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Rukt 'Lovumee
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First Age of Conversion, 49th Cycle, 14th Unit

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Rukt 'Lovumee was a politically powerful warrior, due largely in part to his informal friendship with the Prophet of Patience. The two engaged in very inappropriate behavior for their social classes, such as together becoming intoxicated by the aged flower and watching erotic dancers. 'Lovumee's career took a sharp turn after he abused his friendship with the Prophet by molesting his slave boy. When Patience found out, he had 'Lovumee transformed into the Arbiter to punish him for his transgressions.

As the Arbiter, he was sent out to the Quelni homeworld to either convince the Quelni leader to surrender to the Covenant or kill him. However, before he could kill him, the Quelni leader let loose their greatest weapon: the Lekgolojiri. Shocked by his tremendous failure, 'Lovumee had no time to recover before he was killed by Inyo 'Nikoree on the Hierarchs' orders.

Despite his heavily immoral life and military failure, he was used posthumously as a political tool by the High Council. Eventually, his adult name "'Lovumee" became lost to time. However, his birthname "Rukt" continues to be used as a symbol of strength and power.