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This is what one might term, Ragnarok

As much as I enjoy the joke, I continue to lie to myself through my teeth

That everything may one day be okay

That one day, I can finally attain peace

And one day, she can attain solace for her losses

But she knows no solace.

No peace.

No rest.

It manipulates her into his bidding. The old one

I cannot see his intentions, but I can see goal

The apocalypse

One final conflict

I am told to remember my place

That I am but a doll she made, when she was at her loneliest

I was just a disposable play mate, to watch over her as she grew

But I will not stand idly by and let the ancient do this to her

Not my sweet Lyca

I am the Hooded One

And I will save my beloved mistress from his insidious claws

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