RADAR and optical/thermal cameras. It can be used to identify almost 200 targets on the ground and relay these to the UNSC War Net. The Twilight is near silent and can glide undetected over the battlefield. It is hardened against cyber and electronic attack, and can relay information on a hardened encryption channel.

Unlike many other UAVs, it cannot launch itself, but requires a catapult launcher, usually towed by a Warthog. It must land on a prepared runway, road, or temporary strip.

The Twilight uploads to any transmission capable platform in range. Command stations, satellites, AWACS, warships, etc. This is then relayed onto the War Net, giving soldiers a gestalt image of the battlefield on the ground. It can be controlled by a single operator, but is more commonly set to operate autonomously, flying across a preprogrammed route and collecting intelligence.

Thanks to sensor resistant materials used in construction and a small size, its near invisible to most sensors.

UNSC Remarks

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