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Roland Huffman
Biographical information

Sitka, Alaska, URNA, Earth

Date of birth

February 27th, 2528

Physical description

Staff Sergeant



Chronological and political information
UNSC Marine Corps

Staff Sergeant Roland Huffman was a human junior officer of the UNSC Marines Shock Trooper. Throughout his years of service in the UNSC, since his enlistment in 2548, Roland has participated and survived in several engagements with the Covenant. He later applied to join the 5th Shock Troops Battalion in 2551 and served in the 22nd Shock Troops of the 5th till 2558. He retired as Staff Sergeant of the Marine Corps in 2573.


Roland Huffman was a marksman who had some experience with Brute equipment. He was a long time friend of ODST Tomas Navarro.


Early Career

Battle of Earth

Information will be released once Halo: Side Factions or Halo: The Covenant has launched...

Post Human-Covenant War

In 2572, he was later interviewed in a documentary regarding his role as a former shock trooper and the his experience with enemy equipment in the Museum of Humanity.


  • In Halo: Side Factions, Roland was voiced by John DiMaggio, a voice actor who previously contributed his voice to Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST for the Jiralhanae Chieftain.



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