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Ricky-01 was a SPARTAN-IV in the SPARTAN-IV Program. He was conscripted in 2561 at the age of 4 and trained along with the other SPARTAN-IVs. He was one of the least intelligent SPARTAN-IVs and frequently took it out on the smartest SPARTAN-IVs, and joined 'gangs' of the 'cooler' SPARTAN-IVs. He fought in OPERATION: UNLEAH, OPERATION: VIPER and OPERATION: ASSIST before being killed by a Brute Chieftain with a Fuel Rod while his squad was reinforcing some marines who crashed near some Covenant Remnant forces.

Official Data

All data is at time of death.

SPARTAN-IV Name: Ricky-01

Real Name: Ricky Wright

Birthdate: 12th May 2557

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Appearance: Slightly tan, brown eyes, short black hair that flops over his head

Personality: Dislikes the smarter SPARTAN-IVs due to jealousy, tries to join the toughest groups

Intelligence Quotinent: One-hundred and twenty-one

Weapon Of Choice: MA6A Assault Rifle

Squadron: Alpine Squadron

Current Status: Killed In Action