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Class overview

Revolutionary-class destroyer


Koslovic People's Republic

Succeeded by:

Red Star-class

In commission:

2157 -



General characteristics

185 meters


6 passengers


2 officers, 7 crew


as built:
2 × 20mm point defense guns 2161 refit:
1 × missile launcher
2 × 20mm point defense guns

Service record

Interplanetary Era

The Revolutionary-class was the first official spacecraft of the Koslovic People's Republic. Built as an interplanetary transport class in the 2150s, the spaceships were modified and armed following the Jovian Moons Campaign and reclassified as destroyers.


The Revolutionary was originally intended as an interplanetary transport for the top leadership of the Koslovic People's Republic. Its primary armament was a single RSM-1 missile, used more for dissuading potential attackers than for outright fighting due to its short range. The ship's single launcher was supported by a pair of 20mm point defense guns.

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