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"We were on a joint op. with the Machina, out numbered and about to be overrun by one of those Tyrant walkers and about a half a Necros armored division, with no air support in the area. That's when a Bludgeon-class off shore opened up on the Mike Foxtrots. Plasma lances burning through the super walker, explosions from 500mm shells tossing tanks like toys, missiles raining from above. Annihilated every last one of the bastards. It was epic I tell you. Simply epic"
―Anonymous UNSC Marine.

Knoot BB V2 by Doc Evilonavich
Bludgeon-class Battleship
Production information
  • Ratag Clan
  • Kriegor Clan


Technical specifications

300 meters

  • 4x modular main turrets
    • 5x 200mm Railgun or
    • 3x Super Heavy Plasma Lance or
    • 3x 500mm gun or
    • Oversized Sledge Hammer missile pod
  • 20x modular secondary turrets
    • twin 20mm rotary cannon
    • twin plasma lances
    • 2x 200mm Rail Guns-Gaust
    • Sledge Hammer Missile Battery
    • Claw Hammer SAM Battery
    • Quad Torpedo tubes

The Ratag-Kriegor Battleship-12, or Bludgeon-class, is a heavy gun and missile launch platform with four primary turrets and twenty secondary turrets. The vessel is designed for heavy shore bombardment and naval combat.


Necros Naval vessels

The Ratag-Kriegor Battleship-12 compared with other Necros War-era "wet" naval vessels and a UNSC Heimdall-class Space Frigate

Modular SectionsEdit

  • Main Turrets
    • 3x Super Heavy Plasma Lance- Jastenon-made heavy lance weapons for piercing heavy armor
    • 3x 500mm Cannon- Fondera-made heavy artillery, able to pound any target into submission
    • 5x 200mm Rail Guns-Gaust- designed railguns. Efficient multi-purpose weapons.
    • Oversized Sledge Hammer missile Battery- Argenta-designed 30-shot Sledge Hammer missile battery for striking at distant targets.
  • Secondary turrets
    • twin 20mm rotary cannon: two rapid fire rotary cannons, burns through ammo quickly, but tears up low flying aircraft.
    • twin plasma lances: two plasma lances for short range ship to ship combat.
    • 2x 200mm Rail Guns-Gaust- designed railguns. Efficient multi-purpose weapons.
    • Sledge Hammer Missile Battery: Ten artillery missiles capable of accurately knocking out priority targets ashore.
    • Claw Hammer Missile Battery: Twenty surface to air missiles for shooting down hostile aircraft, useful for defending the ship from enemy gunships.
    • Quad Torpedo tubes: four side-firing torpedoes to strike ships below the waterline.

Ships of the LineEdit

  • MF Bludgeon
  • MF Blunt Force
  • MF Sledgehammer
  • MF Fist of Steel
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