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Biographical information

Rochelle (second name unknown)

Spartan Tag




Date of birth

December 1st 2511

Date of death

Early May 2554 (classified as MIA)




6'8 (Unarmoured)

  • 7'3 (Armoured)
Hair color


Eye color


Affiliation and military information

United Nations Space Command

  • UNSC Navy

Petty Officer Second Class


Rifles, hand held weapons and Snipers


Almost all battles in the Human-Covenant War


Spartan II- Class I

"My name's Rochelle. I'm a SPARTAN and I kill alien bastards in space, thats all ya need to know."
―Rochelle to a marine.

"I don't expect sympathy, because I would not give it."
―One of Rochelle's many sayings

SPARTAN-108, (called Rochelle by her teammates), is a SPARTAN II- Class I. She was a war hero of the Human-Covenant War, particulary the Battle of Reach and Sigmatus Octanus IV. She favoured Sniper Rifles, Battle Rifles and hand held weapons, and was known to take a distaste to other weapons. She was a member of Bold Team, which often worked with Noble team. However, after the members of Bold Team were killed on Reach, Rochelle is now without a team. Now, she is buried on Sanghelios, near the remains of the State of Daman.


Rochelle fought with Doug-103 during the Battle for Doisac. After fighting through half of a Jiralhanae blockade, her squad met up with Stel 'Vadam and Ral 'Daman and their surviving Sangheili commrades. After killing a Kig-Yar assassin, Rochelle had slept with one eye open for days until the closing hours of the Battle for the Blockade. Rochelle, along with Doug and Stel, discovered from a Kig-Yar assassin named Yer, that he along with two others had been hired to kill them. During a duel against the destructive Tir-D-yar, Rochelle intervened to save Stel's life. Tir stabbed Rochelle with an Energy Sword, mortally wounded her. After Stel struck and decapitated the Kig-yar, Doug couldn't give her Biofoam in time, so she turned down the offer. As the sun set over the forests of Doisac, she took in warmth, dying as she closed her eyes.

Rochelle was buried on Sanghelios, the only human to be buried in the Vadam graveyard.


"I'm on the edge of glory now, Doug, and I can't wait to see what eternal glory is like."
―Rochelle in Doug-103's dream

After her death, she was mentioned in Halo: Sangheili Brothers aswell as her grave being shown. Ashley Firth and Ke'la Vadum soon became the new girls of the group, even Ashley directly mentioned Rochelle to Stel, which made him upset. Doug-103 never forgotten Rochelle for her sacrifice to save 'Stellar'.

Tir-D-yar often used Rochelle as a weapon against his enemies, using her rather pathetic death as a sign to all to not underestimate the power of the Kig-Yar. Stel often had dreams of Rochelle being alive and well in the mission on Azather, however he also had nightmares of her death years after she died. Tir directly insulted Stel by saying that Rochelle was but a mere human and paid no credit to his team. By making this insult, this resulted in Tir nearly being killed and Lady Sintharia was revealed to Task Force 343, making her a target in the future.

One of the dreams Doug had about Rochelle was about her telling him that it was ok that she died. She had lived a life of violence, and after all her adventures, it was time for her to have peace. Doug quickly got over the death after this experience.

Her body was stolen by graverobbers[1], however Stel killed them and returned her body, along with her armour to her grave.

After The Destined Ones invaded the State of Vadam, and Ral 'Daman burnt down the Vadam statues (which is close to the Vadam graveyard), it is unknown what became of her remains. Ral himself stated that "Even though she gave her life to save Stel, I have nothing against her. I hope she didn't burn with the statues".


  • Her death is a reference to Halo: Contact Harvest. Her original death was a reference to Halo: The Flood and originally, she was not meant to die at all.
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  1. Halo: Desolation, seen in Stel's dream

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