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Operation Gladius

Reconquest of Reach


Post war campaing


July4-july 6 2554


Epsilon Eridani system


UNSC Victory



Covenant Loyalist



Unknow major prophet

  • 1st Naval Armada
  • UNSC 4th Fleet
  • Numerous grounds force
  • Numerous mechanized infantry division

Fleet of particular Redemption

  • Numerous legions
  • 1/3 of the Space force
  • 30% of grouud force
  • 75% of ships
  • almost all ground force


Reah was always been a military planet since is fall in august 2552 the fleetcom alway managed to retake it for the next part of the post war campaing. The Loyalis know that, that why they send a large fleet to protect it. The UNSC put much hope in this planet due to is military potential.


In July 2554 379 ship of the unsc depart from Earth, Mars and Pluto system converging on the Epsilon eridani system in hope to retake reach and use it to refit much more ship for the uncomming operation Gladius. Even if Reach become barren after it was glass the unsc want it for built a space factory and refit station and not for recolonization. Alot of hights ranking officers trought that was suicidal to retake a barren system but Reach was close the Loyalist battle station that involved in the operation Gladiuss.

Space Battle

The unsc fleet was split in two part the bigger the 1st Naval Armada was send to take out the majority of the covenant factories who built the deadly Loyalist Dreadnaught and destroy the fleet. The other part the 4th fleet lead by the UNSC Minnesota launch the troop on the barren surface tho clear the ennemi force in the system.

On the Ground

On the ground the UNSC lauched massive troop and tank to clear the surface despit it was glassed thing went critical when a Loyalist force composed of 2 legions embuched 2 regiments. In a desesperate move the UNSC send Spartan Group Epsilon to turn the battle.
Halo3 panoramaA 120

A platon of marines in a urban battle

Later in the day a massive conter strike was send to retake the city center who was the Capital of Reach befor it destrution Using the 345th German Armored regiment to take LZ of the loyalist. After 3 days of hard fighting the UNSC finnaly retake the planet.
Halo3 diorama 1203

UNSC Marines from the 1st Army fighting the brute outside a destroyed city