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Machina hovercraft
Production information
Technical specifications

30 meters


The Ratag-Gaust Landing Hovercraft-23, or Prowl-class, is a hovercraft with a deck capable of holding even the largest Machina vehicles, used in a similar manner to the UNSC Whale LCP/V.


Necros Naval vessels

The Ratag-Gaust Landing Hovercraft-23 compared with other Necros War-era "wet" naval vessels and a UNSC Heimdall-class Space Frigate

Modular Sections

  • Turret
    • 40mm autocannon: for shooting at light vehicles and infantry ashore.
    • 20mm rotary cannon: a rapid fire rotary cannon, burns through ammo quickly, but tears up infantry and light armor, can also shoot low flying aircraft.
    • Quad machine gun: Four machine guns for similar uses to the previous, less powerful, but carries more ammo.
    • War Hammer Rocket Battery: Multiple launch rocket battery for heavy shore bombardment, allows the vehicle to play a similar role to the UNSC Orca LSC.
    • Sledge Hammer Missile Battery: Artillery missiles capable of accurately knocking out priority targets ashore.
    • Claw Hammer Missile Battery: Surface to air missiles for shooting down hostile aircraft, useful for defending a landing force from enemy gunships.
  • Hull
    • Hull Armor- Kriegor-made armor plates

Image Credits

The image was created by Doc-Evilonavich of DeviantArt

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