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Terminal This article, Robinson Tactical Arms Corporation, was written by Rozh. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Robinson Tactical Arms Corp.

August 26th, 2512-March 2nd, 2716

Company Information

Firearms; other military technologies

Chronological and Political Information

UNSCnew-1 United Nations Space Command


The Robinson Tactical Arms Corporation (known also as Robinson Tactical Arms, Inc. and Robinson TAC) was a company based out of Elyria, Tripoli, in the 12 Gamma System. It is most prominent for the design of infantry firearms, including the GHOST Anti-Matèrial Rifle and U4 Sidearm. Beginning in the 2530's, Robinson began to expand its products to include star-ship weaponry, fighters, and ground vehicles. It also opened a civilian vehicles wing, Korazi Motors, in 2540.

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