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Rimon 'Achachakee
Biographical Information
Line Name


Lineage Name



Fell Justice, Dara System


Seventh Cycle, Second Synchron, Ninth Eclipse, Twenty-Third Age of Doubt (December 9th, 2493)


Third Cycle, Fifth Synchron, Fourteenth Eclipse, Ninth Age of Reclamation (November 17th, 2552)

Physical Description





337 lb


Mottled brown



Political and Military Information

Holy Empire of the Covenant

State of Achacha

Covenant Army


Lance of Unrelenting Reparation

First Wave

Ultra (2537)
Field Marshall (2552)


Fall of Reach

"Let whoever can win glory before death"
―Rimon 'Achachakee[1]

Rimon 'Achachakee was a Sangheili member of the Covenant, eventually rising to the rank of Field Marshall by 2552, commanding the entire Covenant Army during the Fall of Reach, and then managing the Asian Theater during the Siege of Earth. In 2537, he was chosen by Ameigh Broley to become a member of the Lance of Unrelenting Reparation, which he served in until his promotion to Sangheili General in 2548, when he left to command the Third Army of Infinite Might under Field Marshall Sarzav 'Oonskee.[2]


Early Life

Born on Fell Justice in the Dara System in 2493 on the Human calendar, Rimon was raised in the Achachak state

The Lance

"On the blood of our fathers. On the blood of our sons."
―Rimon 'Achachakee, swearing allegiance to his commander, Ameigh Broley, with the Sangheili Ultra's mantra.


"With this sacrament of blood we journey into the Divine Beyond."
―Rimon 'Achachakee, preparing for the Invasion of Reach





  • Rimon's name is formed from the Arabic name Rimon, meaning "pomegranate", and the Native American name Achachak, meaning "spirit". This was meant to evoke the purple color of his Field Marshall armor and his quick, spirit-like arrival and departure as he killed Kat-B320.


  1. Beowulf in Beowulf (Line 1387-1388)
  2. Named after the infamous "Oonsk" in the Reach Beta.
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