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Revelation, abbreviated as REVEL, is collective alternate universe occurring primarily after the Human-Covenant War. Contributors are as follows:


Fall of UNSC/UEG

As this is the reason for creating this alternate universe, I will elaborate on this so that not any confusion arises...

By 2560, much of the United Earth Government and Colonial Administration Authority and their collective powers had been aggressively usurped by the militaristic United Nations Space Command. A plethora of reasons behind this takeover include a deep economical depression, an extremely high debt in war bonds, failing economies among individual economies, and a slowly shrinking military prowess. The UNSC hoped that a military control over Humanity would resolve issues in the long run, though it only caused further uproar as a totalitarianism rose into power and all aspects of life were controlled and/or censored in order to maintain order. For several months, overall conditions would decline as no party made gains in the situation. In January 2562, sixteen elite soldiers of the opportunistic Colonial Protectorate, which is in essence the successor to the United Rebel Front, assassinated six of the UNSC's highest ten leaders (only eight guards protected their location in the western Sahara, which the UNSC had assumed was unknown to anybody but the leaders of the UNSC); the Colonial Protectorate had discovered the outpost after finding a loophole in the faulty network security system. Though all of the operatives were subsequently killed before escaping, the damage had been done and the remainder failed in maintaining what order was left and the UNSC, UEG, and CAA crumbled over the next few weeks and before long ceased to exist.

Before long, rebel factions began warring for the control of the fate of Humanity and began the Splinter War; two main opponents rose above the others and would wage war against one another for control of the people's destiny. These were the Colonial Protectorate and ex-UNSC forces that had united to restore order, known optionally as the Allies or pro-UNSC forces.

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