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Relentless-class Heavy Cruiser
Production information

super cruiser

Technical specifications

3200 meters

  • 1 Heavy Energy Projector
  • 2 Energy Projectors
  • 30 Plasma Cannons
  • 34 pulse laser
  • point defense lasers
Year introduced

Remants War


Anti-Heavy Capital Ship Vessel


Necros War




The Relentless-class is a USR Heavy Cruiser. Despite being similar in size and bulk to the Reverence-class Grand Cruiser, it has a very different role, being intended for use against enemy capital ships at long range.

The Relentless is an 'artillery ship', designed to use Energy Projectors at extreme range against enemy capital ships. It carries a front-facing Heavy Energy Projector, and two Energy Projectors, capable of destroying any capital ship in the forward firing arc with ease. It also carries a smaller than average payload of plasma cannons and pulse lasers, reserving these purely for defensive fire. The Relentless has lower shielding and armour that most ships, and reduced engines, optimised for agility, not speed. It has an oversized reactor, capable of powering its main weapon systems for near continuous fire.

The Relentless-class is often used to support large fleet engagements, disabling the largest and most dangerous ships at long distances, or in planetary defence scenarios, firing on warships before they can get close enough to begin the planetary assault. It can also perform long-range tactical bombardment of a planet, causing significant damage.

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