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Red Platoon
Unit Background
Unit size

Three squads, 13 men each

Current Commander

Angelica Keller

Subordinate Units
  • Crimson Squad
  • Scarlet Squad
  • Vermillion Squad
Current Status



Red platoon is a SPARTAN IV Unit in Bravo Company. It is made up of two squads and one specialist squad. It dual specialises in the use of modified Warthog Assassin RAVs.

CO:Second Lieutenant Angelica Keller XO: Staff Sergeant

Crimson SquadEdit

  • CO:
  • Assault Team Alpha
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin)
  • Fire Team Bravo
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin)
  • Fire Team Charlie
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin LDEV)
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin LAAG, fourth member of both alpha and delta ride gunner)

Scarlet SquadEdit

  • CO:
  • Fire Team Delta
  • Assault Team Echo
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin)
  • Assault Team Foxtrot
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin LDEV)
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin LAAV, fourth member of both delta and echo ride Gunner)

Vermillion SquadEdit

  • CO:
  • Recon Team Gamma
  • Combat Engineer Team Hotel
  • Combat Engineer Team Indigo
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin Transport, team Hotel and Scarlet CO ride shotgun)
  • Weapon Team Juliet
  • Weapon Team Kilo
    • (Specialist: Driver, Warthog Assassin Transport, Team Juliet and Vermillion CO rides shotgun)