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Richard-028 Richard028NoArmor
Biographical Information
Spartan Tag



c. 2511

Physical Description





201.5 cm (6'11")


97 kg


UNSC Tactical Neural Interface/SPARTAN (TNI/SP)

Political and Military Information

UEG Seal Unified Earth Government
UNSCemblem2 United Nations Space Command
ONI Seal 1 Office of Naval Intelligence


UNSC Naval Special Warfare


25px Petty Officer First Class
Chief Petty Officer Insignia Chief Petty Officer






Chief Petty Officer Richard-028 (birthname unknown, referanced in ONI files as Codename: GOLDENEYE) is a SPARTAN-II supersoldier and special warfare operator for the UNSC Special Forces, and served as an original member of Bronze Team as its close arms specialist during the Human-Covenant War. After suffering an injury during the Battle of Jericho VII and was supposedly reassigned to "unfit for duty" status, Richard-028 was actually transferred (via the machinations of Fhajad-084, who had been relegated to a desk job with ONI after suffering crippling deformations during Augmentations) to the Black Ops Division of the Navy Special Forces (BLACKOPDIV) for a number of years, serving in a covert assassin/special operator role on behalf of the Naval Special Warfare Command. However, per an order from Fleet Admiral Preston Cole, Richard was conscripted back into Bronze Team when the team of Spartans was attached to Task Force India.

Richard was well known for his COMMANDO-variant MJOLNIR armor, most notable the black visor on his helmet.

Career Service Vitae

Early years

SPARTAN training

Missions with Bronze Team

Battle of Jericho VII

Black Ops Division

Operation: GEHENNA (2535)

Operation: BACKSTABBER (2536)

Operation: DEVIL MAY CRY (2537)

Operation: JUDGEMENT (2538)

Operation: BALLISTA (2539)

Operation: IRON HAMMER (2540)

Operation: TOMAHAWK (2541)

Reunion of Bronze Team (2542 - 2552)

Defense of Station Euphrates (2542)

Operation: PATHFINDER (2543)

Battle of 18 Scorpii (2543)

Battle of Psi Serpentis (2543)

The Ourourboros Shield World Incident (2543)

Battle of Miridem (2544)

Raid on the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence (2544)

Task Force Omega (2545 - 2548)

Return of the Red Army

Operation: CRUCIFIX


Pursuing Jacob Jiles

Siege of Paris IV (2549)

Battle of the Second Apex (2550)

The Search for Gray Team (2551 - 2552)


Fall of Reach

Battle for Hope

Return to Earth

Battle of Earth

Siege of Japan

Siege of the Canadian Territories

Battle of the United States

End of the War

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