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Royal Navy Space Service



United Kingdom


HM Queen Victoria III of the United Kingdom


Space navy

  • Ship-to-ship combat
  • Orbital bombardment
  • Commerce raiding/protection
  • Deployment of land forces
  • 39,100 Regulars and 3,600 Volunteers
  • 19,560 Regular Reserve
  • 109 ships
  • 2,400 starfighters
Part of

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence


"Vacuum-heads" "Black Jacks"


Royal Family


Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you desire peace, prepare for war)


Heart of Oak

  • Glorious First of June
  • Armed Forces Day
  • Trafalgar Night

Interplanetary War, Insurrection, First Great War, War of Vengeance, Second Great War

  • First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Michael Browne
  • CINCSPACE Admiral Dame Meghan MacPhail

The Royal Navy Space Service (RNSS) is the space-based branch of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. Unlike other space-faring nations, the United Kingdom does not consider its space navy to be a separate service. As such, it maintains many of the traditions of the rest of the Royal Navy.

Within the UNSC's national naval forces, the RNSS is considered the second-largest national space fighting force, behind the United Republic Space Forces, with 109 ships, including five carriers and twelve arsenal ships, and 2,400 starfighters, and its ability to project power on an interstellar scale is considered third behind the UNSC Navy and the URNA Space Forces. Royal Marines are deployed on every RNSS vessel and can be deployed for ground operations at a moment's notice. The Space Service maintains 39,100 regular personnel with 3,600 volunteer support personnel, and 19,560 Regular Reserve.


Current role and composition


Customs and tradition

Relation to other services and the UNSCDF

See also

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