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Royal 22e Régiment



Stationed in Canada




UNSC Special operation corp


Line infantry


Mechanized Infantry (two battalions)


5 Bataillons


The Van Doos


Je me souvien (I remember)

  • Quick: Vive la Canadienne
  • Slow: Marche lente du Royal 22e Régiment


  • WWI
  • WWII
  • Many other

I Remember

The Royal 22e Régiment was one on the few French regiment in the UNSC stationed in the French province of Quebec since is formation in 1908. It took part in most of the military operation in the world. During the Great War, the Régiment was dispatched out of earth under the direct command of the 1st Assault army. As a special operation unit but working with the marines corps is men where a excellent example of courage for the population. Almost all soldier of this unit where decorated at the end of the war.

Special Force

During the middle of the 21st century the Gouvernment of the Canada realize that the Joint Task Force 2 and the Canadian Special Operation Regiment was'nt enought to deal with the terrorist treat. The Canada quickly decide to modify the role of the 22nd Regiment. Part of the unit would become a conter terrorist unit and a special operation sub-unit. Over the 5 battalions, the 3 infantry battalions would become an special force unit.

Human-Covenant war

During this war the 22th was part of the 537 expeditionary corp, it was one of the only French unit.All 5 battalion saw the war on harvest and on the other colonies.

Necros War

During the Necros War the unit was redeployed with the 14th Nomad Fleet and became one of the key sub unit of the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

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