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Reclusion-class Destroyer
Production information

Forerunner Aerodynamics


Reclusion-class Destroyer


All-Purpose Styled Destroyer

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Slipspace drive

Arwahen Wormhole Drive


GARDNA type Defensive Armour

Chronological and affiliation

The Reclusion-class Destroyer, sometimes referred to as the Recluse Destroyer by the Arwahens, or the Main Arwahen Battleship by the Humans and their enemies, was a class of warship typically utilized by the Arwahens during their time in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Reclusion was designed and manufactured by the Forerunner contracted Forerunner Aerodynamics. The Reclusion-class Destroyer was built several years prior to the Arwahen Civil War and it saw major military usage during this time as it was basically used as an All Purpose Styled Ship. Later on, the Reclusion-class Destroyer was designated as one of the Arwahen's primary warships.

During their Golden Age, usage of these fine ships diminished as the Arwahens did not have the need for them at the time, often using them for security and patrol detail. As the Golden Age continued, the Reclusion-class would largely be kept to date, with new weapons being placed every few years. It was during the Forerunner-Flood War the Reclusion-class Destroyer would largely be used. Massive fleets comprised of these warships were used by any means and sacrificed to stave off the Flood advance. During the engagements, the Destroyers were usually able to hold them for quite a while before they were defeated by the scourge. After the activation of the Halo Array, large numbers of these ships survived and many of them drifted aimlessly in space, waiting to be used again while several others into worlds. Many Reclusion-class Destroyers however, were docked into several offline installations and ports but their conditions relatively remain unknown.

Countless years had passed before the massive numbers of Reclusion-class Destroyer were discovered again. One notable discovery was by the UNSC, during one of their post war exploratory missions, an expedition group had discovered large numbers of offline Reclusion Warships at an unnamed Installation, possibly a Shield World. Using their bio signatures, the Humans were able to activate the slumbering ships and bring them back. The Humans then established a fleet mostly comprised of these Destroyers as well as several support ships, with the naming of the fleet being aptly named the Forerunner Primary Battle Group. As a result, a number of technologies were derived from the Reclusion-class Destroyers, incredibly increasing the Human's technology level. The Reclusion-class Destroyers still remained under the usage of the UNSC's up until the Saulosian Campaign where they fought on all fronts in the war.


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Reclusion-class Destroyer/Mugai Variant



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