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Retractable Gauntlet-Knife
Production information


Technical specifications

30 centimeters

Damage Per Hit



extremly short


Human Covenant War


Sniper Rifle


UNSC, ONI Section 0


The Retractable Gauntlet-Knife is an assasination weapon used by UNSC agents. If used correctly, it is the perfect weapon of an assasin.


The Gauntlet Knife is actually a whole Gauntlet, with the knife itself inside the gauntlet. When pushing a button on the gauntlet, the knife's sharp edge comes out of the gauntlet, and the wielder can start attack with it. Since it isn't held in the hand, a wielder of the Gauntlet-Knife can use other weapons at the same time if neccessary, which makes it a perfect weapon for agents.


  • It's the perfect silenced assasination weapon, which is why it's used by assasins and agents.
  • You can wield other weapons while having the blade retracted out of the Gauntlet, since it's not held in the hand.


  • It can't be used at long ranges. Because of that, agents will still have to have long range weapons with them.
  • It is supposed to deliver one-blow kills, but if it doesn't hit a really vital spot, it's not certain it will kill the enemy, since it's very small.


  • It is a little bit similar to the retractable knife used by Altair in the game Assasin's Creed.

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