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Ravenna (55 Germana γ)
Astrographical information

Outer expanse


55 Germana System

Rotation period

33.16 standard hours

Physical information

9,157.3 km (equatorial)


197.02 — 317.69 Kelvins

Atmosphere composition

Nitrogen — 51.3%
Oxygen — 25.1%
Argon — 21.6%
Various trace elements

Societal information

12,015,000 as of 2554


ALFcrest Artemis Liberation Front


"My old buddy traveled there after he finished with the service; he says there's nothing better."
―Anonymous serviceman

Ravenna is a terrestrial planet located in the 55 Germana System of the desolate outer expanse. It naturally boasts a breathable atmosphere and variably hospitable biosphere.

By 2554, it had grown to be an unconditional haven for war refugees, forced from their homeworlds by the terrors of the First Great War. It is worth noting that the planet maintains no diplomatic ties to UNSC-governed colonies; trade via smuggling is in no scarcity, however. Despite such a bold history of illegal activities, Ravenna's inhabitants, namely the more well-intentioned rebel organizations, manage to prevent crime from reaching rampant levels.


Roots of Civilization

Ravenna was discovered in 2388 by UNSC astronomers. For reasons that have yet to be undisclosed, it was never targeted for colonization or even further exploration. This streak of inactivity with the planet, then known as 55 Germana γ, ended when a stray cargo ship filled with refugees that was running low on fuel and resources stumbled upon the planet in 2450. They were forced to take refuge on an equatorial coast, where the twelve hundred Humans began to establish their own, secluded settlement. The people used the vessel's primary reactor as power plants and put a number of other systems to help stabilize the town. They also found the local soil to be extremely fertile, partially by accident. Subsequently, they immediately began planting the meager quantity of seeds available.

As these minimal sources of nourishment was not enough, the settlers quickly learned to hunt and gather efficiently, with the prime targets of the former activity being the krava and kappefrog. After approximately 250 days of this repetitive pattern of tedious survival, a patrolling rebel gunship received a distress signal coming from the fledgling colony. It immediately rerouted and made way to the planet, donating its limited surpluses before disembarking to find aid. Within a month, aid returned once again, though this time in came in the form of a bulk freighter loaded with volunteer colonists, mostly from nearby rebel strongholds, and a variety of crucial supplies.

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